18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

19760143586_719e284f78_o18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

A week ago through the awesome natural force of weedeater juice, the Universe unleashed it’s fury on several of Ricardo’s compact discs. Yet just yesterday the program was gifted by the very same Universe with this mysterious pile of empty jewel cases and the CDR marked only as Chi Chi Mix. All perfectly arranged on the street.

So while our off-shore staff busily reassembles cds for the What’s This Called?foundation’s future, today, Ricardo will unleash the Chi Chi Mix in all of it’s unknown and unpreviewed glory. If the contents of the disc need remixing assistance, Mr. Wang reserves the right to do so. On tap to assist with this task will be discs that survived the melted green death and also Metal Machine Music which turned 40 without the aid of weedeater juice.





  • The Chi Chi Mix
    Some Redneck Who Threw the CD Out the Window
    CDR found in the street
  • Metal Machine Music (edits)
    Lou Reed
    Metal Machine Music
  • Other CDs
    That Survived
    The Weedeater Juice
  • Nibler Samples
    Greg Nibler
    The Nibler Show Lives!

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