19 September 2009 (Retrocast)

19 September 2009 (Retrocast) 

Here’s a vintage retrocast from six years ago – to the date!  Even if Ricardo Wang cannot be in the studio for a new broadcast, there are over 10 years worth of back-episodes available, with live performances, special guests, or in this case, an excellent mix of experimental tunes, hosted by Ricardo Wang himself.


Bamboo Banga mia Kala
Akshar Najma Akhtar & Gary Lucas Rishte
Dream Baby Dream Suicide the second suicide album
Your Ace from Outer Space U-Roy Version of Wisdom
Kingston Advice The Clash Sandanista
My Favorite Things John Zorn Filmworks VII – Cynical Hysterie Hour
Cautious Lip Blondie Plastic Letters
End of One Train Working Hood Outside Closer
Using the Hope Diamond as a Doorstep American Analog Set From Our Living Room to Yours
She’s Not There Zombies Greatest Hits
The Truth About Planet Earth Sun Ra Media Dreams
Mirror Soul Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
audible silence – enter (Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge) (extract) Jez riley French Wire Tapper 21
Let X = X Laurie Anderson Big Science

12 September 2015: Derek M Johnson LIVE!

12 September 2015: Derek M Johnson LIVE!

TODAY from Noon to 1 PM on What’s This Called? on KPSU.org you get the ultimate Nofest 8 preview for the day as Olympia’s bowed and stringed sensation Derek M Johnson, 5732013763_e767e47e13_m

as his trusty cello, and vast box of effects pedals make their first appears on the program in 9 years!

After that Derek MAY be one of the secret Dead Air Fresheners performing at the Nofest mainstage oustside in the historic St. John’s Square at 2:30 PM, and he will certainly be tearing up the stage inside at Slim’s from 7-8 PM.

5 September 2015: NoFest 8 Preview

NOFEST8-165x3005 September 2015:  NoFest 8 Preview

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang presents a preview of acts performing at Nofest 8 in St. John’s on September 12th!

Thrill to sound from out there by the likes of Derek M Johnson, ALTO!, Jennifer Robin, Translucent Spiders, Overdose the Katatonic, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Pulse Emitter, Jagula, and MORE!

This year looks to be the most challenging and exciting musically yet, and What’s This Called? is thrilled to present this preview as well as Derek M Johnson live next week followed by our own stage at the fest at Slim’s from 4 PM to Close! This stage celebrates WTC’s ten year anniversary at KPSU and features a dozen of the finest artists you hear on the program from all over the Pacific NW.


Track * Artist * Album

Piece 7 (Excerpt) * ALTO! * ALTO!
Live at Olympia Experimental Music Festival (Excerpt) * Fischkopf Sinfoniker * Sound Cloud
KPSU Set I (Excerpt) * Derek M. Johnson * Live on What’s This Called? 2006
The Sad Ballad of Chicken Tooth * Jennifer Robin * Live on KPSU
Live Open Air Recording At Habisha Lounge 05 – 18 – 2014 * Translucent Spiders * Sound Cloud
Coda Cacciatori * Party Killer * Tandaan
How’s Yr Ass Feel When U Awoke * Overdose the Katatonic * Sound Cloud
Jagula * The Warning * Jagula
The 23rd Century * Pulse Emitter * Digital Rainforest
Last Instar * Jeremy C. Long * Lepidoptera

* * * * * *

1510717_1080650398642528_8175774193142713396_nNOFEST @ SLIM’S 9/12/15 FREE!

Nofest 8 presents a Special Party to celebrate 10 years of What’s This Called?on KPSU.org

4-8 PM is ALL AGES (and free of course) and features groups with multi-generational performers.

Four Dimensional Nightmare (from Federal Way WA) 4 PM

Dead Air Fresheners 5 PM https://www.youtube.com/TheDeadAirFresheners/videos

Luxifer (featuring Tiffany Lee Brown & Gusty) 5:30 PM

Eet w/ Kids 6 PM https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eet

Derek M. Johnson (from Olympia WA) 7 PM https://www.facebook.com/DerekMJohnsonCello Ov

Jeremy C. Long 8 PM https://jeremylong.bandcamp.com/

Jen Grady (from Olympia WA) 9 PM

Office Products 10 PM http://www.discogs.com/artist/67027-Office-Products

Faerie Moons 11 PM https://www.facebook.com/pages/Faerie-Moons/970028899716702

Jennifer Robin 11:30 PM https://myspace.com/writingsofjenniferrobin

Overdose the Katatonic (from Seattle WA) 12 AM https://soundcloud.com/overdose-the-katatonic

Fischopf Sinfoniker (from Bellingham WA) 12:30 AM http://www.fischkopfsinfoniker.com/

Join Our Event Page on Facebook!

10 years ago Ricardo Wang brought his orphaned late night experimental music program to a permanent hope in the weekend daytime of KPSU, Portland’s college radio.

Now a decade later What’s This Called? is a KPSU institution and to celebrate this exciting anniversary Ricardo has put together a non-stop party as part of Nofest 8 at Slim’s in St. John’s, all for free!

The party starts from 4-8 PM with an All Ages showcase of eclectic artist from around the Northwest, several who incorporate child and youth members in their lineups.

Then from 8 to close Slim’s goes 21+ and the free experimental music keeps coming from Linnton’s godfather of drone Jeremy C. Long through the always mind warping words of Jennifer Robin to Bellingham, Washington’s subversive beat master Fischkopf Sinfoniker.

12 different acts at Slim’s on Lombard and that’s just one of several Nofest stages on September 12th! Ricardo will also be hosting cellists Jen Grady and Derek Johnson at noon on What’s This Called? to preview their sets at the anniversary show.

KPSU presents What’s This Called? for ten years and counting!

22 August 2015: Goodbye Tunacan Jones

11898616_1070081813032720_1827491495011289193_n22 August 2015: Goodbye Tunacan Jones

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang says farewell to the long running program character actor and sound effects producer Tunacan Jones who is passing to the pastoral pastures of Spokane, Warshington. TJ, as his listeners and fans affectionately refer to him, has provided countless skits and commercials during the program as well as unsurmountable creaking chair and coffee percolating audio since he first became involved in the program in the late ’60s when he was fired from the Closet Radio show by Miss Rikki. Perhaps TJ’s most triumphant performance on WTC was as the absent Noah Mickens during this past year’s White Noise Christmas, where he magically became the popular PDX circus impresario for the entire podcast. In any case, this will be your last chance to catch TJ’s wacky shenanigans live on WTC before he retires to a life of agriculture and dedicated WoW playing! Shove aside those rumors he’s actually moving to Gresham and not Spokane, this is probably for real this time!

