17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static


Earth 2

17 January 2015: Earth 2 Bilingual Static

As scientists hone in on a real Planet X, how much longer before they make that next giant leap and “discover” Earth 2? Ricardo Wang has known all along and proves it again on this week’s What’s This Called??, Portland Earth 1 Ricardo Wang handed Earth 2 RW a stack of cds from his garage and said, “Take these brother may they serve you well.” You, the listener, will be transported via inner ear wormhole to an alternate universe of experimental sounds with a host who is hauntingly familiar. MATTRESS, Sun City Girls, Noiseman 433, and Art Ensemble of Chicago spun from across the universe, and MORE! RW2 promises surprises from his Edison cylinder collection as well…

my reason Mattress eldorado
Circle Round Spinning Clocks
Ba’dan Keji Al Feju
Aux puces No 11 Circus Marcus
Old Time Religion Art Ensemble of Chicago a jackson in your house, message to our folks
Live at Noisefest X Noiseman 433
Mopti Ghetto Still Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection

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