16 December 2006

16 December 2006

Once again, an early start benefits us with a Pre-Game Show, this week featuring longer tracks by Black Happy Day, Don Cherry, Squarepusher played by the London Sinfonietta, Skullflower, Wolf Eyes, and Robert Rich (from the Throne of Drones). Lots of great new stuff on the “regular” program as well!

How Many Hours ‘Til Spider’s Work is Done? black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers
Total Vibration Don Cherry Mu
The Tide Squarepusher (arr. David Horne) Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters
Lost in the Blackened Gardens of Some Vast Star Skullflower Tribulation
Rationed Rot Wolf Eyes Human Animal
The Simorgh Sleeps on Velvet Tongues Robert Rich The Throne of Drones
I See You Pan Animal Collective Hollindagain
The Equaliser Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Shopper’s Sleep L. A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Nigt Before
True Love Will Find You in the End Jad Fair & Kramer I Killed the Monster
First Construction in Metal John Cage Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters
Little Deaths Childhood Friends Scars
Lost Souls Celebration S/T
L’ Intitule Creme La STPO Tranches de Temps Jete’
Sniff the Magic Coaster Hunny Synaesthesia
Ionization Edgard Varese Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters

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