28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

man reaching into grab bag --- Image by © Images.com/Corbis28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

Tod Dockstader R.I.P., music from Elliott Sharp, Jonathan Newman and MORE!

Water Music Part 3 Tod Dockstader Organized Sound
Myst Tod Dockstader Aerial #1
Apocolypse Part II Tod Dockstader Apocolypse
Soft Aurora Tod Dockstader Recorded Music for Film, Radio and Television
Crowds and Power Elliott Sharp Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986 from the Kitchen Archives No. 3
Swearin’ to the Flag Suicide American Supreme
Shopping is a Military Operation Producers for Bob Bob’s Media Ecology
Nommos’ Ghosts Muslimgauze Muslimgauze Systemwide Sound Secretion – Classics Selection
Spun ARU Consumed
If I Sleep the Plane Will Crash John Lurie The World According to Crammed
These Inflected Tentacles Jonathan Newman Vegetative States

21 February 2015: R.I.P. Mark Trayle

url21 February 2015: R.I.P. Mark Trayle

What’s This Called? begins this week with a tribute to electronic composer/improvisor Mark Trayle who passed away this week with tracks from both Mark’s extensive solo catalog and from his 1980s computer networking collective The Hub. Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on Kpsu Portland.

Plastic Beetle Paul McCartney Liverpool Sound Collage
Peter Blake 2000 Super Furry Animals Liverpool Sound Collage
Watermusik Mark Trayle Etudes and Bagatelles
Hub Renga The Hub Wreckin’ Ball
Small Fractions Mark Trayle Etudes and Bagatelles
Ear Meal (excerpt) Mark Trayle Webcast
Quartet Mark Trayle Quartet Beyond Music at Beyond Baroque
The Erotic John Cage Sixteen Dances, for Soloist and Company of 3
Why You Hate Salamanders Blue Sausage Infant Flight of the Solstice Queens
Second Rising Power Circus Power Circus
Guitar Trio (1977) Rhys Chatham From the Kitchen Archives No. 3 Amplified: New Music Meets Rock, 1981-1986
Guitar Trio (1977) (Recorded Live 5/79 NYC) Rhys Chatham (with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers) Tellus # 1
Tektonic Noisettes vs. Mortal Engines Static Blue

14 February 2015: For Lovers Only

14 February 2015: For Lovers Only

It’s Valentine’s Day and LUV is in the AIR.

This recording includes the Pre-Game show featuring the music of Terry Riley: “You’re No Good”, “Happy Ending”, “Ecstacy” and a remix of Terry Riley and John Cale looped as the official intro to the show with Lennon’s ID.

What Love Is Rocket From the Tombs Rocket Redux
Swing the Heartache Bauhaus The Sky’s Gone Out
Crush Four Dimensional Nightmare Icicles
Fetish Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Soused
Be My Husband Nina Simone Ultimate Nina Simone
I Love Her All of the Time Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
I Prefer Your Love st. vincent St. Vincent
Kangaroo This Mortal Coil It’ll End in Tears
Love Comes in Spurts Richard Hell & the Voidoids Blank Generation
Love You Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs
True Love Will Find You In The End Spectrum

7 February 2015: Big Tom the Lithuanian with the Dead Air Fresheners

7 February 2015: Big Tom the Lithuanian with the Dead Air Fresheners

Legendary Olympia WA performer Big Tom the Lithuanian was slated to bring his music to the live broadcast of What’s This Called? on KPSU in Portland. Unfortunately a very real mudslide in Kelso WA held up Tom’s train and he bussed in to the Vancouver WA Amtrak station far too late to make it to KPSU. Your host Ricardo Wang did not admit defeat though, and enlisted the filmmaking genius of Ryan Ray and the musical back up of Dead Air Fresheners to make a very special video podcast of Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge!

17 June 2006 (Retrocast)

14729068224_6b471b091c_h17 June 2006 (Retrocast)

As a number of factors worked against Big Tom The Lithuanian getting in the KPSU studios, here’s a WTC re-run from 2006 that not only contains one of his songs, but a number of amazing tunes from the recent past.  More eclectic fun in the ear drums.

Obekoba Bill Horist From the Nerve Wheel
Aquarium Nurse With Wound Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven
Show of Hands Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Turquoise Boy Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Wormhole Ringworm Oliver Squash O’liver Squash
The Island of Our Dreams Legendary Pink Dots Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves
Our New Mausoleum Big Tom the Lithuanian single
Valley of the Thrones Thrones Day Late, Dollar Short
Heresy (edit) Lustmord Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Spider’s Web Mission Of Burma The Obliterati
Core Anomoly Mix Submerged Eternal Ice Melts: Voice Sphere Remixes