26 November 2011: Without the Title the Registration Means NOTHING (No Recording)

26 November 2011: Without the Title the Registration Means NOTHING (No Recording)


Dance Macabre Aural Resuscitation Unit Third Ice Cream
Revolution Spacemen 3 Single
Chill Air Harold Budd & Brian Eno Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
Dead Man Walking Kujumars MP3
Ubu Noir Coil Scatology
Helpless Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Bridge
La Viaje Mystical Santa Sangre Bastardo America
Song from the Ocean Grindwall Night Whispers
Twinkle Eric Ostrowski Twinkle 3″ DJ Mix
Psycho Mafia Sonic Youth 4 Tunna Brix
Cellar Fire Delphine Dora For Christmas
Ohm Sweet Ohm Kraftwerk Radioactivity
Don’t Smoke in Bed Nina Simone Ultimate Nina Simone
You Can Have It All Yo La Tengo Prisoners of Love

19 November 2011: November Drain (No Recording)

19 November 2011: November Drain (No Recording)

Guerra Uladat Uladat
A Wall of Blood Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Too Long for this Wolrd Bob Bucko JR Always with the Don’t Go
Space Four Dimensional Nightmare Sludge
B2 La Quantique De La Maieutique Ilitch La Maieutique De La Quantique (Quantum Maieutics)
IT TANGO Laurie Anderson Big Science
Alpha-Globin Santiago Latorre Orbita
In Circles Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Six Cats on a Dead Man’s Chest Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
Sidewalking Jesus & Mary Chain
Celluloid Heroes Joan Jett Hit List
777 Uladat Uladat

12 November 2011: November Pop Rot Therapy (No Recording)

12 November 2011: November Pop Rot Therapy (No Recording)

Ok, I’m sorry. I know I have this experimental music show, but I can’t stop myself from just playing moody noise rock today at Noon Pacific Time. Jesus & Mary Chain, Big Black, Orbit Service, Hood, Blonde Redhead, Husker Du, Unwound, Irving Klaw Trio… Streaming Live from the link below.

Everything Is Alright When Your Down The Jesus & Mary Chain Barbed Wire Kisses
Heartbeat Big Black 7″
What You Want My Bloody Valentine Loveless
Wolves Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Demons Sing Love Songs Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
I’ll Never Forget You Husker Du Zen Arcade
I Am There While You Choke Me Blonde Redhead La Mia Vita Violenta
How Can You Drag Your Body Blindly Through? Hood The Cycle of Days and Seasons
I Was Gone Before I Ever Began Irving Klaw Trio Irving Klaw Trio
A Love Song Noggin Hajex from the Light
A Man Who Never Sees a Pretty Girl That He Doesn’t Love Her a Little The Sea and Cake Nassau
The Disease Echo & The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here
Happy Place The Jesus & Mary Chain Barbed Wire Kisses
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World The Ramones
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo) Ramones Ramones

5 November 2011: Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, LIVE!

5 November 2011: Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, LIVE!

Today Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? I am joined in the KPSU studio by traveling noise minstrel Cornelius Van Strafrin of oms-b and YDMM.

ID EET What’s This Called?
Cow EET Danger Barn
Dig It a Hole U-Men Solid Action
Lathe Cut Cornelius Van Strafrin Single
Live Cornelius Van Strafrin on What’s This Called?
Blood of the Land (edit) daniel menche Blood of the Land