29 October 2022 (Samhain-a-go-go)

This is NOT a Spooktacular.


  1. Subterranean Source “Creatures Of The Night” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  2. The Incredible String Band “Witches Hat – 2010 Remaster” [The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter]
  3. Cristiano Bocci ” White as moon, Black as night, Red as blood” [Beyond the Dark Zones]
  4. Jackson C. Frank “Halloween Is Black as Night” [Fixin’ to Die]
  5. The Caretaker “Thronged With Ghosts” [Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom]
  6. Alice Cooper “Ballad of Dwight Fry” [Love It to Death]
  7. Japan “Ghosts – 2003 Digital Remaster” [Tin Drum]
  8. The Poets “Dead” [The Flash Records Story]
  9. Cyoakha Grace O’Manion “Boneyard Fear” [Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath]
  10. Laika “Black Cat Bone” [Good Looking Blues]
  11. Ryan Ray “The Seance” [Single]
  12. Buffy Sainte-Marie “The Vampire” [Illuminations]
  13. Trees “The Garden Of Jane Delawney” [Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)]
  14. The Legendary Pink Dots “Pennies for Heaven” [Maria Dimension]
  15. BBJr “Spider Dude” [Steady Work]
  16. Cresa Watson “Dead” [45 Single]
  17. Coil “The Box Theme” [Unnatural History II]
  18. Ahleuchatistas “The Curse That Keeps On Giving” [Expansion]
  19. Philippe Petit “A Vision” [… and Empires Should Burn]
  20. Einstürzende Neubauten “Dead Friends (Around The Corner)” [Strategies Against Architecture IV]
  21. Tombstone “Ritual Affliction” [Nyarlothotep – A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft]
  22. Four Dimensional Nightmare “Grave of Lilian” [Icicles]
  23. Reg Bloor “Theme from an Imaginary Slasher” [Theme from an Imaginary Slasher]
  24. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra “Suite (From “Psychose “)” [Les plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Vol. 2]
  25. Austin RIch “A Wireless Message” [The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce]

15 October 2022

Orange sets in. Ricardo with Lennon from the Elusive Hangar to Freeform Portland.


  1. Reza Solatipour “Panic Attack” [Visions of Darkness: Volume II]
  2. Dälek “Black Smoke Rises” [From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots]
  3. No Friends Band “Infinity Trigger” [to all my friends]
  4. Invisible “Perdonado (Niño Condenado)” [El Jardin de los Presentes]
  5. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “The Air Itself” [No Magic Man]
  7. Grey Frequency “The Demeter” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  8. Fishmans “WEATHER REPORT” [宇宙 日本 世田谷]
  9. Jane Siberry “Dancing Class” [no borders here]
  10. The Microphones “II. Solar System” [Mount Eerie]
  11. Steinski “The Id – Small World Mix” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  12. National Diet “I Am Food” [The Noon Hour]
  13. Unwound “Below the Salt” [Leaves Turn Inside You]
  14. So Percussion & Matmos “Flame” [Treasure State]
  15. Have A Nice Life “Hunter” [Deathconsciousness]
  16. The Incredible String Band “October Song – 2010 Remaster” [The Incredible String Band]

Dateless Show

To supply Freeform Portland with an extra WTC for when they need an emergency substitute DJ, we have produced this special “Evergreen mix” of crooked beats and hot fish. DJ Ricardo Wang joined in the booth by Asa with engineering assistance by Ryan Ray.


  1. Mouse On Mars “Glim” [Cache Coeur Naif]
  2. Fussible “Casino Soul” [Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 1]
  3. Radioactive Man “Do The Radioactive” [Radioactive Man]
  4. Steinski “Lesson 3 – History Of Hip Hop” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  5. Aphex Twin “Untitled [SAW2 CD1 Track1] (Four Tet Mix)” [Warp10+3 Remixes]
  6. Barbara Morgenstern “Reset” [Nichts Muss]
  7. Experimental Audio Research “The Circle Is Blue” [Beyond The Pale]
  8. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “Gather ‘Round” [No Magic Man]
  9. Melvins “Hot Fish” [Working with God]
  10. Nektar “Astronauts Nightmare” [Journey To The Centre Of The Eye]
  11. Gunter Muller and Jim O’Rourke “a faster silence” [Slow Motion]
  12. Crème De Menthe “Plastique” [The Impossibility of Eroticism in the Suburbs]
  13. Bit Shifter “Hypervigilance” [Closed System Blues]
  14. Voices Of The Cosmos “Six Pulsars” [8th Annual Report (Mid Year Edition)]
  15. Sō Percussion “Swamp” [Treasure State]
  16. Hiperboreal “Tijuana For Dummies” [Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 1]
  17. William Hooker w/ DJ Olive “Time (within)” [Armageddon]
  18. Sun Ra Arkestra “Somebody Else’s Idea” [Somebody Else’s Idea]
  19. Perrey and Kingsley “Computer In Love” [The In Sound From Way Out]
  20. Mark Trayle “Beach” [Etudes and Bagatelles]