27 February 2021

the playlist appears shorter because the songs are longer. ūüėČ



  • MKUltramegaphone¬†“Transmission 1: (bird(s)ongs)*”¬†[Seasonal Stereo Spread]
  • Swim Ignorant Fire¬†“In the Interval between grasp & reach ”¬†[PSIDRONIC3]
  • gc / nc¬†” Ninlil”¬†[DEPRECATED]
  • Conformity Contortion¬†“She Who Laughs Laughs Laughs Laughs”¬†[Perception Management]
  • Yo La Tengo¬†“From a Motel 6”¬†[Painful]
  • Tim Koh, Kohei Nakagawa, Koji Tano, John Wiese, Yasutoshi Yoshida¬†“05”¬†[Frankenstein and Dracula Girls Tokyo Headlock]
  • Paul Green… Greg Segal…¬†“Descending a Tree”¬†[Symbols and Sounds]
  • Mike Mahaffay¬†“Reflections On a Symphony”¬†[Reflections On a Symphony]
  • Alto!¬†“Pieces 1-3”¬†[Alto!]
  • Philippe Petit –¬†“A musical travel‚Äč-‚Äčagent. Mouvement I ”¬†[6th Annual Report]
  • Mother Gong¬†“The House Is Not The Same”¬†[Live In The Usa 1991]

13 February 2021

Still they skate.


  1. John Barry¬†“The City 2000 AD”¬†[Jazz Noir 60 Menacing Masterpieces of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem]
  2. Brad Anderson¬†“Upwelling”¬†[Darwinian Playground]
  3. Sonologyst¬†“Malefice”¬†[Dust of Human Race]
  4. All Them Witches¬†“Rats in Ruin”¬†[Nothing as the Ideal]
  5. Lalo Schifrin¬†“Kush”¬†[Jazz Noir 60 Menacing Masterpieces of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem]
  6. Iron Maiden¬†“Rime of the Ancient Mariner – 2015 Remaster”¬†[Powerslave (2015 – Remaster)]
  7. Mother Gong¬†“Song Of Skye”¬†[Live In The Usa 1991]
  8. Spiritualized¬†“Lay Back in the Sun”¬†[Pure Phase]
  9. Speaker Music¬†“Ex-American Blues”¬†[Soul-Making Theodicy]
  10. Leith Stevens & Stu Phillips¬†“Toss Me a Scalpel”¬†[The Interns (Music from the Motion Picture)]
  11. New Risen Throne¬†“The Whisperer in the Darkness”¬†[Music for Lovecraft Summonings]
  12. Wood Paneling¬†“Lennard Kerosene Campfire”¬†[My Little Geoducks The 2009 TESC Student CD]
  13. Blue √Ėyster Cult¬†“Subhuman”¬†[Secret Treaties]
  14. Kai Winding¬†“Experiment in Terror”¬†[Jazz Noir 60 Menacing Masterpieces of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem]
  15. Chrome¬†“Static Gravity”¬†[Red Exposure (Bonus Track Version)]
  16. Whirling Hall Of Knives¬†“2-Bar Heater And Smoke”¬†[Electric Lava]
  17. Autechre¬†“Bike”¬†[Incunabula]
  18. Animal Hospital¬†“His Belly Burst”¬†[Memory]
  19. Fairport Convention¬†“The Deserter”¬†[Liege And Lief]
  20. Adrian Belew¬†“Ballet For A Blue Whale”¬†[Desire Of The Rhino King]
  21. John Barry¬†“Car Chase/Night Chase from “Beat Girl””¬†[Jazz Noir 60 Menacing Masterpieces of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem]
  22. Hawkwind¬†“Urban Guerilla – 1996 Remaster”¬†[Doremi Fasol Latido]