Goodbye Tunacan Jones:

Track * Artist * Album

Pink Turns to Blue (edit) * Husker Du * Zen Arcade
Tunacan Spokane Blues in D- * Tunacan Jones * Live on What’s This Called?
Goat Boat * The Giant Worm * Castings
Dogs and Cattle Prods * The Melvins * Tres Cabrones
Dying Diary * Sons of Amargosa * Pelucas! ep
Jungle Fever Part 3 * Von Helwig * Jungle Fever
Tunacan Spokane Blues in F- Meltdown * Tunacan Jones and the Wang Family * Live on What’s This Called?

15 August 2015: All KPSU CD Library Show

11885211_1065495216824713_8119785707852967572_n15 August 2015: All KPSU CD Library Show

The Wangmobile is going in for an airbag recall in the Couv tomorrow at 7 AM, so my preparations for this week’s What’s This Called? are going to be on the fly.

With this in mind, what a great week to delve into the classic cd library in the KPSU studio. Lets be real, even at KPSU not that many djs ever open the top couple drawers of the cabinet and wax nostalgic all over obscure electronic experimental compilations with Nurse With Wound and Bastard Noise, but you know that your host Ricardo Wang does. And so this week it will be ALL recordings from the first few drawers of the KPSU cd library. What weird indie underground experiments showed up in 1994 when the station began?

This is What’s This Called?’s tenth year at KPSU and the party starts here Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.


All KPSU CD Library Show:

Track * Artist * Album

Dueling Banshees * KARP * Mustaches Wild
Potango Tango (remix) * Lydia Lunch with the Anubian Lights * Champagne, Cocaine, and Nicotine
Opiate and Mullah * Muslimgauze * Gun Aramaic
Dyspeptic & Blue * A Small Good Thing * The Pink and Purple World of Dishonesty
Queen * Melvins * Stoner Witch
Track 5 * George & Caplin * Live on What’s This Called?
Budokan Tape Try (500 tapes high) * Boredoms * Super Roots
Anxious Mo-Fo * Minutemen * Double Nickels on the Dime
Too Much Spurt * Negativland * Sex Dirt (Over the Edge Vol. 8)
Exhale * Steel Pole Bathtub * The Miracle of Sound in Motion
Where’s the Truth * Pere Ubu * St. Arkansas
Tower of Lies * Danielle Dax * Pop-Eyes
What Was Wound * Unwound * New Plastic Ideas
Shake Appeal * Iggy & the Stooges * Raw Power
The Relay * Gastr Del Sol * Upgrade & Afterlife

8 August 2015: Back from Tanelorn

11060862_1060759253964976_4249100517681949975_o8 August 2015: Back from Tanelorn

Your soul is an echo chamber on this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang fresh returned from his Multiversal travels to bring you pan, verb, and flange from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard TIme on KPSU.org!

Timothy Leary doses Ash Ra Tempel, Bob Bucko Jrcovers David Byrne, Arrington de Dionyso walks into the KAOS studio in 1996 and hands me a cd he just finished in a popcorn bag, iMoodring, ARU, Fejj,The Legendary Pink Dots, Analog Tara, and MORE!


Actual Playlist

Track * Artist * Album

Space/Time RWang remixes * Ash Ra Tempel * Seven Up
Themselves * Bob Bucko Jr. * BBJR
Manticore/Lion Tamer * Old Time Relijun * Songbook Vol. I
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) * Bob Bucko Jr. * BBJR
Magnus Harmonica * Analog Tara * Women Take Back the Noise
Into the Doom * Moodring * Scared of Ferret
Heat Rage * ARU * Dub Plate Vol 3.5
Pendulum * Legendary Pink Dots * The Gethsemane Option
No Outlet * Fejj * Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1

Twitter Playlist

Earth 1 Ricardo Wang returns from Tanelorn on What’s This Called?
About to go LIVE w/ Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary duel in Space & Time!
Bob Bucko Jr. into Old Time Relijun, but not the BBJR song promised, so he gets 2 this week!
Moodring, ARU, and Leg. Pink Dots to bring it on home.

18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

19760143586_719e284f78_o18 July 2015 – The Chi Chi Mix

A week ago through the awesome natural force of weedeater juice, the Universe unleashed it’s fury on several of Ricardo’s compact discs. Yet just yesterday the program was gifted by the very same Universe with this mysterious pile of empty jewel cases and the CDR marked only as Chi Chi Mix. All perfectly arranged on the street.

So while our off-shore staff busily reassembles cds for the What’s This Called?foundation’s future, today, Ricardo will unleash the Chi Chi Mix in all of it’s unknown and unpreviewed glory. If the contents of the disc need remixing assistance, Mr. Wang reserves the right to do so. On tap to assist with this task will be discs that survived the melted green death and also Metal Machine Music which turned 40 without the aid of weedeater juice.





  • The Chi Chi Mix
    Some Redneck Who Threw the CD Out the Window
    CDR found in the street
  • Metal Machine Music (edits)
    Lou Reed
    Metal Machine Music
  • Other CDs
    That Survived
    The Weedeater Juice
  • Nibler Samples
    Greg Nibler
    The Nibler Show Lives!


11036296_1044476115593290_6808625508802906039_n11 July 2015: MIDSUMMER AFTERNOON DREAM

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, your enduring host Ricardo Wang brings the noise in all 31 flavors for a new Live Stream of What’s This Called?


