Psyche Spring Cleaning

A floating show that will air on Freeform Portland sometime when it is needed.


  1. Tim Buckley “Lorca” [Lorca]
  2. Pretenders “The Phone Call – 2006 Remaster” [Pretenders]
  3. Sadness “every tuesday, tuesday is green” [april sunset]
  4. Sonic Youth “Out & In” [In/Out/In]
  5. Nyokabi Kariuki “feeling body” [FEELING BODY]
  6. Eet “Colony Collapse” [Danger Barn]
  7. Sharkiface “Chatoyance: Movement 4” [Climax Is a Process]
  8. Spring “The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)” [Spring (2013 Remaster)]
  9. Flying Saucer Attack “The Downers” [Flying Saucer Attack (aka Rural Psychedelia)]
  10. Comus “The Prisoner” [First Utterance]
  11. Baalti “Kolkata ’78” [Kolkata’ 78]
  12. Flying Lotus “Time Vampires” [Pattern+Grid World]
  13. Arushi Jain “Look How Far We Have Come” [Under the Lilac Sky]
  14. Cobra Killer “Heavy Rotation” [76/77]
  15. Kid606 “Done with the Scene” [Resilience]
  16. William Basinski “The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (Excerpt 1)” [The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (Excerpt 1)]
  17. Chrome “Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down)” [Half Machine Lip Moves]

18 March 2023

Lennon joins Ricardo in the elusive hangar booth.


  1. Miles Davis “Feio (feat. Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul & Dave Holland)” [Bitches Brew Boxed Set]
  2. Weyes Blood “Movies” [Titanic Rising]
  3. nil. “0622.4” [01]
  4. 전자양 “Full moon” [Day Is Far Too Long]
  5. Nigel Simpkins “Scattered Strategies / Oblique References” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia Of British Experimental And Avant-Garde Music 1976 – 1984]
  6. Number Girl “SAPPUKEI – 2001/8/29 渋谷 AX「騒やかな群像」” [OMOIDE IN MY HEAD 2 ~記録シリーズ1~]
  7. Nels Cline “Grow Closer” [Initiate]
  8. The Damned “Plan 9 Channel 7” [Machine Gun Etiquette]
  9. Sonic Youth “Au Café” [Simon Werner a Disparu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
  10. Tom Verlaine “Ore” [Warm and Cool]
  11. Patife Band “Corredor Polonês” [Corredor Polonês]
  12. Lowercase “She Takes Me” [Kill The Lights]
  13. Espi Kvlt “Lady Macbeth” [Denies My Tongue To Tell]
  14. Soul Coughing “Pensacola” [El Oso]
  15. Pö “Over The Clouds” [Cociage]
  16. Les Rallizes Dénudés “Enter the Mirror – 2022 Remastered” [’77 LIVE (2022 Remastered)]
  17. Lia Kohl “or things maybe dropping” [The Ceiling Reposes]
  18. Joy Division “Decades – 2007 Remaster” [Closer (Collector’s Edition)]
  19. Smog “Teenage Spaceship” [Knock Knock]

4 March 2023

The Ice turns to Ides…


  1. Time Rival “Ice Storm + Kalimba Improv (PHeasant Ridge)” [Outside]
  2. Soft Machine “Down The Road – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  3. Soft Machine “The German Lesson – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  4. Soft Machine “The French Lesson – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  5. Scott Walker “Amsterdam” [Scott]
  6. Hypno5e “Bone Dust” [Sheol]
  7. L.A. Lungs “My Legos, My Legacy” [I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Night Before]
  8. This Heat “24 Track Loop” [This Heat]
  9. Ezmeralda “Duelo (Cumbia del Fantasma)” [En Átomos Volando]
  10. Bushpilot “23” [23]
  11. GEZAN “We All Fall” [ANOCHI]
  12. Chunk “Part of the Family” [Live at the Knitting Factor Volume Two]
  13. SONAR “Angular Momentum” [Black Light]
  14. Sisters of Mercy “Dominion / Mother Russia” [Floodland]
  15. Matt Evans “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” [Soft Science]
  16. Gary Lucas “Ghosts” [Live at the Knitting Factor Volume Two]
  17. Hans Castrup “Caged” [Shadowplay]
  18. Mazanko “Psychosomatic Waves” [Psychosomatic Waves]
  19. The Legendary Pink Dots “Third Secret” [Maria Dimension]
  20. Bardo Pond “Straw Dog” [Lapsed]
  21. Ashtoreth “Wana Yetu” [Morana]
  22. Anakrid “Lies on a Tranquil Brow” [Banishment Rituals of the Disentlightened]