26 June 2021 (Heatwave Special)

The forecast for Portland OR is that when What’s This Called? airs Saturday from 2-4 PM PST on Freeform Portland the temperature will rise from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees. While this is not the hottest things are supposed to get, it should kick off the unbearable, and the sounds of the show are intended to bouy listeners through the intense heat. Listen below:


  1. Pussy Galore “Revolution Summer” [Historia De La Musica Rock]
  2. Sun City Girls “Suncitivity” [Box Of Chameleons]
  3. Amy Denio “Detroit (13,692 / 1119)” [Pandemonium]
  4. Sly & The Family Stone “Sex Machine” [Stand]
  5. RhaD “Tesla. Sound documentary 1” [METAMUSIC]
  6. Soft Machine “Moon In June – Remastered 2006” [Third]
  7. The Orb “More Gills Less Fishcakes” [Pomme Fritz]
  8. Sun Ra “Discipline 99 (Live)” [Outer Space Employment Agency ]
  9. Parliament “Liquid Sunshine” [Motor-Booty Affair]
  10. Ben LaMar Gay “Galveston” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  11. Rahsaan Roland Kirk “I Wished on the Moon – Live in Atlantic Studios” [Here Comes The Whistleman [Live]]
  12. Tortoise “Along the Banks of Rivers” [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  13. Seven That Spells “Black Om Rising” [Black Om Rising]
  14. The Misunderstood “I Unseen” [Brokenroad]
  15. Autechre “Draun Quarter” [Envane]
  16. Kronos Quartet/Kevin Vollans “White Man Sleeps #1” [White Man Sleeps]

12 June 2021

Grads, Dads, Brides, oh My…


  • Alien Sex Fiend “Can’t Stop Smoking” [I Walk the Line]
  • Jefferson Airplane “White Levis Jefferson Airplane” [1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials]
  • Tim Buckley “Sefronia” [The Dream Belongs To Me]
  • The Raincoats “Odyshape” [Odyshape]
  • Wipers “Doom Town” [Over the Edge]
  • Sibylle Baier “I Lost Something in the Hills” [Colour Green]
  • Glenn Branca “Structure” [The Ascenscioun]
  • The Fall “L.A.” [This Nation’s Saving Grace]
  • Alex Chilton “Like Flies On Sherbert” [Like Flies On Sherbert]
  • Parliament “Placebo Syndrome” [Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome]
  • Pimmon “Tombei The Mist” [Good Night Music To Sleep By]
  • Astor Piazzolla “Fugata” [La Camorra: The Solitude Of Passionate Provocation]
  • Brian Eno “M386 – Remastered 2005” [Music For Films]
  • Gabriele Gasparotti “Istantanea n. 10” [ Portraits by Gasparotti – Ciullini – Stancati]
  • Boards of Canada “You Could Feel The Sky” [Geogaddi]
  • Wobbly “Vogv” [Wild Why]
  • Elastic Band “Spazz” [Pebbles Vol. 1]
  • Lord Composer “Hill And Gully Ride; Mandeville Road” [The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 1: Ethnic Music Classics (1925-48)]
  • Fairport Convention “A Sailor’s Life” [Unhalfbricking (Bonus Track Edition)]
  • Sun Dial “Slow Motion” [Reflector (Deluxe Edition)]
  • 花伦 Hualun “City blues” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From China ]
  • Thurston Moore “Dreamers Work” [By The Fire]
  • Orbit Service “unperfect” [Don’t Get Lost]
  • Kingdom Come “Time Captives” [Journey]