31 January 2015: The CD Revival NOW!

31 January 2015: The CD Revival NOW!

Because the LA Weekly has declared that the CD Revival is now officially on, your host Ricardo Wang will be “spinning” all compact discs on this week’s What’s This Called?

Reject All American Bikini Kill Reject All American
Digital Fantasy Man Negativland Sex Dirt
Clock Catcher Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
You’re Getting Better Ken Nordine The Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
Voice of Space Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
My Friend Is a Stooge for the Media Priests Pere Ubu Ray Gun Suitcase
Dub Housing Pere Ubu Dub Housing
Captain Pungent Melvins Stag
Pigeons On My Eyes (GO TO Bed!!) Melt Banana Scratch to Stitch
Kill Yr. Idols Sonic Youth Sub Pop 100
Short Piece for Bondage CD ROM 1 Merzbow – Right Brain Audile Music for Bondage Performance 2
Acid Food Mogwai Mr. Beast
Sun Chaising The Pink Snowflakes Sun Chasing
this is not a photograph Mission Of Burma definitive editions
For Your Entertainment Unwound Repetitition

24 January 2015: Yr Dead Yr Alive

Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese

24 January 2015: Yr Dead Yr Alive

Your host Ricardo Wang celebrates the cycle of death and life on a brand new episode of What’s This Called? with tributes to the passing of Negativland’s Ian Allen and Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese and brand new vibrant material from Nova Scotia’s Little Current and MORE!

Death Gets in the Way Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
Side 1 Negativland Big 10-8 Place
journey through a burning brain Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
Moon Star Earthmonkey Pharmacy Fields
Big Fan Little Current Red Herring Demos
Powers Little Current Red Herring Demos
Carefully Through the Fog Tempered Steel Tempered Steel
Orange Skies Love Da Capo
Brand New Love Sebedoh Weed Forestin
It’s So Hard to Fall in Love Sebedoh Weed Forestin
Budôkan Tape Try Boredoms

17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static


Earth 2

17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static

As scientists hone in on a real Planet X, how much longer before they make that next giant leap and “discover” Earth 2? Ricardo Wang has known all along and proves it again on this week’s What’s This Called??, Portland Earth 1 Ricardo Wang handed Earth 2 RW a stack of cds from his garage and said, “Take these brother may they serve you well.” You, the listener, will be transported via inner ear wormhole to an alternate universe of experimental sounds with a host who is hauntingly familiar. MATTRESS, Sun City Girls, Noiseman 433, and Art Ensemble of Chicago spun from across the universe, and MORE! RW2 promises surprises from his Edison cylinder collection as well…

my reason Mattress eldorado
Circle Round Spinning Clocks
Ba’dan Keji Al Feju
Aux puces No 11 Circus Marcus
Old Time Religion Art Ensemble of Chicago a jackson in your house, message to our folks
Live at Noisefest X Noiseman 433
Mopti Ghetto Still Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection

10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

images10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

Brand new Cyclopsycho and crazy old favorites from everyone else.

Bring It Cyclopsycho 2014
Mt. Pleasant Tonehenge Oregone
Looking down a hill Morgenstern Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Can’t Help You Body/Head Coming Apart
Sleepless Night Jandek I Woke Up
Distant Entanglement Elliott Sharp Momentum Anomaly
It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl Faust Faust So Far
thefoulsmellofothers Nkondi isolationthroughdistortion
Swamp 8 eyed spy Luncheon
Night Music Christian Marclay Records
Shapes in Space Lungfish Necrophones
Butterfly Tattoo Owl Dudes Oregone
Siren Cyclopsycho 2014

3 January 2015: WHITE NOISE XM@S

white_noise_1_by_falln_stock13 January 2015: WHITE NOISE XM@S

January 3rd is the 9th day of Xmas and the day we celebrate the 4th or 5th annual (depending on which calendar you use) WHITE NOISE XM@S with special guest star direct from Bethlehem Noah Mickens.

This all began in a manger in 2011 when Noah was going on publicly about how he would never listen to his extensive and ultra-rare collection of noise music recordings again. Ricardo pushed a couple sheep aside and suggested that Noah give away these ultra-limited edition cdrs amassed in the days when Noah booked the Jasmine Tree and 36 Invisibles brought the obscurist of the obscure to bask in the glory of seedy Portland. Why not give these recordings that Noah swore the new more mature version of himself would “never listen to again” to the What’s This Called? foundation where they could continue to dwell in obscurity and be heard for all eternity by tens of noise music snobs dwelling out and about in internet radioland, and why not give them to Ricardo LIVE on the air on What’s This Called? so that Noah may play them “one last time”.

Of course when Noah uses the word, “extensive” you know that you are in for a trip or two around the block. So now, here we are, some years later, still experiencing the seasonal joy of giving and the wintertime sacrifice of 1,000 white elephants. The Noize Elves have gathered around the tree, won’t you put a little something in their stockings?

Ambient Study for Kinbaku-bi part 3 Merzbow Right Brain Audile
Evolve (excerpt) Batterie:Acid Arrythmia 3
Interlude Horrible Hip Hop Go Away
Don’t Look in the Trunk Sub Arachnoid Space Delicate Membrane
YRP Swans Die Tur Ist Zu
Rebel Transmission Bastard Noise Merzbow/Bastard Noise
Dec 8 2007 Lowell MA Crank Sturgeon LIVE
Amygdala Tekachi Arrythmia 3
Techgnosis G.L.O.D. Arrhythmia 3