20 November 2021





  1. Play Human “Indifference” [SaDo Damascus 2013 Winter Copulation]
  2. Bit Shifter “The New Normal” [Closed System Blues]
  3. Plankton Wat “Modern Ruins” [Future Times]
  4. Black Midi “Ascending Forth” [Cavalcade]
  5. M83 “Gone” [Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts]
  6. Rose City Band “Real Long Gone” [Summerlong]
  7. Bardo Pond “Flux” [Lapsed]
  8. Fennesz “Dheli Plaza” [Hotel Paral.lel]
  9. Wisp “Ptolemy Sphere” [Drinking The Goat’s Blood]
  10. Captain Beyond “Mesmerization Eclipse” [Captain Beyond]
  11. Siouxsie and the Banshees “The Rapture” [The Rapture (Remastered / Expanded)]
  12. Alan Licht & Brian Chase “Immediate Release” [We Thought We Could Do Anything]
  13. The Microphones “I’m Getting Cold” [Don’t Wake Me Up]
  14. The Microphones “I’ll Be in the Air” [Don’t Wake Me Up]
  15. Sun City Girls “Space Prophet Dogon” [Torch of the Mystics]
  16. The Legendary Pink Dots “Hallway” [Hallway of the Gods]
  17. Castana “Radiant Energy” [Anthology of Electronic Music from Scandanavia]
  18. Eet “RanierMaria” [Danger Barn]
  19. Swell Maps “Midget Submarines” [Sweep the Desert]

6 November 2021 (Give!Guide Kickoff)

Freeform Portland is in this year’s Willamete Week Give!Guide and this What’s This Called? show kicks off our participation in spreading the word. Sonicaly of course.


  1. Laurie Anderson “Let X=X” [Live in New York]
  2. Einstürzende Neubauten “Perpetuum Mobile” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  3. Jarl “Spectrum Confusion Part 2q” [Spectrum Confusion]
  4. The Legendary Pink Dots “The Saucers Are Coming” [Hallway of the Gods]
  5. Bardo Pond “Pick My Brain” [Lapsed]
  6. Perrey and Kingsley “Countdown At 6” [The In Sound From Way Out]
  7. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic “Somber Retiles” [The Fossil Record 1980-1987]
  8. Ben LaMar Gay “Gator Teeth” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  9. Boredoms “Pukalee & Rikulee” [Stars Kill Rock]
  10. Matmos “…And Silver Light Popped In His Eyes” [Matmos]
  11. Moor Mother “Temporal Control Of Light Echoes” [Black Encyclopedia of the Air]
  12. Daniel Menche “Untitled-4” [Vent]
  13. Pan Sonic “Voima” [A]
  14. Band Of Susans “Two Jacks” [Here Comes Success]
  15. Spring Heel Jack “Garlands” [Songs And Themes]