27 May 2006: Pledge Drive Finale!

27 May 2006: Pledge Drive Finale!

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft The Carpenters Greatest Hits
Incinerate Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Window On The World Legendary Pink Dots w/ Nurse With Wound MP3
Sparrows Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Rozart Mix John Cage An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music
All the World Makes Great Blood Current 93 Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre
Gesture Bill Horist From the Nerve Wheel
Four Hours The Hafler Trio Seven Hours Sleep
Gravity Leon Dawson MP3

20 May 2006: Two Hour Pledge Drive

20 May 2006: Two Hour Pledge Drive

Due to Miss B Haven’s car misbehavin’ we went into overtime and covered Gyrate Sucka! Pledge Drive is still on! Call (503) 725-5945 and we’ll make it worth your while.

Reena Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Citadel Legendary Pink Dots From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By
The Truth Eludes Me Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Thither and Yon Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
No Trees Left: Every Blade of Grass is Screaming Rhys Chatman An Angel Moves to Fast to See
Glasgow Mega-Snake Mogwai Mr. Beast
Quite Nonchalant Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
Theme from “The Swaying Gardens of Apocalypsia” Sun City Girls 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda
Grass Animal Collective Feels
Stones O’liver Squash s/t
World Wide Shrink Wrap (Contact Zones) Mike Ladd Negrophilia
Fierce Hop-Frog’s Drum Jester Devotional Night On Earth
Take California Propellerheads DecksAndDrumsAndRockAndRoll
Invid (Future Cut Second Coming) Deiselboy 12″
Done the Twist… IQU Chotto Matte a Moment
Vertical Drop Dune 12″
Toxygene The Orb Orblivion
Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Prog) Lesser Mensa Dance Squad
Kylie Assault Build MP3

13 May 2006

13 May 2006

Last Call for Pledge Free Programming 😉 Shorter playlist due to longer songs.

Do You Believe in Rapture? Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Concrete Breaking Down Green Milk From the Planet Orange City Calls Revolution
The Joy of New Year The Chinese Orchestra of Central Music College Gongs and Drums of Celebration
Little Wood Music Sepultura Roots
Every Word You Ever Said Windsor for the Derby Giving Up the Ghost
Arrows Up Boredoms Vision Creation Newson
Soul Encoded Signal to Noise MP3

6 May 2006

6 May 2006

Was going to be What’s This Gyrate Sucka Called? as two programs smash into each other in a beautiful train wreck of experimental drum ‘n bass eclectic post rock dismemberment. However, at the last minute Miss B Haven called to say she wished to do her show after all, so you just get the What’s This Called? side this time (for the most part, give or take the last few minutes). Just wait though, I have an evil drum ‘n bass side just screaming to get out now.

Or Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
A Hallucination Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Turn Into Something Animal Collective Feels
Shake It Mike Ladd Negrophilia
Initiation Albert Ayler Slug’s Saloon – May 1 1966
Shimmer Jarboe Sacrificial Cake
Take California Propellerheads DecksAndDrumsAndRockAndRoll
Phantom Power TRS 80 Shake Hands with Danger
Possession DJ Dara Duplicity 12″