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What's This Called? – Listening Center

3 September 2016

14199482_1381592938548271_8011620535377610114_n3 September 2016

Today, Saturday, Noon to 1 PM PST What’s This Called? brings you as Special Investigative Experimental Music Program.

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Portland’s ever exciting MC of the Wanderlust Circus, Mr. Noah Mickens recently revealed that, “Every day, I find another person on Facebook claiming to have worked for Wanderlust Circus, who definitely did not ever work for Wanderlust Circus. Such a strange thing, to me.” Strange indeed.

What’s more, What’s This Called? host Ricardo Wang reports: “Actually, I have a guy who calls my radio show from Spokane claiming to be you, and I usually just roll with it. He seems lonely…”

So, WHAT would happen if amidst a soundtrack of the likes of Nick Cave, Nequaquam Vacuum, ARU, Delphine Dora, Ute Lemper, Power Circus, Alice Coltrane, Soriah, and more, the impostor Noah Mickens were to call KPSU to report the impostor Wanderlust Circus members to What’s This Called? WHAT, indeed?

“Reality is an aspect of property. It must be seized. And investigative journalism is the noble art of seizing reality…”
― Julian Assange, Julian Assange – The Unauthorised Autobiography

Listener discretion is advised.

Playlist As It Unravels…Artist/Experience – “Song/Track/Noise/Piece” – Album/Source/Filing System;

Nick Cave – “The Carny” – Your Funeral My Trial; Sikhara and Nequaquam Vacuum – “live at Dung Mummy” – You Tube; Ute Lemper – “September Song” – Nickerbocker Holiday; ARU – “Saturated” – ARU Meets Black Saturn; Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper – “Les Differences S’unissent” – SoundCloud; Power Circus – “Live at Cafe Racer” – You Tube; Soriah – “Live at the WGT in Leipzig 2013” – You Tube;

Alice Coltrane – “Universal Consciousness” – Universal Consciousness; Sonic Youth – “(She’s in a) Bad Mood” – Confusion Is Sex

20 August 2016

wtc20 August 2016

Good Morning! Take a psychic cool down from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time for a new episode of What’s This Called? on KPSU.org

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Ear bending and mind warping sounds from the likes of Ike Yard, (brand new!) Marlo Eggplant, Steven Henry Fisk, Harry Partch, Ffej, Angel-11, The Light, (brand new!) Sonologyst, and if time permits, what the hell, (brand new!) Dead Air Fresheners!

turn your fences into gateways


Playlist As It Goes Down (or thereabouts…)

Artist/Experience/Thang – “Song/Track/Stang” – Album/Source/Bang

Marlo Eggplant – “WMTHBDMM” – Printemps 2016; Ffej– “Timegrinder” – Emulation Phase (EP); Angel-11 – “Otomezuka” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; The Light – “Flickering apparation” – German experimental underground 015 survey; Ike Yard – “Robot Steppes” – Nord

Sonologyst & kshatriy – “Time is the Enemy” – Time is the Enemy; Steven Henry Fisk – “The Backwards Song” – 999 Levels of Undo; Harry Partch – “Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales” – Just West Coast; Dead Air Fresheners– “Time to Say Goodbye” – Fast Radio Bursts

13 August 2016

13900158_1355370871170478_812026252516667293_n13 August 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, come hang with us at KPSU.org for a family affair as your host Ricardo Wang and his two young sons bring you a new edition of the experimental music program What’s This Called?.

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This week we bring you brand new brilliance from the Personal Archives release Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher, followed by the actual Ferrante & Teicher, Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, Jessica Lurie, Enoch Light, Body Shame, Stereolab, Small Drone Orchestra, and More!

Swing low as normal and avoid panic buying.

Playlist As It Goes Down (or thereabouts give or take you know…)

Artist/Band/Experience – “Song/Track/Piece” – Album/Source

Arvo Zylo – “Six” – Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher; Ferrante & Teicher – “Out of This World” -Heavenly Sounds in Hi-fi; Enoch Light – “Get Back” – Spaced Out; Small Drone Orchestra – “Whipsnapper” – Feel the Frequency: 2015 NorCal Nosiefest Audio Compilation Document; Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa – “I Feel The Quickening” – Open the Crown

Body Shame – “Black Truck Creeper” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Jessica Lurie – “Baba Yaga’s Seven League Boots” – Licorice & Smoke; Stereolab – “The Stars Our Destination” – Mars Audiac Quintet; Bugskull – “Winky’s Wild RIde (The Quest) – Distracted Snowflake; Heiroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U Ahn-Sahm-Buhl – “Root Of” – We Are Not the First; Bobbi Humphrey – “Smiling faces sometimes” – Look Into the Flower: Trip on psychedelic grooves with Blue Note

Closing with… Dog – “Somewhere on Earth” – Feel the Frequency: 2015 NorCal Nosiefest Audio Compilation Document

6 August 2016

13873015_1347862175254681_9030070959791378822_n6 August 2016

Today Noon – 1 PM Pacific Standard Time adjust your inner ear with the live stream of a brand new What’s This Called? episode at KPSU.org with your host Ricardo Wang and a slew of odd audio.

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On Tap: Swell Maps, Phog Masheeen, Von Thronstahl, Expo ’70, Arthur Russell, Donald Byrd, Rebecca Moore, Halfbird, O.S.D’vil, Einsturzende Neubauten, Dead Man’s Lifestyle and MORE!

Playlist As It Goes Downish!

Artist/Experience – “Song/Track/Jolt or Prod” – Album or other Arrangement;

Sun Ra vs. Asa “ID Remix” = What’s This Called? ; Swell Maps – “Helicopter Spies” – Peel Session 1980 Phog Masheeen – “No Solutions Here” – Feel the Frequency Norcal Nosiefest 2015; Einsturzende Neubauten – “Sand” – Strategies Against Architecture II; Von Thronstahl – “Imperium Intertruth” – Imperium Intertruth

Halfbird – “Vice Principal” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; Arthur Russell – “All-Boy All-Girl” – From the Kitchen Archives Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986; Dead Man’s Lifestyle – “Cold Hands” – Hinterland; Expo `70 – “Solitude” – Black Ohms

Donald Byrd – “Black Byrd” – Look into the Flower; Rebecca Moore – “Speakerphone” – live at the bowery poetry club 4.18.04; A Silver Mount Zion – “broken chords can sing a little” – He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms

30 July 2016: The 500th(ish) Episode

13640798_1340385776002321_7623521609283389422_o30 July 2016: The 500th(ish) Episode

Visitations from the ghosts of summer future and past today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific standard time on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org

Stream It from the Other Side:

On Tap: Leopards, George & Kaplan, Nico, Thollem McDonas, Curtis Mayfield, Chrome, Venereal Crush, P. Miles Bryson, ABSV, 8 Eyed Spy, and MORE!

This is the 500th episode of What’s This Called? at KPSU since our co-host Austin Rich booked us the noon to 1 pm Saturday slot back in 2005, bringing the program out of it’s 2 year hiatus after moving to Portland. Austin will call in to talk about the history of the show at KPSU.


Playlist Happening NOW!

Artist/Art/Heart “Song/Track/Fart” Album/Source/Stuff

Leopards – “2 Guitars” – Lost Tracks; Thollem McDonas – “Machine In the Ghost” – Machine in the Ghost; .Nico – “Heroes” – Do Or Die!; 8 Eyed Spy – “dead me you b side” – Luncheon; George & Kaplan – “Nebraska Broadcasters” – He Really Got Through to Advertising

Curis Mayfield – “Future Shock” – Back to the World; P. Miles Bryson -“Neo-revivalist-retro-summer-splash” – Meglomanic, Decorator’s Quarterly; Venereal Crush – “Track III” – IV; Chrome – “Future Ghosts” – Alien Soundtracks; ABSV – “Forgotten Railway” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016

23 July 2016

13726773_1334401989934033_8589821132797877005_n23 July 2016

Chase the satellites on What’s This Called? today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org!

On Tap: The Fall, Blue Orchids, Sun City Girls with Ruins, Eaton Flowers, FIASCO!, Rapoon, Giant Sand, Donald Byrd, Kait Moon, Gambus Space Experiment, and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Asa and Lennon join your host Ricardo Wang in the booth for a family affair!


