27 February 2010

27 February 2010

Taking a break form “Elmo’s Song”

A Previously Unknown Sacrifice Sun City Girls Piasa…Devourer of Men
Lady in the Radiator meets the Fetishist Philippe Petit Henry: the Iron Man
No Abhor Dawn of Midi First
Slow Ghost Remora Art Rooster
Heavy Dub Lewisia The Psychedelic Experience
Track One Aural Resusication Unit Dub Plate Vol. 1
Tigerstripe Smoke and Mirrors Art Rooster
Breeding Fish Duke23 Earthdirt
Comedy Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
In the Flat Field Bauhaus In the Flat Field
Lyndee England Moodring Art Rooster

20 February 2010: Boyd Andersson & Mukis, LIVE!

20 February 2010: Boyd Andersson & Mukis, LIVE!

Boyd Andersson with Ed Edwards AKA Mukis live in the studio!

Super Dub Lewisia The Psychedelic Experience
This/Past Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
Hindu Pedagogy Dawn of Midi First
Live Boyd Andersson & Mukis on What’s This Called?
Electric Saxophone Brockten Benoit demo
Crumpled Stilts Brockten Benoit demo
Starcraft Brockten Benoit demo
The Best Glove Brockten Benoit demo

13 February 2010

13 February 2010

hearting you hard

The Diamond Sea (Alt. Mix Version) Sonic Youth Single
Cast a Shadow Beat Happening Black Candy
Love Is All Around (live) Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Live on David Letterman
Heaven Is of Honey Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Lorelei Cocteau Twins Treasure
Demons Sing Love Songs Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
CARToon Lust Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
Chainsaw nadja Belles Betes

6 February 2010 (No Recording)

6 February 2010 (No Recording)

Do they know it’s not Christmas?

Hurting Each Other Carpenters Greatest Hits
Dies Irae Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind
Harlem (Live) Suicide Live at CBGB’s 1977
Zone 3 Edward Ka-Spel Dream Loops
Sex Death Axis Midday Veil Subterranean Ritual
Love in Outer Space Sun Ra Outer Space Employment Agency
Holocaust Big Star Sister Lovers
Analog Dreamscape Expo 70 Sonic Messenger