Track * Artist * Album

Frozen Angels * Zoe Keating * One Cello x 16: Natoma
Psykick Dancehall * The Fall * Dragnet
Pipeline to Vertigo * Two Foot Flame * Live on WFMU 1997
Icecream Daydream * Bugskull * Distracted Snowflake
Feelings * The Bran Flakes * I Don’t Have a Friend
Systems * Fejj * Emulation Phase (EP)
Climbing the Mountains of Mars * Noggin * Noggin
My Head Popped * Steve Fisk * 999 Levels of Undo
Decidedly Wooley Balearic * The Silverman * Blank for Your Own Message

4 July 2015: No Skinny Ties

Ricardo Wang Wang’s weekly radio show What’s This Called? has been around since 1993, and in the late ’90s and early ’00s had a bi-weekly feature called “No Skinny Ties” where Ricardo would play all underground and independent music from the 1980s. Not the “new wave” hits but the no wave, noise rock, post-punk, and outright non-commercial music.This 4th of July, as has often been the case on Independence Day at KPSU, Ricardo reprises the No Skinny Ties format with an “All Independent American Bands” twist. Thrill to the likes of Big Black, Pussy Galore, Live Skull, Lydia Lunch, Husker Du, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Green River, The Minutemen, Band of Susans, and MORE!It’s a special THREE hour edition of the program from Noon to 3 PM Pacific Standard Time STREAMING LIVE LIKE THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR: http://stream.kpsu.org:8080/listen

27 June 2015: Buddha Bar

10482596_1035239576516944_6125830746697225630_n27 June 2015: Buddha Bar

As your host Ricardo Wang is away for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, this week’s edition of What’s This Called? will be in the highly capable hand of KPSU’s own DJ Victrola (AKA Vicky Mazzone)! Ms. Victrola, hostess of the awesome long running Guitar Shop, always brings a fresh and unique perspective to the experimental proceedings and you won’t want to miss her Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time!

Set your controls for the heart of the Live Stream.

Buddha Bar:

Track * Artist * Album

Shaft * Malik Adouane * Buddha Bar Compilation I – Buddha’s Party
Smell of Paradise * Sa Trincha * Buddha Bar Compilation II – Buddha’s Dinner
Secret Love * Nicos * Buddha Bar Compilation III – Dream
Dancing With The Muse * Chris Spheeris * Buddha Bar Compilation IV – Drink
Far Away * Trumpet Thing * Buddha Bar Compilation V – Dinner
Sunrise (DJ Thunda & K20 Allstars Mix) * Afterlife * Buddha Bar Compilation VI – Rejoice
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) * Sarah Vaughn * Buddha Bar Compilation VI – Rejoice
Magma Mama * Ramasutra * Buddha Bar Compilation VII – Sarod
Once Upon The Sea of Blissful Awareness * Shpongle * Buddha Bar Compilation VIII – Paris
Flight BA0247 * Mystic Diversions * Buddha Bar Compilation XI – Royal Victoria
Love Theme From Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix) * Czech Philharmonic Orchestra feat Sophie Solomon * Buddha Bar Compilation X – Xiangqi

20 June 2015: Summer Freeze

ls20 June 201: Summer Freeze

Cuddle up with your listening device and join us for the LIVE stream of this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang TODAY from noon to 1 pm Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.

Splice and reconfigure your receptors with tracks from John and Ernest, Herbie Hancock, Minus, Unwound, John Zorn, Cyclopsycho, Goblin, Sevens Collective, Pure Melt, and MORE!

For all the dads and grads and bads in the crowd… Stream it like you Mean it.

Summer Freeze

Track * Artist * Album

Summer Freeze * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You
The Birds * Minus * Minus
Superfly Meets Shaft * John and Ernest * single
Sly * Herbie Hancock * Headhunters
Siren * Cyclopsycho * 2014
Once Upon a Time in the West * John Zorn * The Big Gundown
These Heavy Wings * Sevens Collective * A Too Much Divided Heart
The Swan Is a Murderer pt. 1 (Cherry Five) * Goblin * Classic Italian Soundtracks Volume II 1975-1980
On the Prowl * Pure Melt * Pure Melt

13 June 2015

ornette-coleman-4e43f9dcc3eb213 June 2015

Of course we say goodbye to Ornette A. Coleman at the top of the hour today at Noon Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called?  In addition we visit tracks from Steve Roach, Foxdye, ARU, Amenta Abioto, Barbara Morgenstern, Jandek, Sun Ra, Cabaret Voltaire and MORE! Streaming all over your speakers.

Track  Artist  Album

Space Flight Ornette Coleman Forms & Sounds
Science Fiction Ornette Coleman Science Fiction
Lonely Woman Kronos Quartet White Man Sleeps
Priorities Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
Looking Down a Hill Morgenstern Sometimes Silence is an Answer
The Eternal Sphynx Sun Ra Crystal Spears
Whose Mister Is This Jandek Portland Thursday
Heart Stuttering Foxdye ladyz in noyz 3
If You See Me Amenta Abioto SadoDamascus Summer Copulation re 2014
Abraxix Atticus ARU Dub Plate Vol 3.5
Consumed by Sunlight (edit) Steve Roach Possibilities of Circumstance

16 May 2015: Space Gambus Experiment, LIVE!

IMG_5923-ANIMATION16 May 2015: Space Gambus Experiment, LIVE!

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang is thrilled to welcome Kamal Sabran, visiting artist from Malaysia, performing with Eric Hausmann in their Space Gambus Experiment collaboration!

Kamal Sabrann is multidisciplinary yet sound plays a key role in his practice.
His instrument? The Gambus.
A qanbūs or gambus (Arabic: القنبوس is a short-necked lute that originated in Yemen and spread throughout the Arabian peninsula. Sachs considered that it derived its name from the Turkic komuz, but it is more comparable to the oud.

Eric Hausmann Music is no stranger to What’s This Called? having performed on the show in Tres Gone, and Easter Island Project, as well as having tons of great solo recordings from his Spilling Audio label in semi-regular rotation.

Don’t miss these two virtuosos together!

Shop as normal and avoid panic buying.

Here’s a link to Austin’s MyFacester+ photoset.

10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Crowd10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Two separate incarnations of your host Ricardo Wang met through the simple philosophy that all times are happening simultaneously.  Ricardo Wang in the KPSU blithely spun Glenn Branca and then took a phone call from Ricardo Wang live at the St. John’s Parade in Portland’s most surreal neighborhood.  Hilarity and a good deal of distortion ensued. Try the place on Lombard.

2 May 2015

DicksonFilm_Still2 May 2015

Today from noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time your host Ricardo Wang brings you experimental sounds from out there including Mahler Haze, Eric Hausmann, Marissa Magic, Ornette A. Coleman, Jandek, Yellow Swans, Akai Ikuo, Cabaret Voltaire, noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway and MORE on What’s This Called?

18 April 2015: Never Surrender to a Cucumber

jimmycarterufo218 April 2015: Never Surrender to a Cucumber

Today, our earth and earth 2 have aligned briefly to allow Ricardo Wang to recover at home while he will also be at Kpsu to bring you today’s show! All at the SAME time!


