19 November 2011: November Drain (No Recording)

19 November 2011: November Drain (No Recording)

Guerra Uladat Uladat
A Wall of Blood Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Too Long for this Wolrd Bob Bucko JR Always with the Don’t Go
Space Four Dimensional Nightmare Sludge
B2 La Quantique De La Maieutique Ilitch La Maieutique De La Quantique (Quantum Maieutics)
IT TANGO Laurie Anderson Big Science
Alpha-Globin Santiago Latorre Orbita
In Circles Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Six Cats on a Dead Man’s Chest Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
Sidewalking Jesus & Mary Chain
Celluloid Heroes Joan Jett Hit List
777 Uladat Uladat

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