6 August 2022

Life vs. Time


  1. Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov “Laminar Flow” [Palimpsest ]
  2. Cheri Knight “No One’s Hands” [American Rituals]
  3. Moor Mother “Act 3 – Time of No Time” [Circuit City]
  4. Rita Morar “Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)” [Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)]
  5. The Tryp “The Lizard Sheds It’s Skin” [My Brain Collapsed (Expanded Edition)]
  6. Chrome “Insect Human” [Blood On The Moon]
  7. Don Haugen “Wire 1” [From Our House to Yours 2020 Music Exchange Collection]
  8. Soheil Shirangi “The Sounds of Life (For Fixed Media and Accordian)” [Vision of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music Vol. II ]
  9. The Diagram Brothers “We Are All Animals” [Shake the Foundations – Militant funk & the post-punk dancefloor 1979-1984]
  10. Michael William Gilbert “Unwinding” [Moving Pictures]
  11. If, Bwana “Mrs Laura” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  12. Earthling Society “Ea1729” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  13. Transparent Aluminum “Vol. 5 Track 1” [Weekly Experiments Vol. 5]
  14. Miss Murgatroid “Time Theory 11:11 (Live on KAOS)” [KAOS Theory]
  15. Clodewerks “Rinse” [COVIDWerks]
  16. Buffy Sainte-Marie “Poppies” [Illuminations]
  17. Live Skull “Alive Again” [Dangerous Visions]
  18. Nels Cline “Isotropes” [Open the Door]
  19. Half Japanese “Charmed Life” [Charmed Life]