29 May 2010: Ilima Considine, LIVE!

29 May 2010: Ilima Considine, LIVE!

Ilima Considine live and recorded in the KPSU studio.

Like a Map Folded Against Its Creases Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Ghost Story Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Quitting Ilima Considine Live
Jam Out of the Jar Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Rustling Paper Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Blood Widow Ilima Considine Live
Letter to M Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Time Travel Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Four Days in Roanoke Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear
Asleep in the Snow Ilima Considine Uh Oh Dear

22 May 2010

22 May 2010

Experimental Music IS Sexy! 

Prelude Nico The Marble Index
Lawns of Dawn Nico The Marble Index
Female Mechanic Now On Duty Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves
Scared of Ferret Moodring Scared of Ferret
The End Ghost to Falco Like This Forever
The Equestrian A Frequency The Equestrian
Skip the Sun Muslimgauze Classics Selection
Walking on the Moon Sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra My Brother The Wind Volume II
Black Satin Miles Davis On the Corner
Mysterium Tremendium Midday Veil Subterranean Ritual
The Way Will Be Opening Stereolab Switched On
Ella’s Incredible Floating Sound Machine Jackie-O Motherfucker U-Sound Archive Vol. 7

15 May 2010: No Skinny Ties

15 May 2010: No Skinny Ties

No Skinny Ties!

Shadow of a Doubt Sonic Youth EVOL
Blew Nirvana Bleach
Windowshop for Love Wipers Is This Real?
People That Died Jim Carroll Band World Without Gravity
New Disco Mission Of Burma The Horrible Truth About Burma
Dub Housing Pere Ubu Dub Housing
Way of the World Flipper Generic Flipper
Kerosene Big Black Atomizer
Run Through the Jungle 8 eyed spy Luncheone
Future Ghosts Chrome Alien Soundtracks
I’ll Never Forget You Husker Du Zen Arcade
Love You Till Friday Replacements Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
I Spy Beat Happening Beat Happening
Dazed & Chinese Bongwater Double Bummer

8 May 2010: w/ Noah Mickens

8 May 2010: w/ Noah Mickens

Studio guest, director Noah Mickens presents his open opera Queen of Knives!

swells and belles VAGABOND OPERA Vagabond Opera
the transformation into marlene VAGABOND OPERA Vagabond Opera
goodnight moon VAGABOND OPERA the zeitgeist beckons
yiddish blues march fourth marching band march fourth marching band
disappointment/reflection Juan Prophet Organization cocktails with carnivores
orichi Nequaquam Vacuum west coast post-asiatic
mixed martial language steve mackay and the radon ensemble tunnel diner
star send off Soriah west coast post-asiatic
new years eve in a haunted house VAGABOND OPERA the zeitgeist beckons

1 May 2010: Frontal Lobe Development, LIVE!

1 May 2010: Frontal Lobe Development, LIVE!

Daniel Menche and Frontal Lobe Development live in the KPSU Studio!

I Heard Her Call My Name Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat
Laundry and Such Soup Purse Nanopocalyptic Profizzy
Conducting Roosevelt High School Choir Daniel Meche Exclusive
Live Frontal Lobe Development on What’s This Called?
cuts from all tracks Andrew Liles and Daniel Menche Progeny of Flies
Interview then Second Set meltdown Frontal Lobe Development on What’s This Called?