29 August 2009: 4 Years At KPSU (No Recording)

29 August 2009: 4 Years At KPSU (No Recording)

She Is Not Alone Sonic Youth Sonic Youth
…And Smashed Into a Million Pieces Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
The Outer Beings Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened
Riddarholmen Shogun Kunitoki Wire Tapper 21
Space Is the Place Sun Ra Concert for the Comet Kohoutek
Black Stone Heart Bauhaus Go Away White
Toy Melvins The Bootlicker
The Arbiter 2 Foot Flame 2 Foot Flame
082301 Knitting Factory Text of Light Text of Light
The Sun Was So Intense, It Digitized the Water L. A. Lungs Most of the Time We Don’t Realize We Are Shedding Our Skin
Sweaters Laurie Anderson Big Science
Orbita Santiago Latorre Orbita
Colony Collapse EET Danger Barn

22 August 2009 (No Recording)

22 August 2009 (No Recording)


Let It All Be Melvins The Bootlicker
White Daytime Aritomo Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages
Cehui Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Atlan
Rising Height grouper PDX Pop Now 2009
Heartache Big Black The Rich Man’s Eight Track
2-Bar Heater and Smoke Whirling Hall of Knives Wire Tapper 21
Silver Lining Christian Marclay, Sam Bennett Live at the Knitting Factory Vol. 2
Fishing Blues David Thomas The Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited
Hadasha Mark Ribot Masada Guitars
Bimini Sun Ra Atlantis

8 August 2009

8 August 2009

What is it called anyway?

The End of the Beginning (edit) Textile Orchestra For the Boss
Bad Houses Big Black Atomizer
Colonies La STPO The Shy Volcanic Society at the Bear Bird Parade
Walking and Falling Laurie Anderson Big Science
The Tooth Fairy and the Princess Husker Du Zen Arcade
Turn on the News Husker Du Zen Arcade
Ghosts Gary Lucas Live at the Knitting Factory volume two
Lost Autechre Anti-EP
Pause of the Clocks Joey Baron Live at the Knitting Factory volume two
Duality Maestro Krunk Valtz ant ze Bogvillee Side-Orchestra Bogville Exclusive Soundtrack
Sacred Trickster Sonic Youth The Eternal