Playlist As It Goes Down (or shortly before when I figure out what the f I’m doing…)

Artist/Experience/Source – “Song/Track/Ditty” – Album/Book/Movie/Website/Filing Cabinet…

The Fall – “Frenz” – The Frenz Experiment; The Blue Orchids – “A Year With No Head” – A Darker Bloom; SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT – “I am yours don’t give me back to myself” – NOIS04 SGE/Corvus Coren Split EP; Sun City Girls & Ruins – “October 1st, 1994, Alan Bishop’s House, Seattle, WA (excerpt)” – Mike Ziegler‘s Archives

Poem over the Sun City Girls track and Interview/Happy Birthday/phone distortions; Donald Byrd – “Wind Parade” – Look Into the Flower (Trip on psychedelic grooves with Blue Note); Eaton Flowers – “Fractalife” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; Rapoon – “Blood on the Plains of Persia” – Alien Glyph Morphology; STARS OF THE LID – “A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process” – And Their Refinement Of The Decline; Fiasco Free Improvisation – “If Looks Could Kill, I’d Still Be Alive (excerpt)” – Bandcamp; Giant Sand – “Get To Leave” – WFMU Backyard BBQ

16 July 2016

wtc116 July 2016

What’s This Called? TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org Is your summer halfway upside down?

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On Tap: Brand New Orbit Service, Unexplained Sounds experimental music from Iran compilation, New Legendary Pink Dots, Soiled/Marcus H/Gary Seabrook, Laurie Anderson, Sex Funeral, Jandek and MORE!


Playlist (nearly) As It Goes Down!

Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Host

S.S.M.P. – “Engines On” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Alphaxone – “Intuition” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Soiled/Marcus H./Gary Seabrook – “Drowning in Oxycotin” – Phonic Grafts; Orbit Service – “A Room Within a Room” – Stereo Magic (portal in 13 parts)

Sex Funeral – “Breathe In” – Your Heaven Sucks; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Stitching Time (first version)” – Come out from the Shadows Vol. 1; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Mirror, Mirror” – Pages of Aquarius; Cocteau Twins – “Beatrix” – Treasure; Jandek – “Highway Going Home” – Portland Thursday

9 July 2016

13603659_1322367641137468_1385324858587328630_o9 July 2016

Totem Confluence (inspired by the Oaks Park)

On Tap: King Crimson, Ghost Bitch, ABSV and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream.


Playlist (Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Aggregator):

King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man (Live @ Filmore West1969)” – YouTube; Edward Ka-Spel – “The Border of Beyond” – The Victoria Dimension; Uneasy Chairs– “Fast Elevator Makes A 90º Angle Into The Thought Forms” – Soundcloud; ABSV – “In LAF” – Soundcloud; Ghost Bitch – “Hello Death, Hello Oblivion” – Ghost Bitch; MadProphet (Kris Nelson) – “Hong Kong Chase” – Soundcloud

Sun Ra – “And Otherness” – Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy; Zetsea – “spooks” – Soundcloud; “laearian” – Ion Banc – Soundcloud; Power Skeleton – “ruosf.wav” – Soundcloud; Boredoms – “title unknown, July 4, 1994” – KXLU eighty-eight point nine fm los angeles Live vol. 1; Wilkamin – “Good Morning America” – Soundcloud

Fourth of July 2 Hr Special: 2 July 2016

13537506_1316215448419354_6692031710523836274_n2 July 2016

Special 2 Hour Independence Weekend What’s This Called? 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Saturday July 2, 2016.

Great American experimental and anti-mainstream music such as Sun Ra, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Jandek, Noggin, American Merkin, Marissa Magic, Art Blakely, Blowhole, Sonic Youth, Moodring, Lou & Peter Berryman, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Lou Reed, Suicide, Miles Davis, Flipper, and MORE!

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Playlist As It Goes Down (or very slightly before…)

Artist – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Source:

Sun Ra – “The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters” – Cymbals (The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums); Laurie Anderson – “Another Day in America” – Homeland; Lou Reed – “Metal Machine Music Pt. 1 (excerpt)” – Metal Machine Music; Noggin – “and again and again and again and again into the breach” – Noggin; Lou & Peter Berryman – “Science Marches On” – Double Yodel

Jandek – “Girl from America” – The Living End; Sonic Youth – “Early American” – Kill Yr. Idols; Suicide – “Rocket USA” – Suicide; Flipper – “Sex Bomb” – Generic Flipper

Ornette A. Coleman – “Space Flight” – Forms & Sounds; Marissa Magic – “Track 2” – Untitled CDR; Moodring – “Rintin Fire” – Scared of Ferret; Art Blakely – “The Feast” – Holiday for Skins; Miles Davis – “Vote For Miles” – On the Corner; Lungfish – “Shapes in Space” – Necrophones

American Merkin – “A Waltz In Berlin ” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; John Cage – “Sonata II For Prepared Piano” – Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano; Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – “The Closet” – Everything; Blowhole – “It Plays Itself” – Billowing Sheen; Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live – “The Apocalypse Through Sound” – I Am That Great and Fiery Force; Elliott Sharp – “Crowds and Power” – From the Kitchen Archives No. 3 Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986


25 June 2016: 22nd Olympia Experimental Music Fest

:13508940_1310574858983413_4535885366402836769_n25 June 2016

TODAY from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on the LIVE What’s This Called? program we celebrate the currently in progress Olympia Experimental Music Festival!

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Hear artists still to play the fest in Oly this weekend including: L.A. Lungs, Mac Dawg, Four Dimensional Nightmare, Psyclopsycho and Fischkopf Sinfoniker!

But first a few goodbye songs for Bernie Worrell.



Playlist As It Goes Down!

Artist/Experience – “Song/Track” – Album/Source:

Praxis – “Seven Laws of Woo” – Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis); Parliament/Funkadelic – “Atmosphere” – Let’s Take It To The Stage; Talking Heads – “Drugs” – Recorded Live: 11/4/1980 – Capitol Theatre – Passaic, NJ

Cyclopsycho – “Fork” – As Is; L.A. Lungs – “Cryptic Snuggling” – Cryptic Snuggling; Four Dimensional Nightmare – “Live at St Johns Nofest #8 9/12/2015 (excerpt)- @ Slim’s Pdx; Mac Dawg – “Mac Dawg’s Discount World (excerpt)” – Soundcloud; Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Live on What’s This Called? (excerpt)” – KPSU

Closing With: Uneasy Chairs – “Revolutionary Abandoned Furniture (excerpt)” – You Tube


18 June 2016

13445676_1303682783005954_6795524881198393060_n18 June 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, tune your electronic listening devices to KPSU.org for the weekly foray into sounds outside the norm What’s This Called?

This Week: A tale of two recording labels as we hear all material from Portland’s own Beta-lactam Ring Records and Dubuque Iowa’s unstoppable esoteric imprint Personal Archives. BLRR selections are by label honcho Chris McBeth in person, and Personal Archive selections include Thollem McDonas, Sex Funeral, and Bob Bucko Jr

Stream It Like a Consciousness.


Playlist as it goes down!

Artist/Experience/Band – “Track/Song/Piece” – Album/Recording/Source

Thollem McDonas and Andy Kaufman – “Life That Lives” – Always Put On Your Sincere Face; Sex Funeral – “And Out” – Your Heaven Sucks; Thollem McDonas – “Here Comes the World” – Machine in the Ghost; Bob Bucko Jr – “IMPROV II 042514” – Crank Spirit

Thollem McDonas and Andy Kaufman – “Nervous Nirvana” – Always Put On Your Sincere Face: Veneral Crush – “XIII (edit)” – Veneral Crush IV

Sand Snowman – “Hemlock Garden” – Nostalgia Ever After; Earthmonkey – “Flyover” – Audiosapien; Orbit Service – “A Painless End” – A Calm Note From The West; Armchair Migraine Journey “NAD (fuzz mix)” – MOM; Edward Ka-Spel – “Red Highway” – The Victoria Dimension

Nadja “Healing Drone” MOM; Whitelodge “Master Within Spaces” – +; Aritomo “Konai Komorebi” – Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages; Pepe Wismeer – “A Lie in Heckleness” – Between Sheep and Pigs; The Legendary Pink Dots – “A Moustache On The Mona Lisa And Other Things You May Find In The Neighbour’s Trash” – MOM;  Beta-lactam Ring Records Randall Frazier


11 June 2016

13418954_1297742526933313_6417325437330571321_n11 June 2016

Experimental, drone, ambient, white noise, harmony, post-punk and beauty are some of the things you will encounter between Noon and 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Today on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org with your host Ricardo Wang!


