29 March 2014: White Noise Xmas… In Spring

29 March 2014: White Noise Xmas… In Spring

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip… On December 28th, recovering noise addict Noah Mickens joined me for his annual relapse on What’s This Called? the White Noise Xmas. Unfortunately due to strange lab experiments in the bowels of Portland State University, the power went off suddenly and portions of the show were not heard by anybody but Mr. Mickens, myself, and a handful of Kpsu Portland staff scrambling to reset the audio stream – the ultimate limited edition noise experience! Mr. Mickens, consummate showman professional that he is, took no pleasure in the unintended scarcity of this listening experience and swore an oath to return sooner than expected and recreate the exact playlist of the forgotten hour of White Noise Xmas 2013. My dear listeners, that day is today.

Floating in the Sea of Bliss Broken Penis Orchestra Plays With Itself
track one Apartment untitled
Nov. 07 pt. 2 Noise Poet Nobody You Tube
track 4 Keiji Haino unreadable
track 1 Mr Natural I Cooked Your Eggs
track 6 Nezzy Idy Dead Air
autumn equinox 2001 (r) Fabrizio’s Breath (for Antonin Artaud)
track 4 Brian H sampler

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