19 January 2008

19 January 2008

What’s the difference between “special sauce” and “secret sauce”?

Alles Ist Schoen The Orb Pomme Fritz
We Travel the Spaceways Sun Ra Spaceways
Bryter Layter Nick Drake Bryter Layter
The Staircase (edit) Paintings for Animals Taosian Cellar
How Many Tears? Mattress Who Do You Lust
Neusyland Tall Dwarfs Up the Down Staircase
Soul Desert Can Soundtracks
Televised Execution Suicide American Supreme
Burnt Seer Volcano the Bear Amidst the Noise and Twigs
Use the Test Data Christopher DeLaurenti Three Camels for Orchestra
Heart of Darkness (live) Mission Of Burma The Horrible Truth About Burma

11 January 2008: Your Drugs My Money, LIVE! (No Recording)

11 January 2008: Your Drugs My Money, LIVE! (No Recording)

Your Drugs My Money live in the KPSU studio. Preceded with a Noggin goodbye to the great Michael Griffen.

and again and again and again and again into the breach Noggin Noggin
Mucho Gratitudo Ukelele Mi Amigo Noggin Sidereal Rest
Untitled Noggin Noggin
Live Your Drugs My Money on What’s This Called?