31 May 2014: I’ll Show You Mine…

31 May 2014: I’ll Show You Mine…

Subliminal Mahler Haze Sweat Saves Blood
Sand Dance Temples Sun Structures
The Iman Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Double Bubble Trouble M.I.A. Matangi
Momentum Anomally Live Electric (excerpt) Elliott Sharp You Tube
Black Therefore Chrome
Ineffable Chasm Bob Bucko Jr. Blast the Past
Seraphim (excerpt) Claroscent Dray Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Two Steps Beyond Legendary Pink Dots Code Noir
Psychopath st. vincent St. Vincent
Physmod pt 1 Candle Labra Drinking the Goats Blood

24 May 2014: Sun Ra stravaganza!

24 May 2014: Sun Ra stravaganza!

In celebration of Sun Ra’s 100th birthday just two days before the show, Ricardo Wang was not himself.  Another incarnation of the Wang was in the KPSU studio playing recordings of the Ra.

From the Other Side:

1.Sun Ra Interview Excerpt (explains first trip to Egypt) (4:16) 2.Spacemen 3 – Starship (11:28) 3.Elephant 6 Orchestra – Enlightenment (Sun Ra Cover) (11:14) 4.Yo La Tengo @ The Trocadero – 12011 – Someone’s In Love (Sun Ra cover) (2:05) 5.NRBQ Rocket #9 (3:14) 6.Wynonie Harris with Sun Ra- Dig This Boogie (Bullet 78 rpm) (2:49) 7.Sun Ra – Best Answer on Music (2:21) 8.Sun Ra – Nidhamu (13:12)

17 May 2014: Tamale Season Is Upon Us!

17 May 2014: Tamale Season Is Upon Us!

From beneath the Farmer’s Market at PSU we bring you the bubbles in the bubble wrap!

LIVE Offset Needle Radius On What’s This Called?
Equilibrium Suckerpunch ARU & Bob Bucko JR. Deadly PA
The Time Between Eruptions (Wire Tapper Edit) phog masheeen The Wire Tapper 32
No One is There Nico The Marble Index
The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness my cat is an alien Wiretapper 25
I Can’t Speak Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Telstar (demo version) joe meek Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1
Star Fruits Surf Rider Cornelius Fantasma
The Poppy Variations Part 1 Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Bon Tempi Rllrbll You Tube

10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once

10 May 2014, St. John’s Parade Report: 

Two separate incarnations of your host Ricardo Wang met through the simple philosophy that all times are happening simultaneously.  Ricardo Wang in the KPSU dj booth blithely spun Glenn Branca and then took a phone call from Ricardo Wang live at the St. John’s Parade in Portland’s most surreal neighborhood.  Hilarity and a good deal of distortion ensued. Try the place on Lombard.

20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

All artists who will be performing at the 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival at the Northern 6/27-6/29.

Solar WindGiant WormVolume 1: Can of WormsOEMF 2011 at the Northern (SSG Music)L.A. LungsOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Manticore/Lion TamerOld Time RelijunSongbook Vol. 1BootstrappingElliott SharpLive December 17, 2008All Souls DayUnwoundNew Plastic IdeasOEMF 2011 at the NorthernEric OstrowskiOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Perfect Scrambled EggsNegativlandEscape from NoiseMan With Four Fingers (Live)Negativland1992