28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

man reaching into grab bag --- Image by © Images.com/Corbis28 February 2015: Experimental Grab Bag

Tod Dockstader R.I.P., music from Elliott Sharp, Jonathan Newman and MORE!

Water Music Part 3 Tod Dockstader Organized Sound
Myst Tod Dockstader Aerial #1
Apocolypse Part II Tod Dockstader Apocolypse
Soft Aurora Tod Dockstader Recorded Music for Film, Radio and Television
Crowds and Power Elliott Sharp Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986 from the Kitchen Archives No. 3
Swearin’ to the Flag Suicide American Supreme
Shopping is a Military Operation Producers for Bob Bob’s Media Ecology
Nommos’ Ghosts Muslimgauze Muslimgauze Systemwide Sound Secretion – Classics Selection
Spun ARU Consumed
If I Sleep the Plane Will Crash John Lurie The World According to Crammed
These Inflected Tentacles Jonathan Newman Vegetative States

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