6 May 2006

6 May 2006

Was going to be What’s This Gyrate Sucka Called? as two programs smash into each other in a beautiful train wreck of experimental drum ‘n bass eclectic post rock dismemberment. However, at the last minute Miss B Haven called to say she wished to do her show after all, so you just get the What’s This Called? side this time (for the most part, give or take the last few minutes). Just wait though, I have an evil drum ‘n bass side just screaming to get out now.

Or Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
A Hallucination Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Turn Into Something Animal Collective Feels
Shake It Mike Ladd Negrophilia
Initiation Albert Ayler Slug’s Saloon – May 1 1966
Shimmer Jarboe Sacrificial Cake
Take California Propellerheads DecksAndDrumsAndRockAndRoll
Phantom Power TRS 80 Shake Hands with Danger
Possession DJ Dara Duplicity 12″

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