Ffej, Eno, Susanna, ARU, Angel-11, MC5, Cyclopsycho, Eric Muhs, Ariel Kalma, Wisteriax, and in honor of Bob Bert‘s birthday Sonic Youth vs. Pussy Galore!


Playlist as it Goes Down!

Artist/Band/Experience – “Track/Song/Piece” – Album or Other Source

Sonic Youth – “Ghost Bitch” – Bad Moon Rising (album)Pussy Galore – “Dick Johnson” – Dial M for Motherfucker; Angel – 11 – “Otomezuka” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; ARU – “Sky of Distortion” – Dub Plate Vol. 3.5; Ffej – “Into Light & Air” – Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1; Brian Eno – “Patrolling Wire Borders” – Music For Films

Wisteriax – “Lucid Interval” – Women Take Back the Noise; Susanna – “Burning Sea” – Triangle; Eric Muhs – “Gridlock” – Notochord an electronic wonderland; The Dictators – “Master Race Rock” -Go Girl Crazy!; The Residents – “Satisfaction” – The Third Reich ‘n Roll; The Count Bishops – “I Need You’ – The Count Bishops; Psyclopsycho – “Againagain” – As Is…; MC5 – “Sister Anne” – Babes In Arms

Closing with Ariel Kalma – “Fast Road to Nowhere” – Le Temps Des Moissons

4 June 2016

13307499_1291858434188389_8535761353254113614_n4 June 2016

We’re Having a Heat Wave! Tune your air conditioner to the Stream below for this week’s LIVE edition of What’s This Called? at KPSU.org Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time TODAY.

Streaming Through TIme and Space.

Sounds On Tap From: The Library of Babel, The Giant Worm, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, TROUM, Aleorta, Edward Ka-Spel, Mecca Normal, Bowie, Bolan, American Merkin, and MORE!


Playlist As It Goes Down LIVE! Artist/Experience – “Song/Track” – Album or other Source; Troum – “Procession” – EALD-GE STREON; American Merkin – “A Waltz in Berlin” – SadoDamascus 2015 Winter Copulation; David Bowie – “Always Crashing in the Same Car” – Low

The Library of Babel – “Branching” – Blue Nineteen; Mecca Normal – “When You Know” – The Eagle & the Poodle; Edward Ka-Spel – “Alms for Lepers” – Pieces of 8

E.E. Cummings – “MEMORABILIA” – The Voice of the Poet; Edwrd Edward Ka-Spel – “Shanti (cut)” – Pieces of 8; Marc Bolan – “I’m Weird” – Cat Black; Aleorta – “Chapter Twelve: Brideships and Gulls” – Waywards and Meanings: Recreating Finnegans Wake (In Its Whole Wholume); The Giant Worm– “Wormhole” -Murky Depths

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – “Noble Experiment” – Strangers from the Universe; ABSV – “Forgotten Rail” – SadoDamascus 2015 Winter Copulation; Driftmachine – “Dogov Godov (excerpt)” – Colliding Contours.


28 May 2016 (then came the last days of May…)

13265858_1286261858081380_1749277370663025826_n28 May 2016

Set your clocks and listening devices for Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time TODAY for a brand new foray into the fringes of the audio frontier… What’s This Called? on KPSU.org!

All you have to do is Stream Stream Stream

Consciousness expanding sounds from the likes of: Supersilent, Pere Ubu, Niels Lyhne Lekkegaard, The Orb, Snickers, DJ Stingray, Suzanne Ciani, Boards of Canada vs. Blue Oyster Cult and MORE! 


Ok, so here is thee Playlist as it goes down!

Artist – “Track, Song or Hit Single” – Album or other Experience

BOC vs. BOC – “Then Came the Last Days of May vs. Reach for the Dead” – Blue Oyster Cult/Tomorrow’s Harvest; The Orb – “White River Junction” – Orbus Terrarum; Eet – “Live at Hexasion 2007” – You Tube; Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – “Descending Piece” – Sound X Sound

Pere Ubu – “A Small Dark Cloud” – New Picnic Time; DJ Stingray 313 – “Lurker” – Communications Systems EP; Suzanne Ciani – “Buchla Concerts 1975 (Excerpts)” – Soundcloud; Snickers – “See You, Owczarek” – Wiretapper 40

Closing with: Supersilent – “13.3” – Wiretapper 40

21 May 2016: Thollem McDonas, LIVE!

13263922_10154634047408465_7102183674906038024_n21 May 2016: Thollem McDonas, LIVE!

TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time we have a SUPRISE GUEST on What’s This Called?, the one and only constantly moving keyboard virtuoso Thollem McDonas!


Thollem is a classically trained pianist with a love for the lo-fi as well, who’ll likely be bringing in thrift store half broken keyboards to apply his vast knowledge of musical possibilities to, completely on the fly. Thollem, who’ll be playing at the Portland Cinema Project tomorrow night. Thollem lives on the road, constantly collaborating and performing solo and expanding his music. We are thrilled to nab this opportunity to capture him having fun at the Saturday lunch hour!


Punkish Pre-Game Show Starting NOW! :

Playlist as it goes down! – Red Kross – “Lita Ford Blues” – Born Innocent; The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb” – The Best of…; Coffin Break – “Kill the President” – No Sleep Till the Stardust Motel; The Wipers – “Return of the Rat” – Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack

So to give the artists their due speed… Red Kross – “Linda Blair” – Born Innocent; The Runaways – “Born to Be Bad” – The Best of…; Coffin Break – “Just Say No…” – No Sleep Till the Stardust Motel; U-men – “Dig It a Hole” – Hype! Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frightwig – “My Crotch Does Not Say Go” – Wild Women Never Die… … They Just Dye Their Hair; Echo and the Bunnymen – “No Dark Things” – Heaven Up Here; The Cramps – “Caveman” – Psychedelic Jungle

Thollem McDonas setting up now!

Big Star – “You Get What You Deserve” – Radio City; Dolly Parton – “Here You Come Again” – Super Hits; (the) Melvins – “Grinding Process” – 10 Songs; SubArachnoid Space – “Slow Boat to China” – Delicate Membrane;Psychic TV – “Message from thee Temple” – Force the Hand of Chance

NOW! Thollem McDonas LIVE!

Closing the show with the title track of Sun Ra – Atlantis in honor of his birthday tomorrow!


10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Crowd10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Two separate incarnations of your host Ricardo Wang met through the simple philosophy that all times are happening simultaneously.  Ricardo Wang in the KPSU blithely spun Glenn Branca and then took a phone call from Ricardo Wang live at the St. John’s Parade in Portland’s most surreal neighborhood.  Hilarity and a good deal of distortion ensued. Try the place on Lombard.

7 May 2016

13124935_1269628273078072_8050806558015293189_n7 May 2016

TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Stream the Live brand new as you hear it What’s This Called? on KPSU.org!

Your host Ricardo Wang brings you strange and engaging music from the likes of Cluster, litmus0001, Nadja, Okay Molg, Boards of Canada, sharon, Angel 11, Autechre, Cyclopsycho, Electric Eels, Scratch Acid, Fiasco! and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Atlantis (Sun Ra album) Pre-Game Show on NOW!

Playlist as It Goes Down! Artist – “Track/Song/Experience” – Album or other Source: Sun Ra – “Atlatnis (exceprt)” – Atlantis; Cluster – “Isodea (excerpt)” – Grosses Wasser; Unknown R&B sample – “Here Comes the Sun (cover, excerpt); Cluster – Avanti – Grosses Wasser; Angel 11 – “Heartbleeds” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Nadja – “Healing Drone” – Mother Sister Wife Daughter Grandmother Mother-In-Law (benefit compilation)

litmus0001 – “Astra Foramen” – Richland; Electric Eels – “Agitated”- The Eyeball of Hell; Cyclopsycho – “Inchant” – As is…

sharon – “Live @ The Projection Museum 4/30” – Soundcloud; Autechre – “Kalpol Introl” – Incunabula; Fiasco Free Improvisation – “I Considered Jumping” – YouTube; Nolan Ashley – “Far From You” – Okay Molg Apported Baby Farm;Boards Of Canada – “Telepath” – Tomorrow’s Harvest

30 April 2016

13095746_1264075753633324_6004442229471721103_n30 April 2016

Join Us Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org for a brand new episode of What’s This Called? featuring Odd Audio from All Over!