Expect to see the UFO’s that Jimmy Carter has seen, head off to Mars with Sergeant Sawtooth and pulling fingers of your children or future spawn at the ol ballgame.

Make sure to tune in to What’s This Called? from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time.


1.Mission to Mars – Sergeant Sawtooth (4:38)
2.Jimmy Carter Says ‘Yes’ by Gene Marshall (2:23)
3.eX-Girl – Cucumber Surrender (5:27)
4.Lumisokea The Engineerist (7:46)
5.glenn branca solo 1978 (2:00)
6.Pull My Finger – A Short Film (5:09)
7.Bob Mould’s I Don’t Know You Anymore on Fenway Park organ at Red Sox game (6-12-14) (2:30)
8.Half Japanese – Every Hour (2:45)
9.Victorious Onanism – SpitefulWomb (3:00)
10.James Fella – And Timbers (split CDr w- Shivers – Tape Tektoniks, 2007) (2:10)
11.Part 3 – 130 Human Heart- Elias Foley at Abstracted – March 2015 (8:16)

11 April 2015: What’s This Called 1st Annual UltraBrunch! (Incomplete)

cropped-ultrabrunch.jpg11 April 2015: What’s This Called 1st Annual UltraBrunch! (Incomplete)

(Unfortunately, this recording is incomplete, and only contains the first half of the performances.)

What’s This Called? is thrilled to be closing out the 2nd ever KPSU All Night Broadcast this AkeroSaturday with our own 3 hour block of experimental crunchy goodness!

Set your alarms for 10 AM so you can hear all the great live sounds emitting from your listening device. Here’s the schedule of performers (all times are Pacific Standard Time, so adjust appropriately for your own time zone!):

10 AM AKERO https://soundcloud.com/akero-1
ryan&Friend10:30 AM Ryan A Ray & David Ritchie  https://youtu.be/V9kA8_t4W4o
11:00 AM Ifsh (Ryan Stuewe of Eet) https://soundcloud.com/ifsh-it-do-ryan-stuewe
12:00 PM Fischkopf Sinfoniker (from Bellingham) https://soundcloud.com/fischkopfsinfoniker

This Ifishwhole event is part of the KPSU Pledge Drive, which unlike other college/community stations doesn’t involve a lot of hitting you over the head every 5 minutes asking for money. If you like what you hear and want to support where you hear it, feel free to call (503) 725-5945 and your host Ricardo Wang will set you up with some rare recordings nobody else even has. Cool?

Event Invitation


AKERO – Otomezuka (maiden’s grave)
Melt – Advance
ARU – Bangra Train


4 April 2015: Bob Bucko Jr., LIVE!

Bob Bucko Jr.4 April 2015: Bob Bucko Jr., LIVE!

Hear the fantastical droneamericana psych guitar and pedal explorations of Iowa’s second proudest export after corn ethanol Bob Bucko Jr!

Your host Ricardo Wang and cohost/soundboard cosmonaut Austin Rich are thrilled to hang with Bob who put in an amazing set last night at Mothership Music.

Set Your Listening Device to the Heart of your mind then ease your seat back and tune in baby.

MyFacester+ Photoset

21 March 2015: Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE

11082473_973794299328139_9204434502883314222_n21 March 2015: Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE

Saturday, March 21st from noon to 1 PM Pacific Time, we spring into celebration as Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE on What’s This Called? That’s right, Portland’s favorite napping guest star is taking on the big 5-0 publicly and with the dignity you’ve come to expect from him.

11082459_974024339305135_6879398361291458747_nYes there will be music! Streaming audio goodness from the likes of They Keep to Themselves, Crank Sturgeon, Akero – Jedi girl, Blonde Redhead, Luigi Russolo, Tuxedomoon, ARU, Remora, Half Japanese,Jandek, and MORE! (well maybe not much more because when Tunacan gets to talking…)


Tuxedomoon “No Tears”
Blonde Redhead “Jetstar”
Remora “Slow Ghost”
1/2 Japanese “Lucky Town”
Fritzi Massary
Number Girl “I Don’t Know”
Buck Owens
ARU “Perfect Horizon”
Jandek “Down Clown”
Crank Sturgeon
Akero “Maiden’s Grave”
Burt Bacharach “Raindrops Falling”

14 March 2015: Soriah, LIVE!

Soriah14 March 2015: Soriah, LIVE!

(Note: This is a heavily trunkated version of the broadcast, which has been lost, unfortunately.  This recording contains both performances by Soriah, with a small story told by him that was not included as part of the original broadcast.  The playlist that follows is from the lost broadcast.)  


“Daglarym” by Uger-Khan from Songs of the Masters
“And Slowly Fell My Ocean Drone” by Sevens Collective
Chad Organica in A Minor
Soriah Live
Nathan Youngblood & Soriah – Recuerdos De Luna
Lustmord w/ Soriah – Grigori

Austin’s MyFacester+ & Twinsti-Risto-Grammaphone Photoset


13 December 2014: Bruce Pavitt Interview! (Retrocast)

Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt

13 December 2014: Bruce Pavitt Interview! (Retrocast)

Your host Ricardo Wang has the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the Sub Pop fanzine and subsequent record label Bruce Pavitt. Bruce has a new book that celebrates the early zine and radio show days of Sub Pop, and we’ll hear some selections from Sub Pop 5 one of his earliest cassette zines.

What’s Important Beakers Sub Pop 5
Kill Yr. Idols Sonic Youth Sub Pop 100
Come Out Tonight Steven Jesse Bernstein Sub Pop 200
Gila U-Men Sup Pop 100
Digital Alarm Steve Fisk Sup Pop 5
Job Club Jungle Nausea Sup Pop 5
Untitled Steve Fisk Sup Pop 200
Spy vs. Spy Pell Mell Sup Pop 5
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive Beat Happening Sub Pop 200
Interview Bruce Pavitt On What’s This Called?
Lifespan Embarrassment Sub Pop 5
Debbie Bruce Pavitt Sub Pop 5
Nothing to Prove Wipers Sub Pop 100
Gonna Find a Cave Girl Trouble Sub Pop 200


28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

man reaching into grab bag --- Image by © Images.com/Corbis28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

Tod Dockstader R.I.P., music from Elliott Sharp, Jonathan Newman and MORE!

