26 September 2020 (#AnarchistJurisdiction)


  1. Melvins “Let It All Be” [The Bootlicker]
  2. Sheila Scoville “The Wind from Nowhere” [single]
  3. Jefferson Airplane “Wooden Ships – Remastered” [Volunteers]
  4. Hawkwind “Time We Left This World Today – 2007 Remaster” [Space Ritual]
  5. Deep Purple “Child in Time” [Deep Purple in Rock]
  6. Bardo Pond “Destroying Angel” [Ticket Crystals]
  7. Sleep Party People “I’m Not Human at All” [Sleep Party People]
  8. Joel Gilardini “Sputnik” [The Age of Space]
  9. Chrome “Meet You in the Subway (Bonus Track)” [Red Exposure (Bonus Track Version)]
  10. Scott Walker “Brando” [Soused]
  11. Coral Club “Island Haze” [Nowhere Island]
  12. Sun City Girls “Libyan Dream” [Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol 7: Libyan Dream]
  13. David Toop “A ghost travelling half a mile from its own shape” [Apparition Paintings]
  14. Static of Masses “A Thousand Prayers” [The Abyss Within]
  15. Black Sabbath “Into the Void – 2014 Remaster” [Master of Reality (2014 Remaster)]

12 September 2020 (smoky plunderphonic madness)

This show loaded with: #Plunderphonics#BrandNew #ExperimentalMusic including #New Negativland#CassetteUnderground classics, and MORE!

Like a breath of fresh air… or as close as we could get.

North Portland Sun on 9/10/2020 at 11 AM.



  1. The Tape-beatles “Listen to the radio” [A Subtle Buoyancy Of Pulse]
  2. Negativland “Yesterday Hates Today” [True False]
  3. Evolution Control Committee “Rebel Without a Pause” [Whipped Cream Mixes]
  4. Little Fyodor and Babushka “Trump Loves You” [Pithy Romantic Ballads]
  5. Steve Fisk “Priorities” [448 Deathless Days]
  6. Big City Orchestra “Totally Acceptable” [Notre Dame / An Introduction To EE Tapes]
  7. Miranda July “Medical Wonder” [The Binet-Simon Test]
  8. The Bran Flakes “No More Free Will” [Bounces]
  9. The Avalanches “Frontier Psychiatrist” [Since I Left You]
  10. The Residents “Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life” [80 Aching Orphans: 45 Years Of The Residents 4cd Hardback Book Anthology Set]
  11. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheel of Steel” [The Message]
  12. Steinski “The Motorcade Sped On” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  13. Tracy & the Plastics “Excerpts from the performance titled “World”” [performance]
  14. John Oswald “Pretender” [Plunderphonics]
  15. Amy Denio “Muzak Blues” [Never Too Old To Pop A Hole]
  16. The Orb “More Gills Less Fishcakes” [Pomme Fritz]
  17. William Catanzaro “Plunderphonics” [Piano Works]
  18. Ali Ostovar “Reflections (live excerpt)” [Anthology of Persian Experimental Music Vol. II]
  19. Walt Thisney “Essentia” [Automathism ]
  20. Chvad SB “The Options Unraveled Her” [Sans Fixer]
  21. Ifsh “A Sickness Among the Lillies” [Vestigal Gesture]
  22. Failings “IV” [Failings]
  23. Negativland “Don’t Get Freaked Out” [The World Will Decide]