26 February 2011: Swans in PDX Tomorrow! (No Recording)

26 February 2011: Swans in PDX Tomorrow! (No Recording)

Big Strong Boss Swans Filth
I am the Sun Swans Swans Are Dead
Vengence, pt. 2 Wooden Wand Harem of the Sundrum and the Witness Figg
Dread Effigy Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice Gipsy Freedom
See You Are (Live) Throbbing Gristle The Tyranny of the Beat
Your Offense of Innocence Argumentix Boss of Goth
Ahmet Another Earthmonkey Music for Personality Disorder
MRI Attack Paco Jones Radio
Falling Light Lilla Shroud with Power Circus Bogville Exclusive Soundtrack
Dub Housing Pere Ubu Dub Housing
Helicopters in a Vacuum Sun City Girls valentines from matahari
Pharaoh Tips Puberty Puberty/ARU

19 February 2011: Keep Yr. Pants Off! (No Recording)

19 February 2011: Keep Yr. Pants Off! (No Recording)

Bad Danger Irving Klaw Trio Irving Klaw Trio
We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago Hawkwind In Search of Space
Dryest Month in 100 Years Peter Jefferies Closed Circuit
Driving Eyes Open Bob Bucko JR Volte Face
Seraphim (excerpt) Claroscent Dray Drinking the Goat’s Blood
excerpt Merzbow & Carlos Giffoni Synth Destruction
Somniphobia Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind
Cosmoerotic Giveaway Seven That Spells Cosmoerotic Dialogue with Lucifer
Conversations Boyband CDR
Expanded Oblivion Dual Pyroclastics
Roller – II Resvegno Del Serpente Goblin Volume II 1975-1980
Taphephobia (excerpt) Boar Evildoers
Rintin Fire Moodring Scared of Ferret

12 February 2011: Mangled Bohemians, LIVE! (No Recording)

12 February 2011: Mangled Bohemians, LIVE! (No Recording)

Mangled Bohemians Live on What’s This Called?

I’m Not Nice Johanna Buccola with Steve Fisk MP3
Track 19 unknown Kill Rock Stars
I Want Candy 8 eyed spy Luncheon
LIVE Mangled Bohemians on What’s This Called?
The Long Way Down Mangled Bohemians At the Edge of the Earth
Interview Mangled Bohemians on What’s This Called?
LIVE Mangled Bohemians on What’s This Called?
Facing the Wind Nico The Marble Index

5 February 2011: Offset Needle Radius, LIVE!

5 February 2011: Offset Needle Radius, LIVE!

Tranny Smelter Not Breathing Electric Carpets
49 Guitars & One Girl Pere Ubu Datapanik in the year zero
DT Office Products Business
LIVE Offset Needle Radius On What’s This Called?
Land of God Jandek Chicago Wednesday
A Present Spot Contagious Orgasm Drinking the Goat’s Blood
The City Sleeps Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After