25 June 2022

Summer at last! Fourteen year old Lennon joins his father in the DJ booth to pick songs and pitch for the Freeform Portland Summer Fundraiser!


  1. Tangerine Dream “Ultima Thule Part 1” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  2. Alien Sex Fiend “In and Out of My Mind… – Version; Edit” [Maximum Security]
  3. Black Country, New Road “Basketball Shoes” [Ants From Up There]
  4. Tortoise “Along the Banks of Rivers” [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  5. Slint “Washer” [Spiderland]
  6. The Olsen Twins Ghostlight Ensemble “Session 2” [Live From No Fun]
  7. black midi “Sweater” [Sweater]
  8. The Great Old Ones “Born From The Nameless Mist” [Yog​-​Sothoth]
  9. Boris “Flood II” [Flood]
  10. Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “We Pay For This Service ” [This Day’s Called Tuesday]
  11. Built To Spill “Randy Described Eternity” [Perfect from Now On]
  12. Dark Buddha Rising “L” [Dakhmandal]
  13. The Microphones “II. Solar System” [Mount Eerie]
  14. Duster “Faint” [Capsule Losing Contact]

11 June 2022

SPLASH! Mini-Mutations vs. The Shat; b-Aluria from Brazil, Jandek, Lydia Lunch, Italian Post-Industrial Music, Patti Smith, William Hooker, everything that is stretched & saturated…


  1. Mini-Mutations “A Visible Spectrum” [The Study of the Universe]
  2. Mini-Mutations “Mercury, Venus, Earth & The Moon” [The Study of the Universe]
  3. Mini-Mutations “All Bound By Gravity” [The Study of the Universe]
  4. b-Aluria “mapas” [Monstera ]
  5. b-Aluria ” feiticeira vermelha (vermillion)” [caos com nome]
  6. Jandek “Carnival Queen” [Modern Dances]
  7. Low “Carnival Queen” [A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities]
  8. The Dead C “Alien to Be” [Eusa Kills]
  9. William Hooker w/ DJ Olive & Glenn Spearman “Flow – Rt. 1 (Awake)” [Mindfulness]
  10. Patti Smith “Radio Ethiopia” [Radio Ethiopia]
  11. Giant Sand “Saturated Beyond Repair” [Provisions]
  12. BAD SECTOR “EGO VIRGO Prologo 2 (Sweeps)” [Anthology of Post Industrial and Experimental Music from Italy]
  13. 8 Eyed Spy “Swamp” [Luncheon]
  14. 8 Eyed Spy “Run Through the Jungle” [Luncheon]
  15. Dead Hawk “System Failure” [Split C22]
  16. Green Milk from the Planet Orange “When Every Color Turns Black” [He’s crying “Look”]
  17. Tiptons Sax Quartet “Laws of Motion” [Laws of Motion]
  18. Ariel Kalma “Gongmo” [Osmos]