25 June 2011: No.Fest/Noise BBQ Special! (No Recording)

25 June 2011: No.Fest/Noise BBQ Special! (No Recording)

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? a special show featuring artists performing today in St. John’s No.Fest as well as those playing the Vancouver WA Noise BBQ including Moodring, Doug Theriault, Marlo Eggplant, Power Circus, and MORE!

Horse Moodring Scared of Ferret // Moodring
Slow Leak Marlo Eggplant Binge/Purge // Marlo Eggplant
Don’t Worry About the Future Doug Theriault & Bryan Eubanks Big Clouds in the Sky Today
Snakes Power Circus Power Circus // Power Circus
The Scarlet Market Dead Air Fresheners with Jennifer Robin Separated by Commas
Electric Saxophone // Brockten Benoit Brockton Benoit cdr

18 June 2011: Overdose The Katatonic, LIVE!

18 June 2011: Overdose The Katatonic, LIVE!

Our amps go up to 12.  Today on What’s This Called? a live experience featuring the dulcet sounds ofOverdose the Katatonic direct from Seattle WA! Cuddle up next to the speakers and prepare for a pharmaceutical wash of white noise bliss…

Apophis Tecumseh Return to Everything
Forgotten Legion Gogher/Aural Antithesis GAA/AAG
Larva Lamp Earthmonkey Alms of Morpheus
Beautiful Tile Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind
LIVE Overdose the Katatonic on What’s This Called?
Wardrobe Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Archetecture II
Track 3 Crank Sturgeon Unctuous Peduncle
No Weary for the Wrestlers L. A. Lungs Cryptic Snuggling
Whore Swans Body to Body, Job to Job

11 June 2011: Paintings For Animals, LIVE!

11 June 2011: Paintings For Animals, LIVE!

Today on What’s This Called? direct from the 17th Olympia Experimental Music Festfor a return engagement on WTC it’s Seattle to Oly transplants Paintings for Animalspresenting their hypnotic ambient drone Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time. STREAMING LIVE DREAMSCAPES HERE: http://www.kpsu.org/

Circles Einstrurzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
First Rising Power Circus Power Circus
Blue Moon His Name Is Alive Always Stay Sweet
Live Paintings for Animals on What’s This Called?
Suspira – Black Forest Goblin Volume II 1975-1980
Interview Paintings for Animals on What’s This Called?
A Ruhmn Paintings for Animals Kristeater
Au Cafe Sonic Youth SYR 9: Simon Werner A Disparu