27 December 2008: A White Noise Christmas!

27 December 2008: A White Noise Christmas!

A White Noise Christmas! (At last!)

Sleighride Subscape Annex Winterizing
Silent Atari Night 111 N/A
Merry Godmas Ryan Ray N/A
Jingle Bells (edit) Booker T. & the MGs A Very Cherry Christmas
Happy Christmas (War is Over) Matt Love N/A
Marshmallow World (edit) Brenda Lee A Very Cherry Christmas
Christmas w/ No Dope Year of the Lips N/A
Christmas Amid Catastrophe Clang Quartet Winterizing
Run, Rudolph, Run (edit) Chuck Berry A Very Cherry Christmas
Santa is Dead (radio edit) Eroc-Nisor N/A
Last Christmas (edit) Wham! Ultimiate Christmas Album Volume 6
Feeding Santa Small Life Form Winterizing
Frosty the Snowman (edit) Jimmy Durante Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6
Christmas Song Revisited shalloboi N/A
Track 1 Martyn Bates Migraine Inducers/Antagonistic Music (Complete Versions)
Last Christmas Burl featuring Tiffany Lee Brown The Island of Misfit Noise
Proti-Village-Meteora-Odeon of Heroes-Christmas Electric Bird Noise Winterizing
Tollefson Xmas Moodring Winterizing
White Christmas (edit) Connie Francis Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6
Rest Ye Slicnaton Winterizing
I’ll Be Short for Christmas Beach Boys vs. John Zorn Live Mix
O Holey Night (Autism Mix) Flail (Soriah & Tiffany Lee Brown) N/A
Track 1 (edit) Merzbow & Carlos Giffoni Synth Destruction
May You Always Harry Harrison Ultimate Christmas Album Volume 6
Christmas Time is Here Again Crawlspace Xmas Snertz: Have a Very Gulcher Christmas
Happy Holidays Smegma It’s Finally Christmas
(I Spent) Christmas with the Devil (cut) MX-80 Xmas Snertz: Have A Very Gulcher Christmas
Track 1 (into Track 2 edit) Yellow Swans Drift
Singing Out My Feeling (Christmas Lights) Spotlight Kid Winterizing
Christmas Rush Dead Moon It’s Finally Christmas
As Wheat in Winter Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened
Little Drummer Boy Hitting Birth It’s Finally Christmas

13 December 2008

13 December 2008

You’ll Have Time William Shatner Has Been
My Wandering Star/As a Bird (part 2) Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logik Part Two
Behind the Green Mythdoor Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened
Glass Piece #1 (“Rubric”) Phillip Glass Dancepieces
Don’t Turn on the Light, Leave Me Alone Can Soundtracks
Butterfly Green Milk From the Planet Orange He’s Crying “Look”
Tchaikovsky: Valse sentimentale Clara Rockmore The Art of the Theremin
The Light That Will Cease to Fail Stereolab Switched On
Damn Mad Pierre Bastien Mecanoid
If I Sleep the Plane Will Crash John Lurie Men With Sticks
Corale Luigi & Antonio Russolo An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Vol. 1
Solitude Expo 70 Black Ohms

How’s It Named? w/ Derek Johnson, Live!

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

How’s It Named? w/ Derek Johnson, Live!

(Hosted by Austin Rich)

For those of you who missed Derek Johnson’s great live performance on KPSU the other day, fear not! The wonder of modern technology has enabled us to capture sound recordings in a digital form, for your consumption. This brand new technology will no doubt revolutionize your life soon enough, but today it has allowed for this marvel to bring the past into the present at any future time of your choosing.

Thanks again to KPSU for letting me host, this, Ricardo Wang for being hard up and needing to make real money that day, and of course, Derek Johnson for rushing into the studio at the last second and still pulling off a great performance.