29 May 2020 (Teenage Roots)

The What’s This Called? contribution to Freeform Portland’s Friday challenge “It’s Not a Phase”. All favorite songs from your host Ricardo Wang’s teenage years of listening and djing.

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  • Rush “Cygnus X-1” [A Farewell to Kings]
  • Sonic Youth “(She’s in A) Bad Mood” [Confusion Is Sex (Plus Kill Yr. Idols)]
  • Jefferson Airplane “She Has Funny Cars” [Surrealistic Pillow]
  • Malfunkshun “With Your Heart Not Your Hands” [With Your Heart Not Your Hands – Single]
  • The Soft Boys “Queen of Eyes” [Underwater Moonlight]
  • The Replacements “Unsatisfied” [Let It Be (Expanded)]

22 May 2020 (Movie Night on the radio)

Your host Ricardo Wang took the “Movie Night” challenge for Freeform Portland and turned in a 30 minute mix of What’s This Called? related film music. Hear the movies below!


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “From Her to Eternity (Wings of Desire version)” [Wings of Desire]

Brian Eno “Patrolling Wire Borders – Remastered 2005” [Music For Films]

The Yardbirds “Stroll On – Live Version from ‘Blow-Up'” [Live and Rare]

Erika Eigen “I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper” [A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack]

Amy Denio “Hacking a Plan ” [A Daughter of the Law]

Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra “I Am the Alter-Destiny” [Space is the Place: Music for the Film]

György Ligeti “Lux aeterna” [1948–2001: a ligeti odyssey]

Sex Mob “Closing Credits: Nobody Does It Better” [Sex Mob Does Bond]

19 May 2020 (WTC #InQuarantine III)

Somehow from the undisclosed location your host Ricardo Wang has brought you brand new music by Nick Cave (covering T-Rex!) and Einsturzende Neubauten plus a lot of other #cosmic flotsam. This will be on rotation at undisclosed times on #FreeformPortland that’s 90.3 FM and 98.3 FM at undisclosed locations throughout the city of Portland Oregon and #Streaming all over the world at http://freeformporltand.org/listen Lots of other great shows from DJs spinning remotely from their own undisclosed locations. #TuneIn! Together we can get through this!

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  • Nick Cave “Cosmic Dancer” [Cosmic Dancer]
  • Lor3l3i “Metanoia (Demo)” [Demo]
  • All Them Witches “When God Comes Back” [Lightning At The Door]
  • Tame Impala “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” [Lonerism]
  • Suzanne Ciani “Glass Houses” [Flowers Of Evil]
  • Silver Mt. Zion “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed” [He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms]
  • Einstürzende Neubauten “Ten Grand Goldie” [Ten Grand Goldie]
  • Lene Lovich “Bird Song” [Lucky Number (The Best Of)]
  • Melvins “Civilized Worm” [A Senile Animal]
  • In the Branches “We’ll Haunt Ghost Towns Together” [Wilderness Time]
  • Body/Head “Murdress” [Coming Apart]
  • Ison “Lost Satellites” [Cosmic Drone]
  • Bardo Pond/Kinski “Lord of Light” [Sonic Attack (Lords of Light) ]

16 May 2020 (WTC #InQuarantine II)

Your host Ricardo Wang continues to leave these audio notes from an undisclosed location. You can hear him and other Freeform Portland DJs in semi-random rotation at http://freeformportland.org/listen

Toilet paper is now used as currency and zombies with guns roam the state capitols. The songs that follow contain coded instructions for pandemic survival. #MasksAreCool #StayHome #SocialDistancing #AvoidPanicBuying

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  • Throbbing Gristle “The Worm Waits It’s Turn” [Part Two: The Endless Not]
  • Nadja “Needle In The Hay – Elliott Smith” [When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV]
  • White Noise “The Visitation” [An Electric Storm]
  • Cloudkicker “States” [The Discovery]
  • Ashtoreth “Pilgrim” [Pilgrim]
  • Kraftwerk “Ohm Sweet Ohm – 2009 Remaster” [Radio-Activity (2009 Remaster)]
  • Laurie Anderson “O Superman” [Big Science]
  • Charbel Haber “We Dream in the Sun, We Tan When We Can” [Anthology of Electro Acoustic Lebanese Music]