20 June 2015: Summer Freeze

ls20 June 201: Summer Freeze

Cuddle up with your listening device and join us for the LIVE stream of this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang TODAY from noon to 1 pm Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.

Splice and reconfigure your receptors with tracks from John and Ernest, Herbie Hancock, Minus, Unwound, John Zorn, Cyclopsycho, Goblin, Sevens Collective, Pure Melt, and MORE!

For all the dads and grads and bads in the crowd… Stream it like you Mean it.

Summer Freeze

Track * Artist * Album

Summer Freeze * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You
The Birds * Minus * Minus
Superfly Meets Shaft * John and Ernest * single
Sly * Herbie Hancock * Headhunters
Siren * Cyclopsycho * 2014
Once Upon a Time in the West * John Zorn * The Big Gundown
These Heavy Wings * Sevens Collective * A Too Much Divided Heart
The Swan Is a Murderer pt. 1 (Cherry Five) * Goblin * Classic Italian Soundtracks Volume II 1975-1980
On the Prowl * Pure Melt * Pure Melt

15 June 2013: Summer Freeze

15 June 2013: Summer Freeze

Audio slurpees melted in an hour.  Lets rock kids!

Sonic Reducer RFTT Rocket From the Tombs Rocket Redux
The Departed Iggy & the Stooges Ready to Die
Station to Station The Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages
Streets of Calcutta Anada Shankar Experience & the State of Bengal Look into the Flower
Avatar Swans The Seer
Summer Freeze Unwound Leaves Turn Inside Your
Excuse Me, Let’s Make Love Ennio Morricone High – The Trippier Side of the Morricone Genius
Reptilizin on Us Pepe Wismeer Un-
Take Two Spring Heel Jack 68 Million Shades
Heathen Earth The Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages
Howling for Judy Jeremy Steig Look into the Flower

26 July 2008

26 July 2008

The Program Director lied to me!

LO II Seven That Spells Black Om Rising
Hopeless or Not Ghost to Falco Live This Forever
My New Clit Is Your Tongue Argumentix Boss of Goth
Dead Zone Monkeys with Machine Guns Retardead Soundtrack
No Sheriff in this Town Mattress Eldarado
False Dymaxion Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened
Wind from Nowhere Christian Vogel Rescate 137
Everything is Space Sun Ra Somewhere Else
-8 Doublures (Part Two) Uw Hypotheekadvies Nature or Nurture
Summer Freeze Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
The Motorcade Sped On Steinski What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective