1 May 2021



  1. Effisio Melis “Fiorassio” [The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 1: Ethnic Music Classics (1925-48)]
  2. Soft Machine “Drop – Remastered 2006” [Fifth]
  3. Danava “Eyes In Disguise” [Danava]
  4. Pere Ubu “A Small Dark Cloud” [New Picnic Time]
  5. Digital By Birth “Whisper in My Ghost” [The Black Shakes]
  6. The Comet Is Coming “Blood Of The Past” [Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery]
  7. Nihil Impvlse “At The Springs Of Void” [Drone Island – Stellar]
  8. Thurston Moore “Breath” [By The Fire]
  9. Brad Anderson “Axion” [Darwinian Playground]
  10. SAD MAN “The Optimist” [The Wire Tapper 55]
  11. The Misunderstood “My Mind – IBC Acetate” [Children Of The Sun]
  12. CAO “Les Jungles Occultes” [Marginal Virgin]
  13. De Xin “NebelKammer (edit)” [DEXINARIUM]
  14. Mick Karn “Ashamed To Be A Part Of Them” [The Concrete Twin]
  15. Fairport Convention “The Lobster” [Fairport Convention (Bonus Track Edition)]
  16. Ginger Baker’s Airforce “We Free Kings” [“The Secret Archvies” – The Krautrock & Progressive Box Set ]
  17. King Tubby “Bionicdub” [Next Level Dub]
  18. Mission Of Burma “1001 Pleasant Dreams” [The Obliterati]
  19. Anon Trio “Bahrie Tchifte Tellisi” [Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 2: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48]
  20. Black Sabbath “Symptom of the Universe – 2013 Remaster” [Sabotage (2014 Remaster)]

Freeform Portland 5th Birthday Party Mix!

What’s This Called? is honored to have been renewed for another season at the most creative radio station in the Multiverse Freeform Portland! It’s the 5th Anniversary of the station, and DJs were asked to create a 29 minute #PartyMusic set. What follows is our birthday card to the radio station of our dreams!



  1. Thollem and Andy Kaufman “Zero Bottles of Beer on the Wall” [Always Put on Your Sincere Space]
  2. Redd Kross “Annette’s Got the Hits” [Red Cross]
  3. Trade Martin “We’ll Be Dancin’ On the Moon” [Destination Moon (50 Years On the Moon)]
  4. Soiled/Marcus H/Gary Seabrook “Drowning in Oxytocin” [Blue Nineteen]
  5. Afrika Bambaataa “Planet Rock” [Planet Rock]
  6. Brian Eno “King’s Lead Hat – 2004 Digital Remaster” [Before And After Science]
  7. David Bowie “I Dig Everything” [I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles]
  8. Lucy Bonk “Slapstick Apocalypse” [Ladyz in Noyz 3]
  9. Thelma Houston “Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon” [Sunshower (Expanded Edition)