25 February 2017

Featuring experimental songs of innocence and experience.

Whistle With the Goat Footed Balloon Man! (Stream or Download…)


Playlist (Artist – “Song/Track/Piece/Sound” – Album/Source):

Quantic – “Time Is the Enemy” – The 5th Exotic

e. e. cummings – “In Just” – The Voice of the Poet

Grauzone – “Eisbaer” – Die Sunrise Tapes

Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway – “The Process of Enlightenment” – Uranium 238

Ashtoreth – “Waní Yetu” – Morana

Eric Muhs – “Fireflies” – Notochord an electronic wonderland

Pauline Oliveros – “Sound Patterns” – Extended Voices

The Birthday Party – “Mutiny in Heaven” – Mutiny

Eric Hausmann & Kamal Sabran – “Penewar” – 16 Degrees

CAN – “Bring Me Coffee or Tea” – Tago-Mago

Blowhole – “When Tom Brokaw Says Lozenge” – Billowing Sheen

Noggin – “Untitled” – Noggin

Sven Grünberg – “Valgusõis” – Hingus

Bad Brains – “The Regulator” – Attitude (The ROIR Sessions)

18 February 2017 (Tres Gone for Mike Mahaffay)

Featuring an hour of the music of the great Portland experimental improvisational group Tres Gone featuring Mike Mahaffay on acoustic, electronic, and electoacoustic percussion. R.I.P. P. Mike. Rest in Percussive Peace.

Playlist (All songs by Tres Gone)

1) Selection from Tres Gone live at Portland’s NoFest in St. Johns, September 6, 2014
Mike Lastra: theremin, samplers
Eric Hausmann: Roland Handsonic
Fred Chalenor: Bass
Mike Mahaffay: Korg Wavedrum
Scott Steele: Prepared guitar

2) Selection from Tres Gone live on What’s This Called? March 16th 2013, recorded, mixed, and engineered by Austin Rich.

3) Tracks 5 & 6 from Voodoo Too, with Tiffany Lee Brown, Feb 2015.

4) “Maple Blazer Blunts” from Live from Voodoo Doughnut, April 2004

5) “Lint Brush” by Jennifer Robin w/ Tres Gone, VOODOO II Record Release Party, released October 26, 2014

6) Selection 2 from Tres Gone live at Portland’s NoFest in St. Johns, September 6, 2014

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Image provided by Kate Steele.

Before the Tres Gone special, I played a psyched out Pre-Game show using only cds from the KPSU library. Mike was definitely on my mind as I spun the silver platters.

Listen to the Pre-Game Show!

Pre-Game Playlist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “EXP/Up from the Skies” – Axis: Bold As Love; The 13th Floor Elevators – “Dr. Doom” – Bull o fthe Woods; Bob Dylan – “Girl from North Country” – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan; Chocolate Watch Band – “Lets Talk About Girls” – Best of…;The Velvet Underground – “All Tomorrow’s Parties (mono version)” – Selections from The Velvet Underground; 101 Strings – “Space Odyssey” – Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000; The Beatles – “I’m Looking Through You” – Rubber Soul; Ravi Shankar – “Tabla Solo in Shinkar Tal” – Ravi Shankar in San Francisco; Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians – “My Wife and My Dead Wife” – Gotta Get This Hen Out; Neu! – “Fur Immer ( Forever )” – NEU! 2; John Coltrane _- “A Love Supreme Part 1 – Acknowledgement” – Gold: Television – “Guiding Light” – Marquee Moon

11 February 2017

This show is dedicated to Mike Mahaffay of Tres Gone/Gone Orchestra (get well soon!)

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Thang” – Album/Source

Mike Mahaffay – “Section Three” – Celestial Nursery: Riders of the Storm: Escape Velocity

Ffej – “Timegrinder” – Emulation Phase (EP)

Amy Denio – “Biopsy” – Bandcamp

Bing & Ruth – “In This Ruined House” – City Lake

Ashtoreth – “Channeling TAUUSK Forest” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

My Boyfriend the Pilot – “An Excellent Disappointment” – Space Is the Taste

Hypercube – “Owl-eyed spike” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Ifsh – “Dirty Pillow” – Serums

Sun Ra – “Angels and Demons at Play” – Angels and Demons at Play

Deaf Society – “Impr#3” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Echo and the Bunnymen – “Porcupine” – Porcupine

Noiseman433 – “La Caccia (excerpt)” – Autumn: Four Seasons part 1


04 February 2017 (Orbit Service Live!)

Live musical guest Randall Frazier has been performing solo and in various band incarnations as Orbit Service since the 1990s, releasing no less than 5 brilliant moody albums since 2001. With beginnings in dark psych rock tempered by contemporary influences from Slint to Palace Brothers, the Orbit Service sound has increasingly moved outward into experimental realms. His most recent two albums on Beta-lactam Ring Records 2011’s A Calm Note from the West and last year’s Stereo Magic (Portal In 13 Parts) are steeped in musique concrete, electronic drone, and inner ear echoes. Randall’s haunting voice, however, is always floating atop the sonic wave machines, and somehow uses profound alienation to make the music more accessible. His collaboration with the Legendary Pink Dots called A Star Too Far released Saucers Over Lincoln another astounding album on BLR in 2015 that remarkably sounds more like Orbit Service than LPD.

Hear Orbit Service Live Here!



In anticipation of Orbit Service’s performance WTC host played a Pre-Game Show set of psych rock and punk tunes. That Pre-Game Show is also included below for your listening enjoyment.

Hear the Pre-Game Show Here!

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Jam” – Album or Other Filing System

Meat Puppets – “Plateau” – Meat Puppets II

Syd Barrett – “No Good Trying” – The Madcap Laughs

Redd Kross – “Linda Blair” – Born Innocent

The Rasperies – “Go All the Way” – Greatest Hits

Black Flag – “Rise Above” – Damaged

Nick Drake – “Time Has Told Me” – Five Leaves Left

John Barry – “Dark Rider” – The EMI Years

Beat Happening – “Revolution Come and Gone” – Dreamy

Thurston Moore – “Blues from Beyond the Grave” – Psychic Hearts

Jimi Hendrix Experience – “I Don’t Live Today” – Are You Experienced

Psychic TV – “Message from Thee Temple” – Force the Hand of Chance

Donovan – “Eldorado” – Sutras

Big Star – “You Get What You Deserve” – Radio City

Smart Went Crazy – “I Liked You Better When You Were Sick” – Smart Went Crazy

Kaliedoscope – “Egyptian Gardens” – Egyptian Candy

13th Floor Elevators – “Earthquake” – Easter Everywhere

Sun Ra – “It’s After the End of the World” – Space Is the Place