30 November 2013: Cold Turkey

30 November 2013: Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey The Soft Boys A Can Of Bees
Dark Matter Tempered Steel Tempered Steel
Burning Spear (Live) Sonic Youth Live Venlo, Holland 12.27.83
Wind Parade Donald Byrd Look Into the Flower
Windy as Fuck Rllrbll 4 Corners
Track 4 Sigur Ros Sigur 1
Zeitgeist 3.2013 Aural Resuscitation Unit Live
Anxiety Kronos Quartet/Astor Piazzolla Five Tangos
Owls Ahleuchatistas of the Body Prone
(edits) Bernard Herrmann The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951
Track 2 (ending edit) The Dead C Armed Courage

23 November 2013: 9/14 Benefit Highlights

23 November 2013: 9/14 Benefit Highlights

Relive the live show at Slim’s in St. John’s on 9/14/2013. Remixed by Ricardo Wang and Cohost Austin Rich

Introduction Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s
Piece 1 Alto! 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s
Piece 1 Fiasco 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s
“The In” Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s
“Charlie Sheen Party” Jennifer Robin & Jacob Anderson 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s
Performance Jeremy C. Long 14 September 2013 Live At Slim’s

16 November 2013: Rotten Leaf Casserole

16 November 2013: Rotten Leaf Casserole

With some storm drain gravy!

30 Seconds Over Tokyo Rocket From the Tombs Rocket Redux
Starling Rllrbll Real Hair
Day Tripper yellow magic orchestra Solid State Survivior
Coup 23 Skidoo In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
Her Sheets John Zorn/Thurston Moore @
Black Orchid Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
24 Track Loop This Heat In the Beginning there was Rhythm
Spiritual Fly Jamboree Alien Parkinson Project SadoDamascus Records Re 2013 Summer Copulation
Fluid Sand Laetitia Sadier The Trip
Who Cares Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Lunacy Swans The Seer
Space is the Place/We Travel the Spaceways Sun Ra A Night in East Berlin

9 November 2013: Novermber Drain

9 November 2013: Novermber Drain

A mailbag full of new noises including from The Dead C! ┬áVeteran’s Day Poppies in Effect

Taps Bronsense Bronsense
The Shining of Things David Sylvian Dead Bees on a Cake
Ghosts By Japan Hood You Show No Emotion At All
Time Vampires Flying Lotus Pattern Grid World
Destroyer of Paradise Noisepoet Nobody & Sisiutl Flecks of Mica
Mountain of Doom Richard Youngs Summer Through My Mind
Sick His Name Is Alive Mouth By Mouth
Soiled. Luscious John Zorn & Thurston Moore “@”
Deepspacejam Friends of Don Quixote SaDoAMascus Reccords 2013 Summer Compilation
Track 2 (edit) the dead c Armed Courage
Lab Rats Lab Rats SadoAMascus Records 2013 Summer Compilation
Landing Mission Fetal Pulse Space
Gun Lou Reed The Blue Mask

2 November 2013: Ilima Considine Live on KPSU

2 November 2013: Ilima Considine Live on KPSU

The head Sexbot in the flesh.

Track 1 (edit) the dead c Armed Courage
Zero Gravity Dance Party Fetal Pulse Space
Willy on Willy The Sexbots Junk Sick
Sickness The Sexbots Junk Sick
Magic Eyes The Sexbots Junk Sick
The Only Thing The Sexbots Junk Sick
Every Soul The Sexbots Junk Sick
My Job is To Make Love to Strangers The Sexbots Junk Sick
Petting a Cat The Sexbots Junk Sick
Water Under the Burning Bridge The Sexbots Junk Sick
You Get a Taste The Sexbots Junk Sick