Water Music Part 3 Tod Dockstader Organized Sound
Myst Tod Dockstader Aerial #1
Apocolypse Part II Tod Dockstader Apocolypse
Soft Aurora Tod Dockstader Recorded Music for Film, Radio and Television
Crowds and Power Elliott Sharp Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986 from the Kitchen Archives No. 3
Swearin’ to the Flag Suicide American Supreme
Shopping is a Military Operation Producers for Bob Bob’s Media Ecology
Nommos’ Ghosts Muslimgauze Muslimgauze Systemwide Sound Secretion – Classics Selection
Spun ARU Consumed
If I Sleep the Plane Will Crash John Lurie The World According to Crammed
These Inflected Tentacles Jonathan Newman Vegetative States

21 February 2015: R.I.P. Mark Trayle

url21 February 2015: R.I.P. Mark Trayle

What’s This Called? begins this week with a tribute to electronic composer/improvisor Mark Trayle who passed away this week with tracks from both Mark’s extensive solo catalog and from his 1980s computer networking collective The Hub. Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on Kpsu Portland.

Plastic Beetle Paul McCartney Liverpool Sound Collage
Peter Blake 2000 Super Furry Animals Liverpool Sound Collage
Watermusik Mark Trayle Etudes and Bagatelles
Hub Renga The Hub Wreckin’ Ball
Small Fractions Mark Trayle Etudes and Bagatelles
Ear Meal (excerpt) Mark Trayle Webcast
Quartet Mark Trayle Quartet Beyond Music at Beyond Baroque
The Erotic John Cage Sixteen Dances, for Soloist and Company of 3
Why You Hate Salamanders Blue Sausage Infant Flight of the Solstice Queens
Second Rising Power Circus Power Circus
Guitar Trio (1977) Rhys Chatham From the Kitchen Archives No. 3 Amplified: New Music Meets Rock, 1981-1986
Guitar Trio (1977) (Recorded Live 5/79 NYC) Rhys Chatham (with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers) Tellus # 1
Tektonic Noisettes vs. Mortal Engines Static Blue

14 February 2015: For Lovers Only

14 February 2015: For Lovers Only

It’s Valentine’s Day and LUV is in the AIR.

This recording includes the Pre-Game show featuring the music of Terry Riley: “You’re No Good”, “Happy Ending”, “Ecstacy” and a remix of Terry Riley and John Cale looped as the official intro to the show with Lennon’s ID.

What Love Is Rocket From the Tombs Rocket Redux
Swing the Heartache Bauhaus The Sky’s Gone Out
Crush Four Dimensional Nightmare Icicles
Fetish Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Soused
Be My Husband Nina Simone Ultimate Nina Simone
I Love Her All of the Time Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
I Prefer Your Love st. vincent St. Vincent
Kangaroo This Mortal Coil It’ll End in Tears
Love Comes in Spurts Richard Hell & the Voidoids Blank Generation
Love You Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs
True Love Will Find You In The End Spectrum

7 February 2015: Big Tom the Lithuanian with the Dead Air Fresheners

7 February 2015: Big Tom the Lithuanian with the Dead Air Fresheners

Legendary Olympia WA performer Big Tom the Lithuanian was slated to bring his music to the live broadcast of What’s This Called? on KPSU in Portland. Unfortunately a very real mudslide in Kelso WA held up Tom’s train and he bussed in to the Vancouver WA Amtrak station far too late to make it to KPSU. Your host Ricardo Wang did not admit defeat though, and enlisted the filmmaking genius of Ryan Ray and the musical back up of Dead Air Fresheners to make a very special video podcast of Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge!

17 June 2006 (Retrocast)

14729068224_6b471b091c_h17 June 2006 (Retrocast)

As a number of factors worked against Big Tom The Lithuanian getting in the KPSU studios, here’s a WTC re-run from 2006 that not only contains one of his songs, but a number of amazing tunes from the recent past.  More eclectic fun in the ear drums.

Obekoba Bill Horist From the Nerve Wheel
Aquarium Nurse With Wound Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven
Show of Hands Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Turquoise Boy Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Wormhole Ringworm Oliver Squash O’liver Squash
The Island of Our Dreams Legendary Pink Dots Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves
Our New Mausoleum Big Tom the Lithuanian single
Valley of the Thrones Thrones Day Late, Dollar Short
Heresy (edit) Lustmord Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Spider’s Web Mission Of Burma The Obliterati
Core Anomoly Mix Submerged Eternal Ice Melts: Voice Sphere Remixes

31 January 2015: The CD Revival NOW!

31 January 2015: The CD Revival NOW!

Because the LA Weekly has declared that the CD Revival is now officially on, your host Ricardo Wang will be “spinning” all compact discs on this week’s What’s This Called?

Reject All American Bikini Kill Reject All American
Digital Fantasy Man Negativland Sex Dirt
Clock Catcher Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
You’re Getting Better Ken Nordine The Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
Voice of Space Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
My Friend Is a Stooge for the Media Priests Pere Ubu Ray Gun Suitcase
Dub Housing Pere Ubu Dub Housing
Captain Pungent Melvins Stag
Pigeons On My Eyes (GO TO Bed!!) Melt Banana Scratch to Stitch
Kill Yr. Idols Sonic Youth Sub Pop 100
Short Piece for Bondage CD ROM 1 Merzbow – Right Brain Audile Music for Bondage Performance 2
Acid Food Mogwai Mr. Beast
Sun Chaising The Pink Snowflakes Sun Chasing
this is not a photograph Mission Of Burma definitive editions
For Your Entertainment Unwound Repetitition

24 January 2015: Yr Dead Yr Alive

Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese

24 January 2015: Yr Dead Yr Alive

Your host Ricardo Wang celebrates the cycle of death and life on a brand new episode of What’s This Called? with tributes to the passing of Negativland’s Ian Allen and Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese and brand new vibrant material from Nova Scotia’s Little Current and MORE!

