Freeform Evergreen Show

Program to air at some random future time when the need arises at Freeform Portland!

when is a bird a shadow and when is a shadow a bird?


  1. The Residents “99 Space Music” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  2. Nico “Vegas” [To The Outside Of Everything: A Story Of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  3. The Lounge Lizards “Bob And Nico” [No Pain For Cakes]
  4. This Heat “24 Track Loop” [This Heat]
  5. Amy Denio “Ballintubber Abbey” [Prodigal Light]
  6. Pere Ubu “Birdies” [The Art of Walking]
  7. UW Hypotheekavies “de magneet” [Nature or Nurture]
  8. Sonic Youth “Inhuman” [Confusion Is Sex (Plus Kill Yr. Idols)]
  9. Smegma “Quiet on the Set Rioux I” [Mirage]
  10. Comus “The Prisoner” [First Utterance]
  11. Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Triangles – 2021 Remaster” [Eternal Messenger: An Anthology 1970-1973]
  12. David Torn “The Mercury Grid” [Cloud About Mercury]
  13. Metamorphosis “Musak from Hawthorne Court” [The Elephant Table Album]
  14. Laurie Anderson “One Beautiful Evening” [Life on a String]
  15. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Hybrid” [Kaleidoscope (Remastered & Expanded)]
  16. Yoko Ono “No, No, No” [No, No, No b/w Nobody Sees Me Like You Do]
  17. Moodring “Khan” [Phoolan Devi]
  18. Lynn Vernon “Moon Rocket” [Music From Planet Earth Vol. 1 (Martians, Ray Guns, Flying Saucers And Other Space Junk)]
  19. Kluster “Kluster 1 (Electric Music und Texte)” [Klopfzeichen]

26 March 2022

uneasy listening


  1. Motörhead “Nightmare/The Dreamtime” [1916]
  2. Shaun Robert “RANDOM Portal” [Music For Tape and Radio]
  3. Paintings For Animals “Lesith” [Kristeater]
  4. Paulina Owczarek & Leo Suarez “Grounding Point” [I Can See Your House from Here]
  5. Machinefabriek “Somerset” [Marijn]
  6. Mortar Devotions “Cortical Systematics” [The Body Of Horror – Music Inspired By The Cinema Of David Cronenberg ]
  7. Sue P. Fox “Untitled Track” [Turbo’s Tunes]
  8. KK Null “Action XX” [Bora Scura Reimagined]
  9. Von Südenfed “Family Feud” [Tromatic Reflexxions]
  10. Kenji Ikegami “Access” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  11. Tonesucker “Splatterstrum” [Wire Tapper 17]
  12. Digital By Birth “Blush Response (Live)” [live mini album]
  13. Black To Comm “Laccifer Lacca” [Rückwärts Backwards]
  14. Raganas Mācekle “Hollogramma” [ Lhetargija]
  15. xedh “acuphenos (vinduskarm)” [vinduskarm]
  16. Bill Laswell “Death Rattle” [Low Life / Last Exit]
  17. Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma “Kamuy” [Hiyachuchi]
  18. Philippe Petit “In Tokyo Henry Spencer is Fine” [Philippe Petit Scores Henry: The Iron Man]
  19. Future Image “Music For Tones” [Electric Carpets]
  20. Replikants “Like a Droid to the Slaughter” [Slickaphonics]
  21. Electric Eels “Jaguar Ride” [Die Electric Eels (1975)]

12 March 2022

Songs of escape and no escape.


  1. M.I.A. “SPACE” [/\/\ /\ Y /\]
  2. David Torn “Previous Man” [Cloud About Mercury]
  3. Seth Andrew Davis “The Walk Out on the Wire” [Highways Jammed With Broken Heroes]
  4. Swell Maps “Robot Factory” [Jane from Occupied Europe]
  5. Desiderii Marginis “The Interzone” [ The Body Of Horror – Music Inspired By The Cinema Of David Cronenberg]
  6. INOYAMALAND “Bananatron” [Commissions: 1977-2000]
  7. DJ Krush “Le Temps” [Milight]
  8. KAZUYA ISHIGAMI “tomy​-​robo” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  9. Einstürzende Neubauten “Boreas” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  10. The Pop Group “Amnesty International Report” [We Are All Prostitutes]
  11. Killing Joke “Turn to Red – Remastered” [Turn to Red 2020]
  12. Wire “Reuters – 2006 Remastered Version” [Pink Flag]
  13. Deep Feeling “Welcome For A Soldier” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]
  14. SpizzEnergi “Soldier Soldier” [To The Outside Of Everything: A Story Of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  15. Johnny Warman “War of The Worlds” [Hour Glass]
  16. Motörhead “1916” [1916]
  17. Victoria Jordanova “Requiem for Bosnia (excerpt)” [The Composer-Performer]
  18. Blood Rhythms “Punctuated Lung” [Mirages Against Concrete]
  19. Smegma “Babylon 2000” [The Mad Enchantments, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms of…]
  20. Greg Segal “Around the Healing Spring” [In Search of the Fantastic]
  21. Rational Youth “Dancing On The Berlin Wall” [Cold War Night Life (Expanded)]