28 December 2013: 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas

28 December 2013: 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas

Guest star Noah Mickens Grandmaster of Flowers of the Rose City gifts me his noise collection live on the KPSU streamwaves…

(Due to a power outage at KPSU, all but the legal ID is missing of the first hour of this broadcast.  The second hour is complete.)

track 4 Nkondi equatorofabifurcateplanet
Floating in the Sea of Bliss Broken Penis Orchestra Plays With Itself
track one Apartment untitled
track four Noisepoetnobody Hallway to Nowhere
track 4 Keiji Haino unreadable
track 1 Mr Natural I Cooked Your Eggs
track 6 Nezzy Idy Dead Air
Sloth Toes Komafuzz The Dock
Under God Clang Quartet Separation of Church and Hate
autumn equinox 2001 (r) Fabrizio’s Breath (for Antonin Artaud)
track 4 Brian H sampler
track 5 Imbolc Blades oph thee Holy
studio 88.01 Body of Binky Blades oph thee Holy
track 7 Scumtron – Merzbow Remixes and Original Recordings

14 December 2013: Themes Are For Losers

14 December 2013: Themes Are For Losers

Heat Mirage Three Way ARU Dub Plate Vol. 3.5
Glimmering Endless Possibilities (backwards/forwards WTC remix) noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Uranium 238
The Process of Enlightnenment noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Uranium 238
God Only Knows Cornelius Fantasma
Mi Yo Mei The Tipton Sax Quartet Laws of Motion
Jukebox Capriccio (1985) Christian Marclay Records
Love Aidan Baker Book of Nods
She Is Beyond Good And Evil The Pop Group
Blank Frank Brian Eno Here Come the Warm Jetz
Child It’s a New World Suicide American Supreme
Looping ’72 Edward Ka-Spel` One Last Pose Before The Ruin
Carefully Through the Fog Tempered Steel Tempered Steel

7 December 2013: Breaking the Ice

7 December 2013: Breaking the Ice

Happy Birthday Tom Waits! Wind chill is intense!

Cold Cold Ground Tom Waits Frank’s Wild Years
Lost Out on the Ice ARU/Bob Bucko Jr. Deadly PA
Tracing Vapour Trails ARU Dub Plate Vol. 3.5
Nova Feedback Chrome Alien Soundtracks
Simple As That Jandek Modern Dances
Photomorphosis Steve Morse Light Echoes
Gongmo Ariel Kalma Osmose
Weekend Review Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
Jazz Laundromat John Zorn/Thurston Moore “@”
Dexterity Art Ensemble of Chicago Message to Our Folks
Holy Ground Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Trapped Under Ice Metallica Ride the Lightning