Death Gets in the Way Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
Side 1 Negativland Big 10-8 Place
journey through a burning brain Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
Moon Star Earthmonkey Pharmacy Fields
Big Fan Little Current Red Herring Demos
Powers Little Current Red Herring Demos
Carefully Through the Fog Tempered Steel Tempered Steel
Orange Skies Love Da Capo
Brand New Love Sebedoh Weed Forestin
It’s So Hard to Fall in Love Sebedoh Weed Forestin
Budôkan Tape Try Boredoms

17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static


Earth 2

17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static

As scientists hone in on a real Planet X, how much longer before they make that next giant leap and “discover” Earth 2? Ricardo Wang has known all along and proves it again on this week’s What’s This Called??, Portland Earth 1 Ricardo Wang handed Earth 2 RW a stack of cds from his garage and said, “Take these brother may they serve you well.” You, the listener, will be transported via inner ear wormhole to an alternate universe of experimental sounds with a host who is hauntingly familiar. MATTRESS, Sun City Girls, Noiseman 433, and Art Ensemble of Chicago spun from across the universe, and MORE! RW2 promises surprises from his Edison cylinder collection as well…

my reason Mattress eldorado
Circle Round Spinning Clocks
Ba’dan Keji Al Feju
Aux puces No 11 Circus Marcus
Old Time Religion Art Ensemble of Chicago a jackson in your house, message to our folks
Live at Noisefest X Noiseman 433
Mopti Ghetto Still Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection

10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

images10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

Brand new Cyclopsycho and crazy old favorites from everyone else.

Bring It Cyclopsycho 2014
Mt. Pleasant Tonehenge Oregone
Looking down a hill Morgenstern Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Can’t Help You Body/Head Coming Apart
Sleepless Night Jandek I Woke Up
Distant Entanglement Elliott Sharp Momentum Anomaly
It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl Faust Faust So Far
thefoulsmellofothers Nkondi isolationthroughdistortion
Swamp 8 eyed spy Luncheon
Night Music Christian Marclay Records
Shapes in Space Lungfish Necrophones
Butterfly Tattoo Owl Dudes Oregone
Siren Cyclopsycho 2014

3 January 2015: WHITE NOISE XM@S

white_noise_1_by_falln_stock13 January 2015: WHITE NOISE XM@S

January 3rd is the 9th day of Xmas and the day we celebrate the 4th or 5th annual (depending on which calendar you use) WHITE NOISE XM@S with special guest star direct from Bethlehem Noah Mickens.

This all began in a manger in 2011 when Noah was going on publicly about how he would never listen to his extensive and ultra-rare collection of noise music recordings again. Ricardo pushed a couple sheep aside and suggested that Noah give away these ultra-limited edition cdrs amassed in the days when Noah booked the Jasmine Tree and 36 Invisibles brought the obscurist of the obscure to bask in the glory of seedy Portland. Why not give these recordings that Noah swore the new more mature version of himself would “never listen to again” to the What’s This Called? foundation where they could continue to dwell in obscurity and be heard for all eternity by tens of noise music snobs dwelling out and about in internet radioland, and why not give them to Ricardo LIVE on the air on What’s This Called? so that Noah may play them “one last time”.

Of course when Noah uses the word, “extensive” you know that you are in for a trip or two around the block. So now, here we are, some years later, still experiencing the seasonal joy of giving and the wintertime sacrifice of 1,000 white elephants. The Noize Elves have gathered around the tree, won’t you put a little something in their stockings?

Ambient Study for Kinbaku-bi part 3 Merzbow Right Brain Audile
Evolve (excerpt) Batterie:Acid Arrythmia 3
Interlude Horrible Hip Hop Go Away
Don’t Look in the Trunk Sub Arachnoid Space Delicate Membrane
YRP Swans Die Tur Ist Zu
Rebel Transmission Bastard Noise Merzbow/Bastard Noise
Dec 8 2007 Lowell MA Crank Sturgeon LIVE
Amygdala Tekachi Arrythmia 3
Techgnosis G.L.O.D. Arrhythmia 3

27 December 2014: Abduction By Sadness No 9

Abducted By Sadness No. 9 by Angela Dalinger

Abducted By Sadness No. 9 by Angela Dalinger

27 December 2014: Abduction By Sadness No 9

Norovirus has not yet reached Earth Two, therefore Ricardo Wang is here to bring you a heaping helping of gorgeous sounds and music. We wish Ricardo Wang well as he challenges the Norovirus God to a deadly game of checkers! KING ME!

Only Shallow 8 Bit My Bloody Valentine
They Dug Up Elvis Harmless
Alike To Me 3.Thollem/Nicola Guazzaloca
– Excerpts from -Delectatio Morosa- PURcs025 JODIE
The Apex Representation of a Woman (side A Teaser) THE RITA
la morte di Gary cujo excerpt
Monster on Campus Harmless
Turn The Channel, It’s Another Commercial The Bran Flakes
Do You Want Salad With Your Taco The Bran Flakes
Shirley’s Temple Bells The Bran Flakes
Lovely Christmas Song Creepy Girl Singing 2

Artist Links:

The Bran Flakes

Thollem / Nicola Guazzaloca



The Rita

Angela Dalinger – Artwork

20 December 2014: Kait Moon Live

20 December 2014: Kait Moon Live

Ricardo Wang’s old friend and former KAOS dj from the Olympia, Washington days is in town from Milwaukee WI. I’m thrilled to bring Kait Moon (AKA DJ Glas) on What’s This Called? today in the Kpsu Portland studio as a guest writer. Kait came to PDX a few days ago to read at the Wayward Writers Group open mic and to pick up printed copies of her brand new book The LunaSea Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families! Kait is going to read some on the air, share music and stories. Not to be missed!


The Final Spirit Love


Ken Nordine

Europe/Nirvana/Dead Air Fresheners

Original Cast

Word Jazz

Mash-Up Hell

The Wizard of Oz

Crater Lake shen outlines
Wind from Nowhere Christian Vogel Rescate 137
New Eden Tear Garden To Be an Angel Blind the Crippled Soul Divide
Nature of Illusion (excerpt) The Silverman Nature of Illusion
Trees and Ashes Sometimes Make Me Weightless Kait Moon Live
Pree-sisters Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island
Transylvanian Concubine Rasputina BtVS Soundtrack
Actress Body/Head Coming Apart
Selections from Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families Kait Moon w/ Dead Air Fresheners Live
Squalor Lou & Peter Berryman What, Again?!
There’s No Place Like Home/Finale Original Cast The Wizard of Oz

13 December 2014: Bruce Pavitt Interview!

Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt

13 December 2014: Bruce Pavitt Interview!

Your host Ricardo Wang has the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the Sub Pop fanzine and subsequent record label Bruce Pavitt. Bruce has a new book that celebrates the early zine and radio show days of Sub Pop, and we’ll hear some selections from Sub Pop 5 one of his earliest cassette zines.