Ride the Freaking Stream

This 13076978_1264101600297406_764837266118681885_nWeek Inside The Sound Well: Selections from the Legendariske Elleve benefit compilation including David Geest, Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, and Four Dimensional Nightmare; brand new Brian Eno paying tribute to Lou Reed; Negativland – Dick Is Dead (R.I.P. Richard Lyons); Vulgaricus mixing Curtis Mayfield and F.M. Einheit at Burning Man ’08; Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea – Madang/Windim Mabu; Teenage Jesus & the Jerks


Playlist Live as It Goes Down!
Brian Eno – Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free” – The Ship; David Geest – “Time Feedback Delay” – Legendariske Elleve; Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – “Red Alert” – Everything; Negativland – “Dick Is Dead” – Over the Edge Vol. 4: Dick Vaughn’s Moribund Music of the ’70s.
Vulgaricus – “Curtis Mayfield vs. F.M. Einheit” – Burning Man ’08 Noise Mash-Ups 2;
Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang / Windim Mabu – “Mo-Mo”; Four Dimensional Nightmare – “Beta Starfish” – Legendariske Elleve
The Slow Poisoner – “The Poisoners Lament” – Lost Hills; Sea Charms – Shift262 – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel (Scott Burland, Frank Schultz) – “April 15, 2014” – Legendariske Elleve

23 April 2016: Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge

23 April 2016: Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge

Set your listening device for the triumphant return of Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called?

Y16 - 1our host Ricardo Wang is very excited to bring Big Tom the Lithuanian and his keyboard down from Olympia to cut loose in the KPSU.org dj booth (with subtle noise accompaniment by members of the Dead Air Fresheners) for a non-stop hour of on the fly gonzo synth shenanigans.

26601533785_4dca18621f_oStreaming Live in the PNW Noon Hour.

Tom will attempt to play any request you call in during the show to: (503) 725-5945

Big Tom’s pedigree of artists he has performed alongside in the NW is staggering but includes the likes of Green Tea, Blood Paradise, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, the aforementioned Dead Air Fresheners, and the Kelsie Love Experience. He’s even played alongside Conrad Keely from …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead in a reggae band in the early ’90s! However, the incarnation of Big Tom that many fans especially love is “the crazy street keyboard guy”, which is what we seek to recreate and reconstruct in the KPSU sub-basement this joyful Saturday lunch hour.


16 April 2016

12994504_1129077477149043_3941130914825353875_n16 April 2016

What’s This Called? presents a special 2 hour netcast in honor of the late avant garde musical pioneer Tony Conrad, Saturday April 16th from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org

Featuring  interview courtesy ofTVMarineretand recordings from the 1960s to the past decade we can expect to barely scratch the surface of the remarkable body of work of this monumental video artist, experimental filmmaker, musician, composer, sound artist, teacher and writer. One of the godfathers of drone music (or, as he qualified, “The first non-bagpipe western drone music”), we’ll hear independent work as well as collaborations with Faust, John Cale, Angus MacLise, and Jack Smith.

Stream It Eternally.


Playlist Live as it unravels… Opening with Tony Conrad – “Live in Austin 1999” – free MP3 from Beta-lactam Ring Records, produced by Chris McBeth, sound wizard and live mixing by Rene Karolinski.

The Theatre of Eternal Music – “B flat dorian blues 19 x 63” – Angus MacLise , John Cale , LaMonte Young , Marion Zazeela , Terry Jennings , Tony Conrad; Interview segment from TVMarineret March 1, 2012.

Tony Conrad w/ Faust – “From the Side of the Machine (1/2)” – Outside the Dream Syndicate; Tony Conrad – “four violins (excerpt)” – Four Gliga Violins Canada; Tony Conrad – “Live at Tate Modern” – TateShots

Angus Maclise/Tony Conrad – “Druid’s Leafy Nest” – Dream Weapon III; Tony Conrad; Interview segment from TVMarineret March 1, 2012; John Cale, Jack Smith & Tony Conrad – “Silent Shadows On Cinemaroc Island” – Stainless Gamelan

Tony Conrad – “Bryant Park Moratorium Rally (1969)(excerpt)”; Closing with Tony Conrad – “Joan of Arc (excerpt)” (Just a little more of the TVMarineret interview mixed in).

9 April 2016

12983795_1246853452022221_4507534796981124620_o9 April 2016

Streaming Live Today Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time it’s a new throw down of strange sounds arranged for your enlightenment and entertainment What’s This Called? on KPSU.org!

This was Ricardo’s two year old son Asa’s live radio debut joining ten year old Lennon for the intro ID and returning later for some additional commentary.




Playlist: Astor Piazzolla – “La Camorra I” -La Camorra; David Bowie – “I Can’t Give Everything Away” – Blackstar; Zach Zinn – “Luna Pill/Solar Pill” – soundcloud

Bowery Electric – “Next to Nothing” – Bowery Electric; Hood – “End of One Train Working” – Outside Closer; Jessica Lurie – “Up from the Bottom of the Well” – Licorice & Spice

fIREHOSE – “Revolution (Part Two) “- Low Man on the Totem Pole; La STPO – “L’ Intitute’ Creme” -Tranches De Tempes Jete; Lou & Peter Berryman – “If (Dueling Paranoias)” – Double Yodel

Closing with Mahler Haze – “Submergence” psithurism (edited to fit slightly…)


2 April 2016

12920415_1241171859257047_1346287661627507601_n2 April 2016

New What’s This Called? Live Today Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time!

Stream It!

On Tap: Beat Happening, Sea Charms, Sudden Infant, Steven J. Bernstein, American Merkin, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, ABSV, Rebecca Moore, Chrome, and MORE!



Ok, the dj on before me is NOT HERE. What’s This Called? is going to start Early this week folks. Like RIGHT NOW!

Out the Gate: Bardo Pond – “Aldrin” – Lapsed

Bombay the Hard Way – “My Guru” – Guns, Cars, and Sitars; Miles Davis – Vote For Miles – On the Corner

Stereolab – “The Stars Our Destination” – Mars Audiac Quntet.

Swans – “Surrogate Drones” – Die Tur Ist Zu; Mecca Normal – “The Orbit” – Who Shot Elvis?; Sudden Infant – “Somniphobia (Thurston Moore remix)” – Psychotic Einzelkind

Rebecca Moore – “Prevention of Blindness” – Home Wreckordings 1997-1999; American Merkin – “A Waltz in Berlin (Cut Up Directors)” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – “Electrophonic Tonic” – Sonic’s Rendezvous Band; Steven J. Bernstein – “Come Out Tonight” – Sub Pop 200.

Sea Charms – “Shift262” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; CHROME– “You’ve Been Duplicated” – Half Machine Lip Moves; e.e. cummings – “So shy shy shy (and with a” – The Voice of the Poet

(the) Melvins – “Queen” – Stoner Witch; Beat Happening – “Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive” – Sub Pop 200; ABSV – “Forgotten Railway (Live at the Wazoo)” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016

Shellac – “Song of the Minerals” – At Action Park; The Legendary Pink Dots – “The Region Beyond” – The Whispering Wall

Bonnie Prince Billy – “New Partner” – Sings Greatest Palace Music; Lee “Scratch” Perry– “Drum Song” – Battle of Armagideon


26 March 2016

12919716_1231901190184114_2437555870456344234_n26 March 2016

Spring into this week’s live foray into sounds of otherness from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, What’s This Called? on KPSU.org

Streaming Live Like a Sun Break.

On Tap: Okay Molg, Terry Riley, Suzanne Ciani, Sea Charms, Holger Czukay, :Eaton Flowers, Stefano Musso, Butthole Surfers and MORE!



