31 October 2015: Early Witching Hour

12193674_1119763408064560_1753221774183540465_n31 October 2015: Early Witching Hour

Today! Halloween! Start your witching hour early from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time for a listener and recording artist curated Halloween special What’s This Called? live on KPSU!

Listener and artist suggested spooky experimental tracks in the candy bag by the likes of: Fifty Foot Hose, Lydia Lunch, the Shaggs, Doug Theriault (Happy Birthday!), John Fahey, Cathedral Sounds, Diamanda Galas, the Fall, Kid Koala and MORE!

Stream It Like the Trick or Treaters Washing Down the Portland Streets Tonight

Track   Artist   Album
Spooky Lydia Lunch Queen of Siam
the Cauldron Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron
Tricks ‘n Treats Kid Koala Scratchhappyland
Dark Nights Cabbage Patch Kill Dolls soundcloud
Halloween The Shaggs Philosophy of the World
The Seance Ryan A Ray You Tube
A Figure Walks The Fall Dragnet
Water Torture Disney Haunted House Disney Haunted House
Ghosts John Fahey The Mill Pond
Swamp Witch Jim Stafford Jim Stafford
Halloween Mixtape 3 (edit) Cathedral Sounds Halloween Mixtape 3
This Is the Law of the Plague Diamanda Galas Plague Mass
Destroy All Improv Dual You Tube
Halloween Sound Mix Fade Ricardo Wang What’s This Called?

24 October 2015

1932329_1115616081812626_5317558072449727714_n24 October 2015

Get your mind together from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time with your host Ricardo Wang and a new live melting of the media known as What’s This Called? Crunchy taste on tap from Instagon, the Hausmanns, Rocket from the Tombs, dvb, FHTAGN, Zach Zinn, Muslimgauze, Expo 70, the Bran Flakes, Sun Ra and MORE! Going down in the KPSU studio and your listening device!


Track  Artist  Album
There Has Been An Awakening… Instagon Feel the Frequency: 2014 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
Turkish Speaker muslimgauze Sometimes Silence Is an Answer
How to Shoot a Deer  Eric & Marlina Hausmann  16 Degrees
Lysergic Sunrise Expo ’70 Black Ohms
Moon Quake 6  The Orb  David Gilmour & Friends
Rots FHTAGN Soundcloud
I Am a Groupie The Bran Flakes I Don’t Have a Friend
Holland Tunnel dvb Feel the Frequency: 2014 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
A Silver Thread Zach Zinn Soundcloud
The Eternal Sphynx Sun Ra Crystal Spears
Radio Flyer Ffej Patterns in the Storms Vol. 1

17 October 2015: As the Crow Flies…

12112385_1111233872250847_3992427971138393059_n17 October 2015: As The Crow Flies…

On tap a royal blue chip mix of the likes of Teach Me Equals, The Waiters (featuring Matt Love), Fadnu (Sami Joik music w/ experimental influences), Beast (Daniel Menche), Nico (on her 77th birthday), Reg Bloor, Von Helwig and MORE!

As the Crow Flies…



Track Artist Album
These Days Nico single
As the Crow Flies Teach Me Equals Have Hope
Teenage Punk Rocker in Love The Waiters Before Using
Fielbma’/Der elva renner stille Fadnu Fielbma (Where the river is wide, deep and silent)
Jungle Fever Part 3 Von Helwig Jungle Fever
Chasing Ghosts Reg Bloor Theme from an Imaginary Slasher
Ravenois Beast Ravenous
If ‘S’ Is The Red Krayola The Red Krayola
Like Acid Rain Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love
Tales of Brave Aphrodite Beat Happening / Screaming Trees Beat Happening / Screaming Trees
Busting Through the Van Allan Belt Helios Creed Van Allan Belt
No Escape Cabaret Voltaire The Mix-up
Propane Activist KARP Mustaches Wild
Cast a Shadow Beat Happening Black Candy

10 October 2015: Journey Into Space, LIVE!

12118707_1106752326032335_5385268980226499560_n10 October 2015: Journey Into Space, LIVE!

Beachfront property on Mars and now even Pluto gets wet. Stephen Hawking says that E.T. wants to EAT you, and the latest word from the string theorists is that the Universe will just keep on expanding until the Ramones sound like a prog rock band.

Don’t worry you won’t live to have to hear that, even with the new life expansion nano-vitamin injections. But you will live to hear What’s This Called? cohost Austin Rich return to the KPSU studios from his explorations of the south end of the galaxy! The Eagle has landed and your host Ricardo Wang looks forward to sitting back in hyperspace and letting Austin run havoc on the turntables and decks. Though RW might launch a photon torpedo or two just for fun as well.

Streaming Like a Briney Martian Oasis.



01.) Genetic * Sonic Youth * Dirty
02.) Ziggy Stardust * The Moog Cookbook * Ye Olde Space Band: Plays the Classic Rock Hits
03.) Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang Break It Down For You

Journey Into Space (performed live by Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang)

04.) metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology * Tärr * Tärr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
05.) Operation Luna Episode 1 * Journey Into Space * BBC Radio (1953)
06.) Ricardo Wang & Austin Rich, LIVE!
07.) Piece 7 (Excerpt) * ALTO! * ALTO!
08.) Quadruple Penetration (chapters 1-4) * Overdose The Katatonic * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
09.) [untitled Side B] * L.A. Lungs * Rrest
10.) Driving Eyes Open * Bob Bucko Jr. * How to Fuck All Your Coworkers in One Sitting
12.) The Fallow Field of Vision * Dull Knife * Dull Knife
13.) Subtle Afterthoughts * Expo ’70 * Expo ’70 / Plankton Wat Split LP
14.) Total Massacre * Uneasy Chairs * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
15.) Heaven And Hell Part 2 [Excerpt] * Vangelis * Heaven And Hell
16.) metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology * Tärr * Tärr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
17.) Whipsnapper * Small Drone Orchestra * Feel The Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document

3 October 2015: The October Files

12138341_1103228959718005_1294215632844512710_o3 October 2015: The October Files

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org, your host Ricardo Wang brings you an all new October edition of What’s This Called? complete with birthday music from Artis the Spoonman, Joey Ramone performing John Cage, Faust, Chrome, Boards of Canada, ARU, Ariel Kalma, Unwound, and MORE!

Streaming Like Leaves at the Mercy of an Unholy Blower: http://stream.kpsu.org:8080/listen

Track   Artist   Album

Occult Vibrations Lungfish Necrophones
Highway Going Home Jandek Portland Thursday
Title Unknown – July 4, 1994 The Boredoms KXLU 88.9 FM, Los Angeles Live Vol.
Leaves of Life Black Happy Day In the Garden of Ghostflowers
Jacquard Causeway Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
Timegrinder Ffej Emulation Phase (EP)
Ghosts Won Bugskull Distracted Snowflake
One Three Two Sufian Abdullah Music To Break Out of Jail By

…In the Spirit Faust So Far
October All Over (Live) Unwound Live Leaves
Creature Eternal Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs Joey Ramone (composed by John Cage from text by James Joyce) Caged/Uncaged—A Rock/Experimental Homage to John Cage
Sector Nine Giant Worm Castings
Phototechnique ARU The Golden Strand EP
Live on Night Music Artis the Spoonman You Tube
Bakafrica Ariel Kalma Le Temps Des Moissons
Dark Circles Hammock Departure Songs
Yes I’m Changing Tame Impala Currents
Bad Vibrations Black Angels Phosphene Dream
Saturday Sun Nick Drake Five Leaves Left