25 July 2015: The Appropriation Before The Appropriation

donjoyce25 July 2015: The Appropriation Before The Appropriation

Don Joyce

(February 9, 1944 – July 22, 2015)

Today at 12pm, PST on KPSU.com, we will be honoring the legacy of Don Joyce. Since I will be transmitting from Earth Two, I was only able to obtain the tip of the iceberg that is the work of Mr. Joyce and an interview with him and Mark Hosler. Ricardo Wang  from your earth will be back next week with his own tribute, which will  be more of everything that I, Ricardo Wang, can not offer you from Earth Two.

18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

19760143586_719e284f78_o18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

A week ago through the awesome natural force of weedeater juice, the Universe unleashed it’s fury on several of Ricardo’s compact discs. Yet just yesterday the program was gifted by the very same Universe with this mysterious pile of empty jewel cases and the CDR marked only as Chi Chi Mix. All perfectly arranged on the street.

So while our off-shore staff busily reassembles cds for the What’s This Called?foundation’s future, today, Ricardo will unleash the Chi Chi Mix in all of it’s unknown and unpreviewed glory. If the contents of the disc need remixing assistance, Mr. Wang reserves the right to do so. On tap to assist with this task will be discs that survived the melted green death and also Metal Machine Music which turned 40 without the aid of weedeater juice.





  • The Chi Chi Mix
    Some Redneck Who Threw the CD Out the Window
    CDR found in the street
  • Metal Machine Music (edits)
    Lou Reed
    Metal Machine Music
  • Other CDs
    That Survived
    The Weedeater Juice
  • Nibler Samples
    Greg Nibler
    The Nibler Show Lives!


11036296_1044476115593290_6808625508802906039_n11 July 2015: MIDSUMMER AFTERNOON DREAM

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, your enduring host Ricardo Wang brings the noise in all 31 flavors for a new Live Stream of What’s This Called?


Track * Artist * Album

Frozen Angels * Zoe Keating * One Cello x 16: Natoma
Psykick Dancehall * The Fall * Dragnet
Pipeline to Vertigo * Two Foot Flame * Live on WFMU 1997
Icecream Daydream * Bugskull * Distracted Snowflake
Feelings * The Bran Flakes * I Don’t Have a Friend
Systems * Fejj * Emulation Phase (EP)
Climbing the Mountains of Mars * Noggin * Noggin
My Head Popped * Steve Fisk * 999 Levels of Undo
Decidedly Wooley Balearic * The Silverman * Blank for Your Own Message

4 July 2015: No Skinny Ties

Ricardo Wang Wang’s weekly radio show What’s This Called? has been around since 1993, and in the late ’90s and early ’00s had a bi-weekly feature called “No Skinny Ties” where Ricardo would play all underground and independent music from the 1980s. Not the “new wave” hits but the no wave, noise rock, post-punk, and outright non-commercial music.This 4th of July, as has often been the case on Independence Day at KPSU, Ricardo reprises the No Skinny Ties format with an “All Independent American Bands” twist. Thrill to the likes of Big Black, Pussy Galore, Live Skull, Lydia Lunch, Husker Du, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Green River, The Minutemen, Band of Susans, and MORE!It’s a special THREE hour edition of the program from Noon to 3 PM Pacific Standard Time STREAMING LIVE LIKE THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR: http://stream.kpsu.org:8080/listen