28 April 2007: Pledge Drive

28 April 2007: Pledge Drive

 No special live guests for a few weeks, which means I can get down to playing some incredible recorded material. Prepare to be smoked. This is the last show of this year’s KPSU Pledge Drive, and it would be awesome if you called (503) 725-5945 and pledged your support for KPSU and What’s This Called? I promise to exceed your pledge in Thank You gifts. Seriously.

Twilight Furniture This Heat This Heat
Miami Morning Coming Down Earth hibernaculum
Let Rest Your Fragile Thoughts (excerpt) Pop Culture Rape Victim Let Rest Your Fragile Thoughts
Disc 2, Track 4 Earthmonkey Be That Charge
South Tomorrow L. A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Nigt Before
Nonante-Trots the berg sans nipple along the quai
Impur (excerpt) fred frith impur
Transparent The Sea & Cake Everybody
Nayr!oca/eletoan Crank Sturgeon My Endangered Expressive Soil

21 April 2007: Childhood Friends, LIVE! (Pledge Drive)

21 April 2007: Childhood Friends, LIVE! (Pledge Drive)

It’s the KPSU Pledge Drive – Call (503) 725-5945 and Pledge your support to KPSU and What’s This Called? Childhood Friends live in the studi for your inspirational dialing music. 

A Fire in the Forest David Sylvian Blemish
In the Kingdom #19 Sonic Youth EVOL
Love Me Jake Rose Shirk
Stairway to Gilligan’s Island Little Roger & the Goosebumps Single
LIVE Childhood Friends on What’s This Called?

14 April 2007: Mortal Engines, LIVE!

14 April 2007: Mortal Engines, LIVE!

Mortal Engines live in the studio!

What Lies Beyond Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
Digitalis Enchanted 4st Forest Friends Liberation Army
Nobody Does it Better Sex Mob Sex Mob Does Bond
Dirty Bottle Go Home Productions MP3
Forbidden Planet: Main Titles Louis & Bebe Baron Brain in a Box
LIVE Mortal Engines on What’s This Called?
Dr. Who Theme Eric Winstone Orchestra Brain in a Box

07 April 2007: Blue Light Curtain, Crank Sturgeon & Pop Culture Rape Victim, & Joy Wants Eternity, LIVE!

07 April 2007: Blue Light Curtain, Crank Sturgeon & Pop Culture Rape Victim, & Joy Wants Eternity, LIVE!

A crazy day of live music and extended time in the booth! This Saturday, April 7th, from Noon to 2 PM and from 4-5 PM there will be no less than 4 live musical performances on KPSU, brought to you by the What’s This Called program! From Noon to 1 PM, live from Seattle, Blue Light Curtain! From 1 PM to 2PM, live from Maine and from Montana, Crank Sturgeon with Pop Culture Rape Victim! and finally from 4 PM to 5 PM, live from Seattle, Joy Wants Eternity! A day full of earcandy not to be missed!

Existences Rust Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
Be That Charge Earthmonkey Be That Charge
Sunder Two (excerpt) daniel menche Deluge & Sunder
LIVE Blue Light Curtain on What’s This Called?
Creeping Obesity (excerpt) Pulse Emitter Creeping Obesity
Colony Structures Reinforce Larger Bodies Soup Purse Nanonpocolyptic Profizzy
Shadows on the Sun Jake Rose Shirk
Reisetag Noisettes vs. Mortal Engines Static Blue
LIVE Crank Sturgeon& Pop Culture Rape Victim on What’s This Called?
Too Much Slack Oliver Squash O’liver Squash
Stilletoed Young Stars Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
We Insist Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma