29 March 2014: White Noise Xmas… In Spring

29 March 2014:¬†White Noise Xmas… In Spring

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip… On December 28th, recovering noise addict Noah Mickens joined me for his annual relapse on What’s This Called? the White Noise Xmas. Unfortunately due to strange lab experiments in the bowels of Portland State University, the power went off suddenly and portions of the show were not heard by anybody but Mr. Mickens, myself, and a handful of Kpsu Portland staff scrambling to reset the audio stream – the ultimate limited edition noise experience! Mr. Mickens, consummate showman professional that he is, took no pleasure in the unintended scarcity of this listening experience and swore an oath to return sooner than expected and recreate the exact playlist of the forgotten hour of White Noise Xmas 2013. My dear listeners, that day is today.

Floating in the Sea of Bliss Broken Penis Orchestra Plays With Itself
track one Apartment untitled
Nov. 07 pt. 2 Noise Poet Nobody You Tube
track 4 Keiji Haino unreadable
track 1 Mr Natural I Cooked Your Eggs
track 6 Nezzy Idy Dead Air
autumn equinox 2001 (r) Fabrizio’s Breath (for Antonin Artaud)
track 4 Brian H sampler

22 March 2014: From Out of Silence… (No Recording)

22 March 2014: From Out of Silence… (No Recording)

We’re having some Stream issues, so what portion gets heard is somewhat nebulous…

Sonnenbarke Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Split Your Infinities Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
How to Shoot a Deer Eric Haussman with Marlina Haussmann 16 Degrees
24 Track Loop This Heat In the Beginning there was Rhythm
122 Hours of Fear the screamers Live at Target
Thank You for the Music Cornelius Fantasma
She Is Beyond Good and Evil The Pop Group In the Beginning there was Rhythm
Indian Summer Sonic Boom & Spectrum What Came Before
Black Mask Cabaret Voltaire Peel Session 1981
GroupMeGroup Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Submission ARU and Bob Bucko Jr. Deadly PA
Magic Fly Space Best of
The Robots Kraftwerk The Man-Machine

15 March 2014: Street Cart Utopia

15 March 2014: Street Cart Utopia

I bought the best chicken burrito right between my parking space and the parking meter!

I Told You I Was Crazy Melvins Tres Cabrones
Ticochitlehua Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Eztica
The Natural Child Laetitia Sadier The Trip
The Hot Breath on Your Neck Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
She Fell Down Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
#9 Moodring Scared of Ferret
Connexion Goblin Classic Italian Soundtracks Volume II 1975-1980
Glossolalia Wasnt Wisnt Steel Cut
Anatomie 4 (Cuvier) Translucent Spiders SadoDaMascus Records: Winter Copulation 2013
Time Vampires Flying Lotus Pattern Grid World
Bell Head Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Song For A Warrior Swans The Seers
Yellow Black and Rectangular Negativland Live 3/1/2014

8 March 2014: Cold Yakisoba Breakfast

8 March 2014: Cold Yakisoba Breakfast


Holy Ground Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Don’t Sit There Fandango For Now Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?
Inexplicable urge to… no. Crank Sturgeon N/A
Track 2 Thurston Moore Flipped Out Bride
Var Sigur Ros Kveiker
Scorpion Accordian Old Time Relijun Song Book Vol. I
Water Under the Burning Bridge The Sexbots Junk Sick
Teal Therefore Khrom
Film Score #2 Paco Jones CDR
Gentle Germans Add N to X On the Wires of Our Nerves
Mystery Drone Mortal Engines Pressure Vessel
Becomes Wing Life (excerpt) Mike Vernsusky Becomes Wing Life
Reach for the Dead Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest

1 March 2014: Lennon’s 6th Birthday Special!

1 March 2014: Lennon’s 6th Birthday Special!

Any Weather (606) Version Joan Jett Unvarnished
Losing My Edge lcd soundsystem Electricity
The Burning Spear Sonic Youth Sonic Youth
Mic Check Cornelius Fantasma
Hamburger Lady Throbbing Gristle D.O.A.
Warhead Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages
Blackmail The Runaways Greatest Hits
Gods Will Be Gods Echo & The Bunnymen Porcupine
Total War NON Electricity
Love Hurts Roy Orbison Greatest Hits
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die David Bowie The Next Day
Back to Nature Fad Gadget Electricity
I Miss You Bjork vs. Photek Unknown