Opening up with: Jandek – “The Distance Is Gone” – Portland Thursday

Eaton Flowers – “Fractalife” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Suzanne Ciani – “The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby” (1982); Terry Riley – “Dream Music / Keyboard Study #2 (excerpt)” (1967)

Sea Charms – “Shift262” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Muslimgauze – “Opiate and Mullah” – Gun Aramaic; Butthole Surfers – “Revolution part 2” – Piouhgd

Okay Molg – “Longwalknow” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Holger Czukay – “Persian Love” (1979); Stefano Musso – “In the Labyrinth Garden (excerpt)”


19 March 2016

10269270_1223071121067121_7664059604486012224_o19 March 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time is the 484th episode since What’s This Called? moved to KPSU in 2005!

Streaming Live for your pleasure.

On Tap: Dead Moon (goodbye Andrew Loomis), brand new Iggy Pop,
Seattle’s horned collective Fhtagn, New Zealand noise rockers The Biscuits, NZ experimenter Tangent, ’80s Seattle aleatory ensemble Savant, the late great Sun City Girls, dub pioneer Scientist, the legendary Jarboe and (possibly) MORE!

It’s in the trees, it’s coming…



At the Top: Dead Moon – “Graveyard” – In a Graveyard; “Unknown Passage” – Crack in the System; “40 Miles of Bad Road” – Echoes of the Past

Savant – “The Neo-Realist”- Artificial Dance; The Biscuits – “Trick” – soundcloud; Fhtagn – “Rots (Ryan mix)” – Bandcamp

Iggy Pop – “American Valhalla” – Post-Pop Depression; Tangent – “Twitch” – Sweet Release; Jarboe – “To Forget” – The Men Album

The Berg Sans Nipple – “Mystic Song” – Along the Quai; Sun City Girls – “Cooking with Satan” – Box of Chameleons; Scientist – “Every Dub Shall Scrub” – Scientific Dub

Closing with: Hüsker Dü – “Turn On the News” – Zen Arcade

12 March 2016

10458995_1216656685041898_5756109256190082441_o12 March 2016

Join us Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time TODAY on KPSU.org where your host Ricardo Wang brings What’s This Called? Live and Streaming.

On Tap: Tuxedomoon (goodbye Bruce Geduldig), New Amy Denio, E.E. Cummings, Art Blakey, Zoviet France, Daniel Menche, Pink Fairies, Mahler Haze, Death, and More!



Out the Gate: Pink Fairies – “Do It” – Pretty Vacant, Mojo Presents 15 Pre-Punk Nuggets; E.E. Cummings – “Spring is like a perhaps hand” – The Voice of the Poet

Tuxedomoon – “Desire” – Desire; “No Tears” – single

Art Blakey – “Feast” – Holiday for Skins; Mahler Haze – “Rock Skimmer” – psithurism

Amy Denio – “Earth Slows Down” – ReverbNation; Death – “Politicians in My Eyes” – Pretty Vacant, Mojo Presents 15 Pre-Punk Nuggets

Daniel Menche – Raw Cello Session (excerpt) – Raw Cello Sessions; :zoviet*france: – A Duck in a Tree (excerpt) – A Duck in a Tree; E.E. Cummings – “My father moved in dooms of love” – Voice of the Poet


5 March 2016

12821415_1211525748888325_3749542927225225845_n5 March 2016

TODAY Noon-1PM PST on KPSU.orgWhat’s This Called?:
Smog, Broadcast, Squarepusher, Hafler Trio, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Liquid Liquid, Sonic Youth (Fall cover), Flying Lotus, Pro Ex Marauders, Scientist, The Soft Boys, Azalia Snail, Gullwing
Stream Across the Solar Bridge.
Smog – “I Could Drive Forever” – Knock Knock; Broadcast – “You And Me in Time” – Tender Buttons…
“Ruin” – Music Is Rotted One Note; Hafler Trio – “All Largely Propoganda” – Bang!: An Open Letter…
Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Big Balls” – Guarapero: Lost Blues 2; Liquid Liquid – “Eyes Sharp” – Liquid Liquid; Space 1999 excerpt – “Cell Life Deceased”; Sonic Youth – “Psycho Mafia” – Peel Session on October 19, 1988.
Flying Lotus – “Drips/Auntie’s Harp” – Cosmogramma; Pro Ex Marauders (Deanne McAdams) – “Wash Hands” – Austin TX Recordings Vol. 1; Scientist – “Super Nova Explosion” – Scientist Meets the Space Invaders…
The Soft Boys – “Human Music” – A Can of Bees; Azalia Snail – “Teenage Bedroom side B” – Teenage Bedroom; Gullwing – “Shaker” – MySpace Download!

27 February 2016

12802949_1206415582732675_3418867376761248488_n27 February 2016

Towering sound architecture and gentle wisps of sonorous perception vie for your lingering attentions Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org as your host Ricardo Wang brings this week’s What’s This Called?

Streaming Live.

Brand new in the mail from Accretions recordings the debut album from Ryan Choi on ukelele, percussion, and strings; plus other sonic explorations from the likes of kitsura, Black Happy Day, Ffej, The Giant Worm live at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival 2015, Hierogliphic Being & J.L.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl, Steven Henry Fisk, Lungfish, Bugskull, and MORE!

Click your listening device to Join Us!


Track    –   Artist   –   Album


  • Three Dancers   Ryan Choi   Three Dancers
  • Aviation Oakie   Steve Fisk   999 Levels of Undo
  • DeerBiphenyl   kitsura   Soundcloud
  • Dream State Police   The Giant Worm   2015 Olympia XFest June 26, 2015
  • Civilization That Is Dying   Heiroglypyic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl   We Are Not the First
  • The Charcoal Blade   Ffej   Emulation Phase (EP)
  • Ghosts Won   Bugskull   Distracted Snowflake
  • Blue Sky   Lungfish   Necrophones
  • Lyke Wake Dirge   Black Happy Day   In the Garden of Ghostflowers
  • Die By Night   Dead Man’s Lifestyle   Hinterland
  • We Are on the Side of Angels   Bing & Ruth   Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
  • The Whistling Song   Meat Puppets  Meat Puppets II


20 February 2016: Cyclopsycho, LIVE!

12592471_1671208796489222_8429905293811269070_n20 February 2016: Cyclopsycho, LIVE!

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org, What’s This Called? presents the world premiere live performance of Olympia, WA’s Cyclopsycho!

Featuring manipulated sounds created entirely from her own voice, 24786348519_c24a9eb722_oshe will mesmerize you with her elecro-acapella sound sculptures.

Catch the Live Stream and be forever changed!


Performance Excerpt by Ricardo Wang:


Photos by Ryan Ray, Engineer






13 February 2016

12743666_1195641233810110_5061878121268750867_n13 February 2016

Fresh? You want fresh? Today’s What’s This Called? from noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org has new releases so fresh they haven’t been tasted yet!

World Premiere of the new SadoDamascus Records Winter Copulation 2016 comp! Plus new released from the old mailbox sent by Dubuque’s Personal Archives label from Belgium’s Mahler Haze and God-know’s-where’s Dead Man’s Lifestyle. Throw in the sounds of some black holes trying to suck each other up, and you have a perspective on the universe you couldn’t have had the day before yesterday!

Classic? You want classic? It’s Peter Gabriel’s 66th birthday, and the day before Valentine’s wherein Sun Ra, David Bowie, and Unwound have the best answers or at least the best rephrasing of the question.

Streaming Is Believing


LIVE playlist right here: Body Shame – “Black Truck Creeper”; Consumer – “Loyalty Is For Tyrants (live in Olympia)”; Dr. Strangeknob – “Get Yo Gram Bro”; Destroyed For Comfort – “Split Down the Middle (ft. Lauren Bausfield)” ALL from SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016.

Next Up: Mahler Haze – “Solo Flight” -psithurism; Live Science – “What Colliding Black Holes Sound Like”; Genesis – “Carpet Crawlers” – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Next Set: Unwound – “Valentine Card” – Fake Train; Dead Man’s Lifestyle – “Little Creep” – Hinterland; The Fugs – “Kill For Peace” – The Fugs Second Album…; David Bowie – “Valentine’s Day” – The Next Day

Ending With: Sun Ra – “Love In Outer Space” – Somewhere Else


6 February 2016

12694685_1190837757623791_3861616160599196825_o6 February 2016

Today on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, let the outer sounds take you to inner space.

