10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

images10 January 2015: Open Yr Eye

Brand new Cyclopsycho and crazy old favorites from everyone else.

Bring It Cyclopsycho 2014
Mt. Pleasant Tonehenge Oregone
Looking down a hill Morgenstern Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Can’t Help You Body/Head Coming Apart
Sleepless Night Jandek I Woke Up
Distant Entanglement Elliott Sharp Momentum Anomaly
It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl Faust Faust So Far
thefoulsmellofothers Nkondi isolationthroughdistortion
Swamp 8 eyed spy Luncheon
Night Music Christian Marclay Records
Shapes in Space Lungfish Necrophones
Butterfly Tattoo Owl Dudes Oregone
Siren Cyclopsycho 2014

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