23 July 2022

mental mental radio radio


  1. Ah Cama​-​Sotz “Crawling Death” [ Drone Islands Volume I / II / III]
  2. Mouse On Mars “Funkytiste” [The Corners of the Mouth – A Benefit for the School of Sound]
  3. Bardo Pond “Pick My Brain” [Lapsed]
  4. Tunnels of Āh “Red Distribution” [ Drone Islands Volume I / II / III ]
  5. Scott Walker “Plastic Palace People” [Scott 2]
  6. The Kinks “Brainwashed – Stereo Mix” [Arthur (Deluxe Edition)]
  7. The Fall “Kicker Conspiracy” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  8. Multifungi “Hollow Humans” [Ladyz in Noyz 3]
  9. Melkor “Damavand” [Vision of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music Vol. II ]
  10. Marta SmiLga “Untitled 11” [Shape Platform 2019]
  11. Guru Guru “Spaceship – Edit” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  12. Experimental Audio Research “As the Night Starts Closing In” [Phenomena 256]
  13. Rodion G.A. “Planeta Misterioasa” [Misiunea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission)]
  14. Eet “Is There Life on the Earth?” [Danger Barn]
  15. AUBE “Gloriole” [The Corners of the Mouth – A Benefit for the School of Sound]
  16. Atomic Rooster “They Took Control of You” [Atomic Rooster]
  17. JayVe Montgomery & Drew Gowran “Reality Warping 4” [Reality Warping]
  18. Marlo De Lara “Stage One” [Pandemic Scores]
  19. Edward Ka-Spel “Concentration Street” [100 Seconds to Midnight]

9 July 2022

Psyche balancing begins at home.


  1. June Miller “Bad Brains” [Ups & Downs EP]
  2. Bad Brains “I Against I” [I Against I]
  3. Guru Freakout “Notre Dame (Mothership) – Edit” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  4. Psychic TV “(Power Cut and Dialogue)” [Live in Paris]
  5. Psychic TV “Strange Affair” [Live in Paris]
  6. Black Rainbows “Hawkdope” [Hawkdope]
  7. Photek “Halogen” [Solaris]
  8. Gilli Smyth “O.K. Man, This Is Your World” [Mother]
  9. Liang YiYuan “Low Frequency Communication Disorder” [ Those That Die In A Dream. A twenty years retrospective ]
  10. Lee “Scratch” Perry “Bionic Rats” [The Best of Lee Perry]
  11. Tim Blake “Lighthouse” [Blake’s New Jerusalem]
  12. Conspiracy Therapists “Dragonfly Dune” [8th Annual Report (Mid Year Edition)]
  13. Kim Gordon “Murdered Out” [No Home Record]
  14. The Pattern Forms “Fluchtwege” [Peel Away the Ivy]
  15. Memorie Elettroniche Sonore “Luminescenze Del Deserto” [ Memorie Elettroniche Sonore]
  16. White Manna “We Pretend Space Isn’t There” [Temporary Lines]
  17. Laurie Anderson “Life on a String” [Life on a String]
  18. Poison Girls “Ideologically Unsound” [Hex]
  19. Flor “The Hunt” [Blackflakes]
  20. Cameron/Horne/Flaten/Thomson “How About Never” [Place Is the Space]
  21. Smegma “Stereo Action” [The Mad Enchantments, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms of…]