30 July 2016: The 500th(ish) Episode

13640798_1340385776002321_7623521609283389422_o30 July 2016: The 500th(ish) Episode

Visitations from the ghosts of summer future and past today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific standard time on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org

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On Tap: Leopards, George & Kaplan, Nico, Thollem McDonas, Curtis Mayfield, Chrome, Venereal Crush, P. Miles Bryson, ABSV, 8 Eyed Spy, and MORE!

This is the 500th episode of What’s This Called? at KPSU since our co-host Austin Rich booked us the noon to 1 pm Saturday slot back in 2005, bringing the program out of it’s 2 year hiatus after moving to Portland. Austin will call in to talk about the history of the show at KPSU.


Playlist Happening NOW!

Artist/Art/Heart “Song/Track/Fart” Album/Source/Stuff

Leopards – “2 Guitars” – Lost Tracks; Thollem McDonas – “Machine In the Ghost” – Machine in the Ghost; .Nico – “Heroes” – Do Or Die!; 8 Eyed Spy – “dead me you b side” – Luncheon; George & Kaplan – “Nebraska Broadcasters” – He Really Got Through to Advertising

Curis Mayfield – “Future Shock” – Back to the World; P. Miles Bryson -“Neo-revivalist-retro-summer-splash” – Meglomanic, Decorator’s Quarterly; Venereal Crush – “Track III” – IV; Chrome – “Future Ghosts” – Alien Soundtracks; ABSV – “Forgotten Railway” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016

23 July 2016

13726773_1334401989934033_8589821132797877005_n23 July 2016

Chase the satellites on What’s This Called? today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org!

On Tap: The Fall, Blue Orchids, Sun City Girls with Ruins, Eaton Flowers, FIASCO!, Rapoon, Giant Sand, Donald Byrd, Kait Moon, Gambus Space Experiment, and MORE!

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Asa and Lennon join your host Ricardo Wang in the booth for a family affair!


Playlist As It Goes Down (or shortly before when I figure out what the f I’m doing…)

Artist/Experience/Source – “Song/Track/Ditty” – Album/Book/Movie/Website/Filing Cabinet…

The Fall – “Frenz” – The Frenz Experiment; The Blue Orchids – “A Year With No Head” – A Darker Bloom; SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT – “I am yours don’t give me back to myself” – NOIS04 SGE/Corvus Coren Split EP; Sun City Girls & Ruins – “October 1st, 1994, Alan Bishop’s House, Seattle, WA (excerpt)” – Mike Ziegler‘s Archives

Poem over the Sun City Girls track and Interview/Happy Birthday/phone distortions; Donald Byrd – “Wind Parade” – Look Into the Flower (Trip on psychedelic grooves with Blue Note); Eaton Flowers – “Fractalife” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; Rapoon – “Blood on the Plains of Persia” – Alien Glyph Morphology; STARS OF THE LID – “A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process” – And Their Refinement Of The Decline; Fiasco Free Improvisation – “If Looks Could Kill, I’d Still Be Alive (excerpt)” – Bandcamp; Giant Sand – “Get To Leave” – WFMU Backyard BBQ

16 July 2016

wtc116 July 2016

What’s This Called? TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org Is your summer halfway upside down?

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On Tap: Brand New Orbit Service, Unexplained Sounds experimental music from Iran compilation, New Legendary Pink Dots, Soiled/Marcus H/Gary Seabrook, Laurie Anderson, Sex Funeral, Jandek and MORE!


Playlist (nearly) As It Goes Down!

Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Host

S.S.M.P. – “Engines On” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Alphaxone – “Intuition” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Soiled/Marcus H./Gary Seabrook – “Drowning in Oxycotin” – Phonic Grafts; Orbit Service – “A Room Within a Room” – Stereo Magic (portal in 13 parts)

Sex Funeral – “Breathe In” – Your Heaven Sucks; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Stitching Time (first version)” – Come out from the Shadows Vol. 1; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Mirror, Mirror” – Pages of Aquarius; Cocteau Twins – “Beatrix” – Treasure; Jandek – “Highway Going Home” – Portland Thursday

9 July 2016

13603659_1322367641137468_1385324858587328630_o9 July 2016

Totem Confluence (inspired by the Oaks Park)

On Tap: King Crimson, Ghost Bitch, ABSV and MORE!

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Playlist (Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Aggregator):

King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man (Live @ Filmore West1969)” – YouTube; Edward Ka-Spel – “The Border of Beyond” – The Victoria Dimension; Uneasy Chairs– “Fast Elevator Makes A 90º Angle Into The Thought Forms” – Soundcloud; ABSV – “In LAF” – Soundcloud; Ghost Bitch – “Hello Death, Hello Oblivion” – Ghost Bitch; MadProphet (Kris Nelson) – “Hong Kong Chase” – Soundcloud

Sun Ra – “And Otherness” – Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy; Zetsea – “spooks” – Soundcloud; “laearian” – Ion Banc – Soundcloud; Power Skeleton – “ruosf.wav” – Soundcloud; Boredoms – “title unknown, July 4, 1994” – KXLU eighty-eight point nine fm los angeles Live vol. 1; Wilkamin – “Good Morning America” – Soundcloud

Fourth of July 2 Hr Special: 2 July 2016

13537506_1316215448419354_6692031710523836274_n2 July 2016

Special 2 Hour Independence Weekend What’s This Called? 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Saturday July 2, 2016.

Great American experimental and anti-mainstream music such as Sun Ra, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Jandek, Noggin, American Merkin, Marissa Magic, Art Blakely, Blowhole, Sonic Youth, Moodring, Lou & Peter Berryman, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Lou Reed, Suicide, Miles Davis, Flipper, and MORE!

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Playlist As It Goes Down (or very slightly before…)

Artist – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Source:

Sun Ra – “The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters” – Cymbals (The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums); Laurie Anderson – “Another Day in America” – Homeland; Lou Reed – “Metal Machine Music Pt. 1 (excerpt)” – Metal Machine Music; Noggin – “and again and again and again and again into the breach” – Noggin; Lou & Peter Berryman – “Science Marches On” – Double Yodel

Jandek – “Girl from America” – The Living End; Sonic Youth – “Early American” – Kill Yr. Idols; Suicide – “Rocket USA” – Suicide; Flipper – “Sex Bomb” – Generic Flipper

Ornette A. Coleman – “Space Flight” – Forms & Sounds; Marissa Magic – “Track 2” – Untitled CDR; Moodring – “Rintin Fire” – Scared of Ferret; Art Blakely – “The Feast” – Holiday for Skins; Miles Davis – “Vote For Miles” – On the Corner; Lungfish – “Shapes in Space” – Necrophones

American Merkin – “A Waltz In Berlin ” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; John Cage – “Sonata II For Prepared Piano” – Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano; Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – “The Closet” – Everything; Blowhole – “It Plays Itself” – Billowing Sheen; Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live – “The Apocalypse Through Sound” – I Am That Great and Fiery Force; Elliott Sharp – “Crowds and Power” – From the Kitchen Archives No. 3 Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986