27 June 2015: Buddha Bar

10482596_1035239576516944_6125830746697225630_n27 June 2015: Buddha Bar

As your host Ricardo Wang is away for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, this week’s edition of What’s This Called? will be in the highly capable hand of KPSU’s own DJ Victrola (AKA Vicky Mazzone)! Ms. Victrola, hostess of the awesome long running Guitar Shop, always brings a fresh and unique perspective to the experimental proceedings and you won’t want to miss her Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time!

Set your controls for the heart of the Live Stream.

Buddha Bar:

Track * Artist * Album

Shaft * Malik Adouane * Buddha Bar Compilation I – Buddha’s Party
Smell of Paradise * Sa Trincha * Buddha Bar Compilation II – Buddha’s Dinner
Secret Love * Nicos * Buddha Bar Compilation III – Dream
Dancing With The Muse * Chris Spheeris * Buddha Bar Compilation IV – Drink
Far Away * Trumpet Thing * Buddha Bar Compilation V – Dinner
Sunrise (DJ Thunda & K20 Allstars Mix) * Afterlife * Buddha Bar Compilation VI – Rejoice
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) * Sarah Vaughn * Buddha Bar Compilation VI – Rejoice
Magma Mama * Ramasutra * Buddha Bar Compilation VII – Sarod
Once Upon The Sea of Blissful Awareness * Shpongle * Buddha Bar Compilation VIII – Paris
Flight BA0247 * Mystic Diversions * Buddha Bar Compilation XI – Royal Victoria
Love Theme From Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix) * Czech Philharmonic Orchestra feat Sophie Solomon * Buddha Bar Compilation X – Xiangqi

20 June 2015: Summer Freeze

ls20 June 201: Summer Freeze

Cuddle up with your listening device and join us for the LIVE stream of this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang TODAY from noon to 1 pm Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.

Splice and reconfigure your receptors with tracks from John and Ernest, Herbie Hancock, Minus, Unwound, John Zorn, Cyclopsycho, Goblin, Sevens Collective, Pure Melt, and MORE!

For all the dads and grads and bads in the crowd… Stream it like you Mean it.

Summer Freeze

Track * Artist * Album

Summer Freeze * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You
The Birds * Minus * Minus
Superfly Meets Shaft * John and Ernest * single
Sly * Herbie Hancock * Headhunters
Siren * Cyclopsycho * 2014
Once Upon a Time in the West * John Zorn * The Big Gundown
These Heavy Wings * Sevens Collective * A Too Much Divided Heart
The Swan Is a Murderer pt. 1 (Cherry Five) * Goblin * Classic Italian Soundtracks Volume II 1975-1980
On the Prowl * Pure Melt * Pure Melt

13 June 2015

ornette-coleman-4e43f9dcc3eb213 June 2015

Of course we say goodbye to Ornette A. Coleman at the top of the hour today at Noon Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called?  In addition we visit tracks from Steve Roach, Foxdye, ARU, Amenta Abioto, Barbara Morgenstern, Jandek, Sun Ra, Cabaret Voltaire and MORE! Streaming all over your speakers.

Track  Artist  Album

Space Flight Ornette Coleman Forms & Sounds
Science Fiction Ornette Coleman Science Fiction
Lonely Woman Kronos Quartet White Man Sleeps
Priorities Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
Looking Down a Hill Morgenstern Sometimes Silence is an Answer
The Eternal Sphynx Sun Ra Crystal Spears
Whose Mister Is This Jandek Portland Thursday
Heart Stuttering Foxdye ladyz in noyz 3
If You See Me Amenta Abioto SadoDamascus Summer Copulation re 2014
Abraxix Atticus ARU Dub Plate Vol 3.5
Consumed by Sunlight (edit) Steve Roach Possibilities of Circumstance

06 June 2015: Staying The Upstream

0leopards played here6 June 2015: Staying The Upstream

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang from Earth Two will be battling the salmon bravely this week with words from Ernie Kovacs and Brother Theodore, songs from leopards feat. Deanne McAdams, Nina Hagen and Princess Chelsea. Les Baxter will showing off his x-ray eyes in 3-D if you get the broadcast directly on Earth Two. There’s only so much bandwidth on Earth One.

1.   Expo 70 – Lysergic Sunrise (7:26)
2.   leopards – middecember (4:30)
3.   Brother Theodore – Introduction and Berenice (8:44)
4.   Les Baxter – Las Vegas Lights from The Man with the X-Ray Eyes soundtrack (With         Sound Effects) (1:04)
5.   Nina Hagen – Iki Maska (5:10)
6.   leopards – red murder grey dawn (3:06)
7.   Ernie Kovacs – Mack The Knife (Theme From “The Three Penny Opera”); Percey             Dovetonsils a) Happy Birthday b) Cowboy(4:35)
8.   The Sons of Amargosa – Dying Diary (2:17)
9.   Mike Vickers – Tomorrow Today (2:19)                                                                           10. John Baker – The Macra Terror ”Musak” from Doctor Who sounddtrack(3:19)
11. Princess Chelsea – Monkey Eats Bananas (3:24)
12. Les Baxter – Outtake Suite from The Man with the X-Ray Eyes soundtrack(2:44)