What’s Important Beakers Sub Pop 5
Kill Yr. Idols Sonic Youth Sub Pop 100
Come Out Tonight Steven Jesse Bernstein Sub Pop 200
Gila U-Men Sup Pop 100
Digital Alarm Steve Fisk Sup Pop 5
Job Club Jungle Nausea Sup Pop 5
Untitled Steve Fisk Sup Pop 200
Spy vs. Spy Pell Mell Sup Pop 5
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive Beat Happening Sub Pop 200
Interview Bruce Pavitt On What’s This Called?
Lifespan Embarrassment Sub Pop 5
Debbie Bruce Pavitt Sub Pop 5
Nothing to Prove Wipers Sub Pop 100
Gonna Find a Cave Girl Trouble Sub Pop 200


29 November 2014: Footspace or Sagan gets it.

In  Space, No One Can Hear You Broadcast

In Space, No One Can Hear You Broadcast

29 November 2014: Footspace or Sagan gets it.

Footspace! We’re going to OWN Sagan’s ass, mo-fo scientist. Your host Ricardo Wang is literally NOT HIMSELF and What’s This Called? will fold inside itself and bring the wormhole to your ear. Your listening device may never be the same…

Orbit GataTECH
Space Monkey Ham Documentary – Trailblazer in Space
Red Sun Half Japanese
1966 Interview About UFO’s Carl Sagan & Walter Cronkite
Tóc Mai S-i V-n S-i Dà i (Long, Uneven Hair) Thà nh Mái
Voices from Outer Space Vaclav Nelhybel
Lost in Space Luna
Soviets Hail Space Hero Yuri Gagarin Newsreel
I Believe in UFO’s Screeching Weasel
The Race for Space The Songs of the 1960’s

22 November 2014: Without the Title, the Registration Means NOTHING!



22 November 2014: Without the Title, the Registration Means NOTHING!

This is an experimental music program.

notlosingtorain Akero Sound Cloud
Fetish Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Soused
Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad Melvins Hold It In
Piece 9 Alto! ALTO! (2014)
Demon Est Deus Inversus 4GIFTGAS Destination Morgue VII
This is How to Talk to Octopi L.A. Lungs Turntable Broken Prayer Book Lost
Bone Serum Ifsh Serums
Black Yoghurt Mahler Haze Counterfactual
Onset PBK Macrophage
Alien Nebula Fetal Pulse Space
Ben’s Radio Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi

15 November 2014: Take It to SPACE

Take It To Space

Take It To Space

15 November 2014: Take It to SPACE

When Ricardo Wang heard the Rosetta comet music this week, What’s This Called? took a sudden turn to outer space.

Golden Record Loop Voyager Ricardo Wang Remix
Descent to Saturn Huygens Probe Cassini
Rocket Head Sufin Bin Abdullah Music to Break Out of Jail By
Voice of Space Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Delta IV: Launch NASA Rocket Engine Sounds
Saturn Sun Ra Sound of Joy
Saturn: Radio Emission II Cassini Solar System & Beyond Sounds
NASA Lightning on Jupiter Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Jupiter John Coltrane Interstellar space
We Chose the Moon JFK President Kennedy Sounds
A Singing Comet Rosetta Comet ESA Operations
Time We Left Hawkwind Palace Springs
Nova Feedback Chrome Alien Soundtracks
Full Throttle Up, Computers In Control Shuttle Discovery NASA
Star Driver Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath Paranoid
Pulsar Earthmonkey Pharmacy Fields
Interstellar Plasma Sounds Voyager Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Passing Comet Tempel I Stardust Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Dark Matter Tempered Steel Tempered Steel

8 November 2014: The Cure for S.A.D.

Curing S.A.D.

The Curing for S.A.D.

8 November 2014: The Cure for S.A.D.

Expect Nothing Cabaret Voltaire Live at the YMCA 1979
Early Fall ARU Consumed
Open Your Eyes Hollywoood Video Game Killbot vs. Digital By Birth Hollywoood Video Game Killbot vs. Digital By Birth
Resurrection Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
DIG Out! Melt-Banana Scratch Or Stitch
Commercial Space PAS Musique Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies
Detonation Thurston Moore The Best Day
Her Sheets John Zorn/Thurston Moore @
Six (4th Take) Sonic Youth (John Cage) Goodbye 20th Century
Abyssinia Patti Smith Group Radio Free Ethiopia
Stealing Autumn Martyn Bates Migraine Inducers
B2 La Quantique De La Maieutique Ilitch La Maieutique De La Quantique (Quantum Maieutics)
Proof On Survival Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet
They Told Me I Was a Fool Jandek Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1`

1 November 2014: Day of the Dead

Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead

1 November 2014: Day of the Dead

We mean it man.

The Autumn of Our Discontent

Cold Hands, Cold Heart


You Haven’t Always Been This Way


Dead Air Fresheners w/ Wolfgang MacIvor

Dead Air Fresheners w/ Year of the Lips

Dead Air Fresheners w/ ARU

Dead Air Fresheners w/ ARU


Separated by Commas

Separated by Commas

Separated by Commas

Separated by Commas

Separated by Commas


Walking Dead Alex Chilton Alex Chilton’s Lost Decade
The Best Day Thurston Moore The Best Day
Traveling Alongside Death Tecumseh Tecumseh
Reach for the Dead Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
Birds Withour Souls Rollerball The Traviste of Paint
The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness my cat is an alien Wiretapper 25
Mining a Dead Moon Edward Ka-Spel One Last Pose Before the Ruin
Heaven Is of Honey Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Spirit Duet Mary Ellen Childs Wreck
Thither and Yon Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Garvey’s Ghost Max Roach Red Hot on Impulse!

25 October 2014: Old Fashioned Halloween Spooktackular!

Tues. October 28, 9 PM

Tues. October 28, 9 PM

25 October 2014: Old Fashioned Halloween Spooktackular!

Preparing for my live dj Halloween party at Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland next Tuesdau 10/28 9 PM to Midnight!