Your host Ricardo Wang brings you decoded audio messages from the likes of A Silver Mt. Zion, A Star Too Far, Chrome, Sun Ra, Steven Severin, Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion, Julie Ruin, Ariel Kalma and MORE!

Tune your deep listening devices to hear it go down live!



So Far: The Julie Ruin – “Apt. #5” from Julie Ruin; Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion – “Ride It ‘Till the End” from Unknown Music from Dream-Quest of Kadath; Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – “Wasp Happening” from We Know Each Other Somehow

So then we had: CHROME – “All Data Lost” from Alien Soundtracks, me yakking then A Silver Mt. Zion – :”Movie (Never Made)”‘; A Star Too Far – “Damn Mirage” from Saucers Over Lincoln on Beta-lactam Ring Records

Next: Steven Severin – “Wand of Flame Part Two” from Wand of Flame on EROTOTOX DECODINGS

Going to end with Mecca Normal – “Rigid Man In an Ice Age” from The Eagle & The Poodle.


30 January 2016

12661867_1185698344804399_4241697677082916633_n30 January 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time hear the Return of What’s This Called? on KPSU.org! Your host Ricardo Wang took his elderberry juice and is now healed (mostly…) and ready to bring you the sounds from way out there!

On tap: Jarboe (Happy Birthday today!), Jefferson Airplane (RIP Paul Kantner), Mahler Haze, The Orb, Robert Wyatt, Armchair Migraine Journey and MORE!

Set your controls for the Audio Stream and prepare for a strange and beautiful journey.

Playlist:    Track   Artist   Album

In My Garden   Swans  Children of God

The Soul Continues   Jarboe featuring Attila Csihar   Mahakali

Moon Quake 6   The Orb   Moonbuilding 2703 AD

And Then it Rained   Bing & Ruth   City Lake

Today   Jefferson Airplane   Surrealistic Pillow

Wooden Ships   Jefferson Airplane   Volunteers

Lord of This World   Mahler Haze   Ropey

Rebirth Blood Om (excerpt)  Armchair Migraine Journey   Blood Coupling Magnet

Forest   Robert Wyatt   Cuckooland

Gazing the Blue   Cyclpsycho  single

Blank Page of the Blind   Melt Banana   Bambi’s Dilema




16 January 2016

Theory-of-Inflation-Gives-Weight-to-Multiverse-Hypothesis-650x48316 January 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time set your listening device for KPSU.org and another LIVE episode of What’s This Called? (perhaps “barely alive” is more accurate as your host Ricardo Wang is fighting something off but refuses to miss the show!)

Certainly not going to ignore that soon after playing a song from David Bowie’s album last week, the artist left the Earth. However, enough people are covering his work all over the world right now that it is more important for WTC to bring new material. We’ll delve into the great recording from new Unexplained Sounds Group compilation including tracks by Zach Zinn, Gregg Skloff, Steve Moshier, Marlo Guida, and Sonologyst, plus some other surprises from elsewhere in the Multiverse!

Join Us, Join Us, Join Us…

9 January 2016

12495212_1170805136293720_8734122704453514214_n9 January 2016

Happy Saturday! Join us from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org for another live streaming edition of Ricardo Wang‘s two decade exploration of unusual audio What’s This Called?

The RVNG INTL label (pronounced “REVENGE International” apparently) from NYC sent us what amounts to your host’s favorite package received this season. Brace yourself for extreme experimental new sounds from Anna Homler & Steve Moshier, Bing & Ruth, Savant, Ariel Kalma w/ Robet Aiki & Aubrey Lowe, Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper (deconstructing Portugese folk music), and Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl!

Streaming LIVE 12-1 PM PST.

If I have any time left after all that, I’ll play something from the new David Bowie album.

Playlist: Track   Artist   Album
Knowledge and Action Savant Artificial Dance
Gongmo Kalma Lowe Robert Aiki, Abrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma We Know Each Other Somehow
Universe Is a Simulation Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl We Are Not the First
Police Police Police Police Police Bing & Ruth Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
Celestial Ash Anna Homler and Steve Moshier Breadwoman & Other Tales
Lampedusa 2013 Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper Cantos de Lisboa
You’re Gonna Need That When He’s Gone Bing & Ruth City Lake
Lazarus David Bowie Blackstar
Broad Channel (Solo Piano) Bing & Ruth City Lake


2 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast)

D4kvvmXf_400x4002 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast) 

Remembering the ’00s (pronounced “ooze”). The Ooze Review.  On January 2nd & January 9th, Ricardo Wang gave a two-hour overview of the experimental music highlights from the first decade of this new millennium.  Here, in a special two-hour presentation, is: Remembering the ’00s.


Hour 1.

Behold the Salt Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Werewolf Song Childhood Friends Key Party
I Love You Golden Blue Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse
Personal Monster Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Harvester Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logick Part One
Child It’s a New World Suicide American Supreme
A Love Song Noggin Hajex from the Light
Analog Dreamscape Expo 70 Sonic Messenger
Part Six Jandek Glasgow Monday


Hour 2

Toadi Accelerato Melvins/Lustmord pigs of the roman empire
Mercury Mangled Bohemians Degeneration
When held by Water L.A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Night Before
Sugar gowns Gowns
Frozen Angels Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma
My New Clit Is Your Tongue Argumentix Boss of Goth
Roaming George & Caplin Things Past
Old Man River Dolphin EET Spookfish
The Dying Submariner (edit) Andrew Liles The Dying Submariner

26 December 2015: Boxing Day on What’s This Called?

1534282_1160494930658074_9091215010563299387_n26 December 2015: Boxing Day on What’s This Called?

This year’s White Noizze Xxmaz on What’s This Called? has been cancelled as our annual guest star Noah Mickens has informed us that he can no longer offer his services as he has entered into, shall we say, a much cozier agreement.

However, we digress. The show, somebody must have once said convincingly, must go on. And although we may be feeling boxed in and trapped at this conjuncture, that’s OK because it is in fact BOXING DAY!

So set your listening device at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time to the beautiful KPSU audio stream and let your host Ricardo Wang recover along with you from the holiday explosion. 

The Christmas goats bey one last time as we pack all our decorations and loot away to the likes of The Melvins, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Giant Worm, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, Chrome, Edward Ka-Spel, Mecca Normal, A Silver Mt. Zion, Volcano the Bear, and perhaps most exciting, Brand New Cyclopsycho!

Your holiday decompression is our pleasure.

Track   Artist   Album

  • White Christmas (Goat Edition) Goats All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat
  • Rudolph (Goat Edition) (edit) Goats All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat
  • Solstice Serenade 2015 Cyclopsycho CDR Single
  • Jonah’s Whale (Ricardo Wang echo remix) The Giant Worm 2015 Olympia XFest June 26, 2015 Eagles Ballroom Olympia, Washington
  • Queen Melvins Stoner Witch
  • Oh Holy Night Goats All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat
  • CybersKapes Parts 1-6 (edit) Edward Ka-Spel CybersKapes Parts 1-6
  • Sand Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Architecture II
  • Kingdom Without Weather Mecca Normal The Eagle & The Poodle
  • Joy Plus One Volcano the Bear A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • All Day Interference Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live I Am That Great and Fiery Force
  • Silent Night (Goats Version) Goats All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat
  • Lonely As the Sound of Lying on the Ground of an Airplane Going Down A Silver Mt. Zion He Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace Corners of Our Rooms
  • You’ve Been Duplicated Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
  • Dismantling the Tower (edit) Edward Ka-Spel A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Mental Ventilator Earthmonkey A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Goat Edition) Goats All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat
  • Minor Threat Minor Threat Complete Discography

19 December 2015

12363058_1154420571265510_1290746788013436831_o19 December 2015

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time your host Ricardo Wang reveals some of his picks for best experimental music recordings of 2015 on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org!

Your host admits, he didn’t always get to recordings right when they came out and in researching for this show found favorites for the year he hadn’t heard yet. But honestly, that isn’t too far from how the show is put together every week… Tago Mago is still one of the best records I listened to a lot in 2015 even if it came out a few decades before.

