25 May 2013: Fresh and Tasty

25 May 2013: Fresh and Tasty

ARU, Autechre, Flying Lotus, heavy hitters!  Scads of newness!

Phototechnique Aural Resuscitation Unit The Golden Strand ep
In Spring Paco Jones A Second Chance Again
rew (1) Autechre Move of Ten
Table Tennis (ft. Laura Darlington) Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
Friends of the Earth Edward Ka-Spel One Last Pose Before the Ruin
Mother of the World Swans The Seer (Disc 1)
Event Horizon Orbit Service A Calm Note from the West
Emerald Fanged Dancer Expo 70 Black Ohms
Summertime Laetitia Sadier The Trip
Sanity Belt Pepe Wismeer Un-
Madmen and Spiders Paco Jones A Second Chance Again
Monk’s Soundcheck (edit) Aural Resuscitation Unit DP V3.5

11 May 2013: Beta-lactam Records Showcase

11 May 2013: Beta-lactam Records Showcase

It’s always a great show when Chris McBeth arrives with his bag full of goodies from Beta-lactam Ring Records.  This label feature program was no exception to that rule!  Chris McBeth of Beta-lactam Ring Records spinning his newest releases and giving away a copy of Mythalogue by The Red Masque.

El Asesino Del Sol (Versión I) Un Festin Sagital Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum
Looping ’72 Edward Ka-Spel` One Last Pose Before The Ruin
The Minotaur The Red Masque Mythalogue

04 May 2013: Experimental Radio Revival Finale

04 May 2013: Experimental Radio Revival Finale

Help KPSU get a low power FM signal!  Thrill to the Final Installment of the What’s This Called? Experimental Radio Revival today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time! Lennon reads the call letters as we launch into hits from the likes of Steven Henry Fisk, Autechre, Throbbing Gristle, Sun Ra, Legendary Pink Dots, Freddie Hubbard, Add N to X, Cabaret Voltaire, Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friend and Melvins!

You’re Out of the Computer Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friend Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 2
no escape Cabaret Voltaire mix-up
Mailman Legendary Pink Dots Plutonium Blonde
The Black Regent Add N to X On the Wires of Our Nerves
hamburger lady Throbbing Gristle d.o.a : the third and final report of throbbing gristle
Spontaneous Simplicity Sun Ra Live in Paris at the Gibus
Baby Won’t You Weird Me Out Melvins Lite Freak Puke
Foil Autechre Amber
Combat Freddie Hubbard Sing Me a Song of Songmy
Priorities Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
White River Junction The Orb Orbvs Terrarvm