Disney Halloween Mix Ricardo Wang Live
Waltz of the Ghouls Verne Langdon Vampyre at the Harpsichord
A Wall of Blood Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Carmilla’s Grave Spyro DarkLarus Gothic Harpsichord Music
Consumed By Flies Aun VII
Madmen and Spiders Paco Jones A Second Chance Again
Impending Doom Jandek I Woke Up
Bat Power Skeleton 26 Songs About the Natural World Part One (A-M)
Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down) Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
Intro/Brave Men Run Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
Two Doves Fell Peter Kramer Slumber Party Masssacre
Time Vampires Flying Lotus Pattern Grid World
Look a Ghost Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Mask Bauhaus Mask

18 October 2014: 404 ‘What’s This Called?’ Not Found

The Not Found Four

The Not Found Four

18 October 2014: 404 ‘What’s This Called?’ Not Found

On tap this week, odd sounds and bizarre arrangements from the likes of Floating in Silence, The Blues Magoos, Unwound, Flying Lotus, Brown, Therefore, William Hooker, St. Vincent, MIA, Urthquake, Bob Bucko Jr., Sand Snowman, Black Saturn, Olekranon and MORE!  (Plus: a secret pre-game show with some live performances for you to enjoy.)  

1) Unwound – “October All Over” – Leaves Turn Inside You – Kill Rock Stars
2) Drifting In Silence – “Echo” – Desire – Labile Records
3) William Hooker with DJ OLIVE & Glenn Spearman – “Archetypal Space” – Mindfulness – Knitting Factory Works
4) Flying Lotus – “Time Vampires” – Pattern + Grid World – Warp
5) St. Vincent – “Huey Newton” – S/T – Loma Vista Republic
6) Urthquake – “The Beast” – Discograph – Spooky Tree Records
7) Black Saturn – “The Blessing Tree (Exclusive)” – Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies – Alrealon Musique
8) Brown – “In Haystacks (edit)” – In Haystacks – Infinite Whim
9) Therefore – “Brown” – Khrom – Inlet Recordings
10) Bob Bucko Jr – “In the Wind I Hear Music” – Blast the Past – Personal Archives
11) Olekranon – “Devil Effect” – Tins and Shadows
12) M.I.A. – “Warriors” – Matango – Interscope
13) The Blues Magoos – “Rush Hour” – Kaleidescopic Compendium – Mercury
14) Sand Snowman – “An Evening in the Fall” – Nostalgia Ever After – Beta-lactam Ring Records

11 October 2014: Cleaning Out the Experimental Music Desk

The Desk On Lombard

The Desk On Lombard

11 October 2014: Cleaning Out the Experimental Music Desk

Lost Gems Galore from the Experimental Music Desk on Lombard!

The Herald Comus Rirst Utterance
Spectral Tim Hecker Radio Amor
Nude Disintegrating Parachute Woman Budgie Budgie
Crystal Martinez Mein Kinder Reek of Influence
Ragged Old Flag Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
Landscape Architecture Wires Under Tension Replicant
Belly Pasiflora Women Take Back the Noise
Sailing Seasick Cabinet of Natural Curiousities Vineland
Pigmies In Zee Dark Chrome
The Crystaline Noose Squid Fist Face / Off
Magnus Harmonica Analog Tara Women Take Back the Noise
The Trinity The Family Snar-snar Orchestra Reek of Influence
Eleusis Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet
Dirt and Meat/Muscle Sinews Ava Mendoza Women Take Back the Noise
Arnold Layne Pink Floyd

4 October 2014: Halloween Special (2005 Retrocast)

Peering Into The Past

Peering Into The Past

4 October 2014: Halloween Special (2005 Retrocast)

(When this episode was originally broadcast, the recording was not only truncated, but in mono.  In this recreation, I have assembled this episode as it was originally heard, in as much stereo as possible, and ready for your consumption.  Enjoy.)

Walter De La Mare – Song of Shadows – The Spoken Word
Bauhaus – Hollow Hills – Press Eject and Give Me the Tape
David Bowie – Please Mr. Gravedigger – 1966-1968
Melvins – If I Had an Exorcism – Bullhead
Big Tom the Lithuanian – Panic Disorder and
Agoraphobia – Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?

Legendary Pink Dots – This Hollowed Ground – From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By
Jarboe – And I Name Myself Hag- The Unaccompanied Voice
Lungfish – Occult Vibrations – Necrophones
Danielson Family – All Hallow’s Eve – The Unaccompanied Voice

Matmos – Track 2 (Exerpt) – Rat Relocation Project
Half Handed Cloud – Once, Twice, Seven Times a
Werewolf – Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?
Old Time Relijun – Burial Mound – 2012
Leopards – Ghost Cracked Glass – S/T
Chrome – Future Ghosts – Chrome Flashback
Sonic Youth – Ghost Bitch – Walls Have Ears
Jandek – Didn’t Really Die – White Box Requiem
Unwound – Corpse Pose – Repetition

27 September 2014: Fischkopf Sinfoniker Live!

Fischkopf Sinfoniker on "What's This Called?"

Fischkopf Sinfoniker on “What’s This Called?”

27 September 2014: Fischkopf Sinfoniker Live!

Fischkopf Sinfoniker electro experiments in your synapses from Bellingham WA!

MyFacester+ Twitsgram Photoset

(Contains all the raw images shot that day during the performance, including un-edited video clips.)

Track 7 Impulsive Machinations Conformity Contortion
LIVE Fischkopf Sinfoniker on What’ This Called?
A Wall of Blood Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Interview Fischkopf Sinfoniker on What’ This Called?
LIVE Fischkopf Sinfoniker on What’ This Called?

20 September 2014: Ricardo Wang Up Close & Personal

So Close

So Close

20 September 2014: Ricardo Wang Up Close & Personal

No holds barred live dj action!

Dead Refresher Mahler Haze Counterfactual
C F (Jandek) Bob Bucko Jr. Bob Bucko Jr.
Immediate Release Alan Licht & Brian Chase We Thought We Could Do Anything
Piece 9 Alto! Alto!
Here & Here & Here Here & Here & Here Here & Here & Here
Holt, Jarmara The God in Hackney Cave Moderne
Heresy (edit) Lustmord Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Light Year (Wire edit) Genievel The Wire Tapper 35
Xiuhcoatl Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Eztica

13 September 2014: Ilima Considine & the Sexbots Live!

Ilima Considine & The Sexbots

Ilima Considine & The Sexbots

13 September 2014: Ilima Considine & the Sexbots Live!

Ilima and her gold jumpsuit have landed in the sub-basement again.

Austin’s Photos

Organica Juxtaposition Jed Skenandore video
Live Ilima Considine & the Sexbots on What’s This Called?
Interview Shenanagins Ilima Considine & the Sexbots on What’s This Called?
Live Ilima Considine & the Sexbots on What’s This Called?
Mu Sun Ra Atlantis