Relive (or live for the first time if you’re just getting up…) 2015 while we are still barely in it! Hit the Audio Stream at Noon

Show Playlist:

Track   Artist   Album


  • Maar   Daniel Menche & Mamiffer   Crater
  • CybersKapes (edit)   Edward Ka-Spel   CybersKapes
  • Lionsong   Bjork   Vulnicura Strings
  • Lunar Caves   The Orb   Moonbuilding 2703 AD
  • Huffing Panties for the Emperor   Armchair Migraine Journey  A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • f = (2.3)   Carter Tutti Void   f (x)
  • World War 4   A Star Too Far   Saucers Over Lincoln
  • Kannon 2   Sunn O)))   观世音 Kannon
  • Damogen Furies   Squarepusher  Damogen Furies
  • Shadow Child  The Pop Group   Citizen Zombie


And Here Is Ricardo’s 2015 10 Favorite Experimental Recordings List!

Daniel Menche & Mammifer – Crater
Sunn O))) – 观世音 Kannon
Edward Ka-Spel – CypersKapes
The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD
Carter Tutti Void – f (x)
Bjork – Vulnicura Strings
A Star Too Far – Saucers Over Lincoln
The Pop Group – Citizen Zombie
Squarepusher – Damogen Furies
Armchair Migraine Journey – Blood Coupling Magnet


12 December 2015

12341306_1149882058386028_5584818177082398919_n12 December 2015

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, your host Ricardo Wang is excited to bring back his most frequent guest on What’s This Called? since bringing the show to Portland, psychedelic/experimental recording label impresario Chis McBeth of Beta-lactam RIng Records!

A home label of such WTC regulars as Legendary Pink Dots, Orbit Service (and the new A Star Too Far combining both!), Nurse With Wound, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Daniel Menche, Soriah, Ariel Kalma, BLRR is a local Portland treasure that connects experimental, psych, drone, and noise musicians and avid listeners all over the world!

This is a NOT TO MISS program. To catch it NOW hit the free audio stream.


Track   Artist   Album


  • Gimme Shelter (Live Royal Albert Hall 1985) Sisters of Mercy You Tube
  • Rebirth Blood Om (edit) Armchair Migraine Journey Blood Coupling Magnet
  • La Ofrenda Danzante Un Festin Sagital A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Vita Nova (edit) A Star Too Far Saucers Over Lincoln
  • Dismantling the Tower (edit) Edward Ka-Spel A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Delphic Collapse Vas Deferens Organization A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Trajectory Christus & the Cosmonaughts A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Part 1 (edit) Edward Ka-Spel CybersKapes – A Voyage in 6 Parts


5 December 2015

12347798_1143741265666774_7587252068018289414_n5 December 2015

Track Artist Album


  • Space Car Concept Car PRND Soundcloud
  • Time and the Diamond Zach Zinn Slow Fall
  • Think of One Christian Asplund with Logan Hone (Thelonius Monk) Locust Salon, 9 October 2015
  • Distorted Reality Particle Smasher Soundcloud
  • Cfutr 0 SunFalls Soundcloud
  • With Kind Regards (edit) Year of the Lips Soundcloud
  • Frogman Cometh Nital Etch Film Soundtrack
  • Threshd Bruce Hamilton Soundcloud
  • Bemsha Swing Devilsclub Soundcloud
  • Landings Kaapin Soundcloud

Footnotes: https://whatsthiscalled.net/2015/12/05/5-december-2015


Blow the roof off Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time. your host Ricardo Wang brings you experimental and irregular sounds on What’s This Called? from wherever there is electricity.

Dance your synapses to the likes of PRND, frst hwiin chrch of mscln, Christian Asplund, Zach Zinn, Particle Smasher, Bruce Hamilton, Sunfalls, Nital Etch, Year of the Lips, Devilsclub, Kaapin and MORE!

Reattach your clock tower and set it to the Audio Stream!


28 November 2015

12308575_1138570092850558_2467422641442522940_n28 November 2015

Warm yourself with the beautiful friction of experimental music, drone, noise, an the unexpected today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org Your host Ricardo Wang brings you a cozy set of non-holiday themed sounds to toast your chestnuts to. Bastard Noise to Sun Ra and all points in between and outside.

Feel free to post requests in the comments.

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Track    Artist   Album


  • Fire Arthur Brown The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • Her Fires Chill Me Old Time Relijun 2012
  • Picnic on a Frozen River Faust So Far
  • Blue Is the Frequency Royal Trux Veterans of Disorder
  • Dry Bones in the Valley (I Saw the Light Come Shining ‘Round and ‘Round Gastr Del Sol Upgrade and Afterlife
  • Instrumental – 2 Guitars (cut) Deanne McAdams demo
  • Wash Hands Pro Ex Marauders demo
  • Seeing the Same Fate Bastard Noise Skulldozer
  • Black Wall Six Organs of Admittance The Sun Awakens
  • The Sweaty Hide of Circumstance Chris Knox Yes!!
  • Moon Dance Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
  • She Took a Long Cold Look Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs
  • 99 Bottles of Beer Melvins Tres Cabrones



21 November 2015

12249869_1134015919972642_9213396654955239234_n21 November 2015

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time your host Ricardo Wang brings you another hour of oddness in audio called What’s This Called?

Preview the early mix of a forthcoming track by Mahler Haze, plus lots of other goodies from the likes of Giant Sand, Soriah, Thrones, Young Marble Giants, Jandek, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, Chrome, Moodring, Stereolab, and MORE!


Track   Artist   Album


  • The Aachen March (1st Mix) Mahler Haze Soundcloud
  • Mercuric Thrones Alraune
  • Chaos Organica in A Minor (edit) Soriah Chaos Organica in A Minor
  • Highway Going Home Jandek Portland Thursday
  • Blasting Through Nothing Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live I am That Great and Fiery Force
  • Colassal Youth Young Marble Giants Colassal Youth & Collected Works
  • Rintin Fire Moodring Scared of Ferret
  • Lester Lampshade Giant Sand Backyard Barbecue Broadcast
  • You Lost It Thrown Ups Sub Pop 200
  • Ping Pong Stereolab Mars Audiac Quintet
  • All Data Lost Chrome Alien Soundtracks
  • Bride of Crankenstein Melvins Hold It In


14 November 2015

12250024_1129554793752088_7174484951976334584_n14 November 2015

Escape to the Wood Between the Worlds for a bit today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time as your host Ricardo Wang brings you What’s This Called? Live from the KPSU studios.

Happy Birthday to Wendy Carlos, plus Enoch Light presents Spaced Out, Einsturzende Neubauten, Miles On the Corner, Rebecca Moore, Kronos Quartet/Wu Man, Kraftwerk, Tyranosaurus Rex, and MORE!

Streaming Into Your Head.

Track Artist Album:
  • Timesteps (excerpt) Wendy Carlos A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
  • News Kraftwerk Radio-Activity
  • Sister Marianne Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
  • Mr. Freedom X Miles Davis On the Corner
  • Bildbeschreibung Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Architecture II
  • Carry On, Turn Me On Space Tango in Space
  • What the World Needs Now is Love Enoch Light Spaced Out
  • Earth Dance Kronos Quartet/Tan Dun Ghost Opera
  • Displacement Theory Blowhole Billowing Sheen
  • Afghan Woman Tyranosaurus Rex My People Were Fair With Sky in Their Hair.. But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows
  • Our Wonderful Brownskin Man Tyranosaurus Rex Prophets, Seers and Sages, the Angels of the Ages
  • Strange Orchestras Tyranosaurus Rex My People Were Fair With Sky in Their Hair.. But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows

7 November 2015

12219458_1124220160952218_3516836312174354215_n7 November 2015

Leaves wither and die and get shoved around by noisy fume spouting, tube blowing, backpacks of doom. But you, you can still listen to What’s This Called? TODAY at Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Your host Ricardo Wang brings you ear cleansing sounds including brand new Daniel Menche and Mamiffer, Sudden Infant, Meredith Monk, Ariel Kalma, Throbbing Gristle, Festive Jackals, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Michiko Kawagoe, and MORE!

Stream it LIVE.

