17 October 2015: As the Crow Flies…

12112385_1111233872250847_3992427971138393059_n17 October 2015: As The Crow Flies…

On tap a royal blue chip mix of the likes of Teach Me Equals, The Waiters (featuring Matt Love), Fadnu (Sami Joik music w/ experimental influences), Beast (Daniel Menche), Nico (on her 77th birthday), Reg Bloor, Von Helwig and MORE!

As the Crow Flies…



Track Artist Album
These Days Nico single
As the Crow Flies Teach Me Equals Have Hope
Teenage Punk Rocker in Love The Waiters Before Using
Fielbma’/Der elva renner stille Fadnu Fielbma (Where the river is wide, deep and silent)
Jungle Fever Part 3 Von Helwig Jungle Fever
Chasing Ghosts Reg Bloor Theme from an Imaginary Slasher
Ravenois Beast Ravenous
If ‘S’ Is The Red Krayola The Red Krayola
Like Acid Rain Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love
Tales of Brave Aphrodite Beat Happening / Screaming Trees Beat Happening / Screaming Trees
Busting Through the Van Allan Belt Helios Creed Van Allan Belt
No Escape Cabaret Voltaire The Mix-up
Propane Activist KARP Mustaches Wild
Cast a Shadow Beat Happening Black Candy

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