30 December 2006: Special Guest DJ Guy Bombardo

30 December 2006: Special Guest DJ Guy Bombardo

Special Guest dj Guy Bombardo direct from the desert wastelands of the American SW sat in for the Pre-Game Show! Then we revisited 2006 for one last time.

Spirits Rejoice Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice
Leather Truck The Gourds Ghosts of Hallelujah
Steppin High Yabby You Dub it to the Top
Higher Ground Blind Boys of Alabama Higher Ground
Porry Sorry Bamba Loves a Real Thing
She Lives The Cynics Living Is Best Revenge
Burning House of Love X Beyond and Back
Soapy Lyres Early Years
Glycerine Queen Suzi Quatro Wild One
Dance of Caravan Summer Up Bustle and Out Light ‘Em Up
Lion and Cucumber Vampire Sound Inc Jackie Brown
Refractions in Plastic Pulse Stereolab Dots and Loops
Tonight I’ll Be Staying w/You Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline
Like A Lion Hi Fi Killers Stretch
Fever Little Willie John Best of
I’m Gonna Booglerize You, Baby Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid
Down The Road Deadmoon Live/Mono
Ella James The Move Best of
Shame Brunnen The Beekeeper’s Dream
Pink Steam Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Lift Every Voice Tonehenge (feat. Rowena Moore) Oregone
The Mute Speaks Out Mission Of Burma The Obliterati
Trumpet Gricer s/t
Flames Over Nebraska Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women
Stigmata (pt 4) Legendary Pink Dots Your Children Placate You from Premature Dreams
Wolves Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
In the Garden of Ghostflowers black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers
Belly Pasiflora Women Take Back the Noise
Showers & Baths The Noisettes Reek of Influence
Skin on My Bugs Hunny Synnesthesia
I already Know Childhood Friends (featuring Rollerball) Scars

16 December 2006

16 December 2006

Once again, an early start benefits us with a Pre-Game Show, this week featuring longer tracks by Black Happy Day, Don Cherry, Squarepusher played by the London Sinfonietta, Skullflower, Wolf Eyes, and Robert Rich (from the Throne of Drones). Lots of great new stuff on the “regular” program as well!

How Many Hours ‘Til Spider’s Work is Done? black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers
Total Vibration Don Cherry Mu
The Tide Squarepusher (arr. David Horne) Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters
Lost in the Blackened Gardens of Some Vast Star Skullflower Tribulation
Rationed Rot Wolf Eyes Human Animal
The Simorgh Sleeps on Velvet Tongues Robert Rich The Throne of Drones
I See You Pan Animal Collective Hollindagain
The Equaliser Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Shopper’s Sleep L. A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Nigt Before
True Love Will Find You in the End Jad Fair & Kramer I Killed the Monster
First Construction in Metal John Cage Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters
Little Deaths Childhood Friends Scars
Lost Souls Celebration S/T
L’ Intitule Creme La STPO Tranches de Temps Jete’
Sniff the Magic Coaster Hunny Synaesthesia
Ionization Edgard Varese Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters

9 December 2006

9 December 2006

Featuring a Pre-Game Show from 11 AM to Noon with Stereolab, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Arto Lindsay/DJ Spooky, and Celebration. The, er, “normal” show followed of course… 

Metronomic Underground Stereolab ABC Music
Atlantis Sun Ra Atlantis
Spirits Rejoice Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice
War Celebration Celebration
Mundo Civilizado Inversion Mix Arto Lindsay & DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Hyper Civilizado: Arto Lindsay Remixes
Trauma David Sylvian Blemish
Prey Childhood Friends Scars
The Ilking Mouse on Mars Idiology
Lake Huron Gullwing MP3
Kishunraku no Ha Kunaicho Gakubu Gagaku: Japanese Traditional Music
God Touch Her Body Zack Kouns Son is Alone Asleep in Himself
The Last House Whitelodge Whitelodge +
Hierophant Mnemosyne MP3
Rule of Divide Better People MP3
Foxes Celebration Celebration

2 December 2006: Noah Mickens

2 December 2006: Noah Mickens

Noah Mickens of Nequaquam Vacuum, Someday Lounge, 36 Invisibles, and Societas Insomnia (among many other groups, ensembles, projects, and collectives!) joins me in the dj booth. 

Hokkai-Bayashi (Festival Version) Hideaki Hashimoto The Japanese Drums – Nihon Daiko
Krakatoa Nequaquam Vacuum IBOL Magazine #4
The Night’s Young Mandarin Nequaquam Vacuum Radon 2006 Compilation
Lost in Time Elvis and the Creepy Tales That Chill Ensemble Creepy Tales That Chill
Sound Characters Maryanne Amacher The Throne of Drones
unknown Downcaste demo
Noise Level Ear Nommo Ogo Live in Berlin Winter 2003
Sickle Moonlane Nommo Ogo Live in Berlin Wintr 2003
you can see forever from the top of the hill where you were born Modernstate Highwater Moonboot
Push Button Stolen Babies There Be Squabbles Ahead