31 October 2015: Early Witching Hour

12193674_1119763408064560_1753221774183540465_n31 October 2015: Early Witching Hour

Today! Halloween! Start your witching hour early from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time for a listener and recording artist curated Halloween special What’s This Called? live on KPSU!

Listener and artist suggested spooky experimental tracks in the candy bag by the likes of: Fifty Foot Hose, Lydia Lunch, the Shaggs, Doug Theriault (Happy Birthday!), John Fahey, Cathedral Sounds, Diamanda Galas, the Fall, Kid Koala and MORE!

Stream It Like the Trick or Treaters Washing Down the Portland Streets Tonight

Track   Artist   Album
Spooky Lydia Lunch Queen of Siam
the Cauldron Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron
Tricks ‘n Treats Kid Koala Scratchhappyland
Dark Nights Cabbage Patch Kill Dolls soundcloud
Halloween The Shaggs Philosophy of the World
The Seance Ryan A Ray You Tube
A Figure Walks The Fall Dragnet
Water Torture Disney Haunted House Disney Haunted House
Ghosts John Fahey The Mill Pond
Swamp Witch Jim Stafford Jim Stafford
Halloween Mixtape 3 (edit) Cathedral Sounds Halloween Mixtape 3
This Is the Law of the Plague Diamanda Galas Plague Mass
Destroy All Improv Dual You Tube
Halloween Sound Mix Fade Ricardo Wang What’s This Called?

24 October 2015

1932329_1115616081812626_5317558072449727714_n24 October 2015

Get your mind together from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time with your host Ricardo Wang and a new live melting of the media known as What’s This Called? Crunchy taste on tap from Instagon, the Hausmanns, Rocket from the Tombs, dvb, FHTAGN, Zach Zinn, Muslimgauze, Expo 70, the Bran Flakes, Sun Ra and MORE! Going down in the KPSU studio and your listening device!


Track  Artist  Album
There Has Been An Awakening… Instagon Feel the Frequency: 2014 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
Turkish Speaker muslimgauze Sometimes Silence Is an Answer
How to Shoot a Deer  Eric & Marlina Hausmann  16 Degrees
Lysergic Sunrise Expo ’70 Black Ohms
Moon Quake 6  The Orb  David Gilmour & Friends
Rots FHTAGN Soundcloud
I Am a Groupie The Bran Flakes I Don’t Have a Friend
Holland Tunnel dvb Feel the Frequency: 2014 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
A Silver Thread Zach Zinn Soundcloud
The Eternal Sphynx Sun Ra Crystal Spears
Radio Flyer Ffej Patterns in the Storms Vol. 1

17 October 2015: As the Crow Flies…

12112385_1111233872250847_3992427971138393059_n17 October 2015: As The Crow Flies…

On tap a royal blue chip mix of the likes of Teach Me Equals, The Waiters (featuring Matt Love), Fadnu (Sami Joik music w/ experimental influences), Beast (Daniel Menche), Nico (on her 77th birthday), Reg Bloor, Von Helwig and MORE!

As the Crow Flies…



Track Artist Album
These Days Nico single
As the Crow Flies Teach Me Equals Have Hope
Teenage Punk Rocker in Love The Waiters Before Using
Fielbma’/Der elva renner stille Fadnu Fielbma (Where the river is wide, deep and silent)
Jungle Fever Part 3 Von Helwig Jungle Fever
Chasing Ghosts Reg Bloor Theme from an Imaginary Slasher
Ravenois Beast Ravenous
If ‘S’ Is The Red Krayola The Red Krayola
Like Acid Rain Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love
Tales of Brave Aphrodite Beat Happening / Screaming Trees Beat Happening / Screaming Trees
Busting Through the Van Allan Belt Helios Creed Van Allan Belt
No Escape Cabaret Voltaire The Mix-up
Propane Activist KARP Mustaches Wild
Cast a Shadow Beat Happening Black Candy

10 October 2015: Journey Into Space, LIVE!

12118707_1106752326032335_5385268980226499560_n10 October 2015: Journey Into Space, LIVE!

Beachfront property on Mars and now even Pluto gets wet. Stephen Hawking says that E.T. wants to EAT you, and the latest word from the string theorists is that the Universe will just keep on expanding until the Ramones sound like a prog rock band.

Don’t worry you won’t live to have to hear that, even with the new life expansion nano-vitamin injections. But you will live to hear What’s This Called? cohost Austin Rich return to the KPSU studios from his explorations of the south end of the galaxy! The Eagle has landed and your host Ricardo Wang looks forward to sitting back in hyperspace and letting Austin run havoc on the turntables and decks. Though RW might launch a photon torpedo or two just for fun as well.

Streaming Like a Briney Martian Oasis.



01.) Genetic * Sonic Youth * Dirty
02.) Ziggy Stardust * The Moog Cookbook * Ye Olde Space Band: Plays the Classic Rock Hits
03.) Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang Break It Down For You

Journey Into Space (performed live by Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang)

04.) metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology * Tärr * Tärr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
05.) Operation Luna Episode 1 * Journey Into Space * BBC Radio (1953)
06.) Ricardo Wang & Austin Rich, LIVE!
07.) Piece 7 (Excerpt) * ALTO! * ALTO!
08.) Quadruple Penetration (chapters 1-4) * Overdose The Katatonic * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
09.) [untitled Side B] * L.A. Lungs * Rrest
10.) Driving Eyes Open * Bob Bucko Jr. * How to Fuck All Your Coworkers in One Sitting
12.) The Fallow Field of Vision * Dull Knife * Dull Knife
13.) Subtle Afterthoughts * Expo ’70 * Expo ’70 / Plankton Wat Split LP
14.) Total Massacre * Uneasy Chairs * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
15.) Heaven And Hell Part 2 [Excerpt] * Vangelis * Heaven And Hell
16.) metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology * Tärr * Tärr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
17.) Whipsnapper * Small Drone Orchestra * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document

3 October 2015: The October Files

12138341_1103228959718005_1294215632844512710_o3 October 2015: The October Files

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org, your host Ricardo Wang brings you an all new October edition of What’s This Called? complete with birthday music from Artis the Spoonman, Joey Ramone performing John Cage, Faust, Chrome, Boards of Canada, ARU, Ariel Kalma, Unwound, and MORE!

Streaming Like Leaves at the Mercy of an Unholy Blower: http://stream.kpsu.org:8080/listen

Track   Artist   Album

Occult Vibrations Lungfish Necrophones
Highway Going Home Jandek Portland Thursday
Title Unknown – July 4, 1994 The Boredoms KXLU 88.9 FM, Los Angeles Live Vol.
Leaves of Life Black Happy Day In the Garden of Ghostflowers
Jacquard Causeway Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
Timegrinder Ffej Emulation Phase (EP)
Ghosts Won Bugskull Distracted Snowflake
One Three Two Sufian Abdullah Music To Break Out of Jail By

…In the Spirit Faust So Far
October All Over (Live) Unwound Live Leaves
Creature Eternal Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs Joey Ramone (composed by John Cage from text by James Joyce) Caged/Uncaged—A Rock/Experimental Homage to John Cage
Sector Nine Giant Worm Castings
Phototechnique ARU The Golden Strand EP
Live on Night Music Artis the Spoonman You Tube
Bakafrica Ariel Kalma Le Temps Des Moissons
Dark Circles Hammock Departure Songs
Yes I’m Changing Tame Impala Currents
Bad Vibrations Black Angels Phosphene Dream
Saturday Sun Nick Drake Five Leaves Left

26 September 2015: Uneasy Chairs, LIVE!

11914754_1656875294555405_3021879856810997072_o26 September 2015: Uneasy Chairs, LIVE!

Playlist & Footnotes: https://whatsthiscalled.net/2015/09/26/26-september-2015-uneasy-chairs-live

Today at Noon Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called? I am thrilled to present Live in the KPSU studio, the delicate noise guitar stylings of Patrick Neill Gundran AKA Uneasy Chairs! Patrick is a member of many avant groups in the Seattle area including Colour Out of Space, the Rolling Blackouts, and Devil’s Club, but his solo outings have a special over the top energy that you won’t want to miss for brunch.


Streaming All Over Your Speakers from: kpsu.org