18 February 2023

Embers at a precipice.


  1. Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher “Music For Kettle – Mint Deluxe Mix” [Music For Kettle (Grandma’s Edition)]
  2. National Diet “The Map is the Territory” [The Map is the Territory]
  3. Rainbow Face “Purgatory” [Stars’ Blood]
  4. The Hand to Man Band “Voice Thrower” [You are Always on Our Minds]
  5. The Fall “Tempo House” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  6. Cornelius “The Micro Disneycal World Tour” [Fantasma (Remastered)]
  7. Sea Moss “Needy Needy” [SEAMOSS2]
  8. Gong “Through Restless Seas I Come” [Rejoice! I’m Dead!]
  9. Susan Campos-Fonseca “Refugio” [La venganza del agua]
  10. My Education “A Man Alone” [Sunrise]
  11. Six Organs Of Admittance “Adoration Song” [Burning the Threshold]
  12. Boards of Canada “You Could Feel The Sky” [Geogaddi]
  13. ELLES “Coming Up Is Such Sweet Sorrow” [A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Life]
  14. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “Serpent’s Wish” [No Magic Man]
  15. Black Belt Eagle Scout “Nobody” [The Land, The Water, The Sky]
  16. La STPO “The Sound of the City Seems Not to Disappear” [The Sound of the City Seems Not to Disappear]
  17. Mario Lino Stancati “The Van Helsing hypnotism” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  18. Blue Sausage Infant “Flight of the Solstice Queens” [Flight of the Solstice Queens]
  19. Ennio Morricone “1970” [Il Gatto A Nove Code – Le Chat À Neuf Queues]

4 February 2023

Asa and Lennon kind of took over the garage studio, which was cool. Then word hit that Tom Verlaine had left the world and we ended in tribute.


  1. The Melvins “Lovely Butterflies” [Electroretard]
  2. Red House Painters “Strawberry Hill” [Red House Painters I]
  3. Aural Resuscitation Unit “Ripples in Your Scotch” [Gauzed Methodz]
  4. Chico Buarque “Construção” [Construção]
  5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Fire at Static Valley” [G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!]
  6. Matt Elliott “The Kursk” [Drinking Songs]
  7. SONOLOGYST “4. Electrons” [Electrons – A scientific essay]
  8. DJ Shadow “Midnight In A Perfect World” [Endtroducing…..]
  9. The Legendary Pink Dots “Citadel” [From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By]
  10. Coin locker kid “Together & Alone” [The Salmon of Doubt]
  11. Time Rival “Daymare” [Works]
  12. Nina Simone “Wild Is The Wind” [Wild Is The Wind]
  13. Sand Snowman “Between Eternities” [Nostalgia Ever After]
  14. Tacoma Radar “Falling Dead Stars” [No One Waved Goodbye]
  15. Death Poems “Guilty” [Los Interlocuteurs Fictifs]
  16. Arthur Russell “Lucky Cloud” [World Of Echo]
  17. Gaelle “Transient” [Transient]
  18. Tom Verlaine “Sleep Walkin'” [Warm and Cool]
  19. Television “Knockin’ On Heavens Door” [The Blow Up]