29 April 2006: A Cayko & Crazy Dee (No Recording)

29 April 2006: A Cayko & Crazy Dee (No Recording)

With special guests A Cayko of A:Frequency/Dead Air Fresheners and Crazy Dee of Canned Piranha/Dead Air Fresheners hanging around the booth.

Wolves Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Music Like Escaping Gas This Heat This Heat
Field Work (the Ethnographer’s Daughter) Mike Ladd Negrophilia (the Album)
Levitation 13th Floor Elevators Easter Everywhere
Street Sauce Sonic Youth Murray Street (Japanese Import)
Journey to the Stars The Ventures Walk Don’t Run
Putting a String on the Hawaiian Guitar The Work Live In japan
Hiding Drugs in the Temple (Part 2) Kinski Alpine Static
Heliotrope Geraldine Fibbers Butch
Moon Khun Hla Maung Law Guitars of the Golden Triangle
I Saw the Light Mudhoney Under A Billion Suns
Television Citizen Moral Crux pop culture assassins
Stand by the Jams The KLF The White Room
Kylie Assault Build MP3

22 April 2006

22 April 2006

No guest. No theme. No pants…

Truth Eludes Me Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Banshee Beat Animal Collective Feels
Burning Man Pt. 1 Earth Monkey Audio Sapien
Bludgeon Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
Mary Magdelen, Pt II Childhood Friends Everything Is About To Change
Sucker Punch Savage Republic Customs
Neusyland Tall Dwarfs Up the Down Staircase
Spiritual March Delphine Dora For Christmas
Tour de France Kraftwerk Original 1983 12″ Version
Vodiak Stereolab Fab Four Suture
Mea Culpa David Byrne & Brian Eno My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

15 April 2006: Special Easter Program!

15 April 2006: Special Easter Program!

Easter Patti Smith Group Easter
I’m So Jealous of Jesus Sebadoh Weed Forestin
Suprize, It’s Easter Erase Errata At Crystal Palace
Equaled in Life Jandek I Woke Up
Faith/East Wind Minute Men Post Mersh Vol. 1
Christianity is Stupid Negativland Escape from Noise
Jesus Christ Big Star Big Star’s 3rd
I’m Beginning to See the Light Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground
Resurrection Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
God’s Will Lungfish The Unanimous Hour
Dance of Death Calexico I am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey
Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today John Fahey Red Cross
Halos Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Judas Saves The Residents Wormwood
Wall of Breath Peter Gabriel Passion (soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ)
Hallowed Be Thy Name Sonic Youth Love Doll Superstar

08 April 2006: Obe’ Skupla, LIVE!

08 April 2006: Obe’ Skupla, LIVE!

Obe’Skupla live in the studio, engineered by Austin Rich. Plus a few other treats. Portions of this show ran into overtime as Miss B-Haven was stuck in Portland’s infamous traffic, and Obe’Skupla proceeded into the Gyrate Sucka hour.

Stare Faulhaber vs. Fuderer MP3
Just For You Ornette Coleman The Art of the Improvisers
Anticipation Jandek Living in a Moons So Blue
Obnoxiousity The Alek Weirdness MP3

1 April 2006 (No Recording)

1 April 2006 (No Recording)

A serious look at foolishness.

Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life The Residents Third Reich ‘N Roll
Imagine/Walk on the Wild Side rx/George W. Bush The Party
Montana Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention Overnight Sensation
Time Zones Negativland Escape from Noise
Stairway to Gilligan’s Island Little Roger & the Goosebumps MP3
You’ll Have Time Willam Shatner Has Been
Alanis Morissette Wesley Willis Fabian Road Warrior
Squalor Lou & Peter Berryman What, Again?!
Aint It Funny Tall Dwarfs Up the Down Staircase
You Did the Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In Arthur Russell Wiretapper 11
Grasspile Community Wood Paneling Pine Hut
Nobody Does It Better Sex Mob Sex Mob Does Bond
Batman Theme Sun Ra & the Blues Project Batman & Robin