29 May 2021 (#thencamethelastdaysofmay)



  1. Machinedrum “She Died There” [Room(s)]
  2. Amon Tobin “Dropped From The Sky” [ISAM]
  3. Swell Maps “Don’t Throw Ashtrays At Me!” [A Trip to Marineville]
  4. Venetian Snares “Senki Dala” [Rossz Csillag Alatt Született]
  5. Bardo Pond “The High Frequency” [Amanita]
  6. Causa Sui “Return to Sky” [Return to Sky]
  7. Jackie O Motherfucker “Pray” [Liberation (Reissue)]
  8. King Buffalo “Sleeps on a Vine” [Orion]
  9. Nate Trier “In Fact, I’ll Be Staying in Tonight – Remix” [New Anight]
  10. Bill Horist “Shi Shi” [Mutei – Music for Davida Monk’s Dream Pavilion]
  11. Sun Ra “The Shadow World” [Nothing Is…]
  12. Fairport Convention “It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft” [Fairport Convention (Bonus Track Edition)]
  13. Schloss Tegal “Vortex” [Musick from Madness]
  14. Windsor For The Derby “Two” [Calm Hades Float]
  15. Alice Cooper “Fields of Regret” [Pretties for You]
  16. Li Yilei “Murmur” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From China ]
  17. Blue Man Group “Shadows” [Audio]
  18. Expo 70 “Analog Dreamscape” [Sonic Messenger]
  19. Bauhaus “Kick in the Eye – Remix Single Version Remastered 2008” [Singles]
  20. Blue Öyster Cult “Then Came the Last Days of May” [Blue Oyster Cult]

15 May 2021



  1. LiangYiYuan “The Confucian Pleasure Puppet” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From China ]
  2. Bauhaus “Paranoia, Paranoia” [Singles]
  3. Boards of Canada “Dandelion” [Geogaddi]
  4. Einstürzende Neubauten “Vanadium-I-Ching” [Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.]
  5. Spiritualized “Electric Phase” [Pure Phase]
  6. SisSisters “Oh, Olive” [oms-b023]
  7. Black Flag “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” [Wasted…Again]
  8. Arthur Russell “All-Boy All-Girl” [Amplified: New Music Meets Rock, 1981-1986]
  9. Orbit Service “don’t get lost” [Don’t Get Lost]
  10. Autechre “All Tomorrow’s Linoleum” [All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.0]
  11. Reg Bloor “Subconscious Decay” [Theme from an Imaginary Slasher]
  12. The Bran Flakes “Mutual Admiration And Love” [I Don’t Have A Friend]
  13. Conect_icut “Deathless” [Moss]
  14. Savage Republic “Film Noir” [Tragic Figures]
  15. Ben LaMar Gay “Swim Swim” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  16. Fleetwood Mac “Albatross – 2018 Master” [The Pious Bird of Good Omen]
  17. Noriko Kodama “Spring” [Abyss]
  18. Xu Cheng “Music for metro train” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From China ]
  19. The Focus Group “The Elektrik Karousell” [The Elektrik Karousel]
  20. Atomic Rooster “Lost In Space” [The First 10 Explosive Years]
  21. Julie’s Haircut “Salting Traces” [Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin]
  22. Harmonia “Dino” [Musik von Harmonia]
  23. All Them Witches “Everest” [Nothing as the Ideal]